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Tongva Times Staff Signs Off

    jasmine v

    As Editor in Chief, Deandra brings a lot of energy to the room. She always has good things to say about the work that everyone presents to the newsroom no matter how bad it is. She always encourages others to work hard and inspires those around her. The quality that makes her stand out the most is her ability to give advice on how to improve even when people feel that they can’t. – Raymond
    Whether it was sharing first drafts or finalizing pages, Angelina always had her attention focused on the newspaper, working hard as the Addendum Editor. It’s her open heart and ears towards the suggestions of others that I hope will stay with her next year. Her kindness and spirit are at the core of everything she does. – Tiffany
    brendan - Copy
    Brendan is a quirky
    writer. His articles never
    fail to make me smile
    or laugh. His diligent
    work as a Poll Specialist
    is greatly appreciated,
    especially for gathering
    “Staff Picks.” The staff is
    really going to miss his
    homemade enchiladas
    and chicken tenders next
    year! – Angelina
    cassandra - Copy
    Although I initially
    thought Cassandra
    was quiet, I got to
    know her sense of
    humor and vintage
    style better this year.
    I have seen her grow
    as the newspaper’s
    Entertainment Editor.
    She is always one of
    the first editors to be-
    gin editing and puts extra work
    and effort into her pages every
    issue. – Marleld
    chris - Copy
    Chris is on top of his job as Poll
    Specialist the minute we’re done
    brainstorming for our next issue.
    Chris is a math nerd, so the
    Tongva Times can always trust
    his calculations. When he isn’t
    busy with numbers, Chris loosens
    up the staff with his blunt sense of
    humor. The best thing about Chris is
    his endearing and honest grin. – Jannelle
    christine - Copy
    Christine is such a fun person to be
    around. Not only is she easy to
    talk to, but she makes some
    of the most honest, yet funny
    comments. She is a great Staff
    Photographer and it seems
    as though she was at every
    sporting event, snapping the
    best shots of our athletes in
    action. – Cassandra
    jady - Copy
    I appreciate Jady so much because de-
    spite all she had to do as the Business
    Manager, she still set aside time to help
    me with my tasks. Her bubbly person-
    ality always lit up our newsroom and
    she could turn any stressful situation
    into a funny one just by making a joke.
    I am really going to miss Jady when she
    graduates, but I know her awesome
    personality will take her many great places in
    the future. – Nyah
    garrett - Copy
    No one has a more extensive movie
    knowledge or steadfast, passionate
    position on topics that interest him
    than Garrett. It’s been an amazing
    experience taking journalism with a
    character like him. Although his
    position is Staff Photographer,
    he taught me how to integrate
    a strong opinion into my articles.
    I look forward to writing persuasive
    essays next year! – Kelly


    jannelle - Copy
    Jannelle is a junior but her work ethic reflects solid maturity and intellect. She excels as the Opinions Editor. Everything that she does is done well. She motivates those around her with her bubbly personality and calms the staff from the stress of the newsroom. – Jady
    jasmine a - Copy
    Jasmine A. is the most
    goofy person I know, but
    in the best possible way.
    As the newspaper’s Art
    Researcher, she’s the un-
    official third photographer
    on the staff. Her infectious
    laughter always makes my
    day. She’s an incredible artist
    and an even better friend.
    – Kaylin T.
    jasmine L - Copy
    Jasmine L. is an essential
    part of the Tongva Times.
    As the Social Media
    Manager, she is one
    of the most active staff
    members, monitoring
    our website, Twit-
    ter and Facebook
    accounts. She is also a
    fantastic person in general. It
    has been an honor to have worked
    with her. – Linus
    kaylan - Copy
    Kaylan K. is a warm-hearted person
    who is kind to everyone. Everyday
    she comes into class with a smile,
    ready to go. She works very hard as
    the Features Editor and always helps
    other staff members with their jobs.
    She is also a superb writer! All of her
    articles are well-written and go into
    depth on the subject she is writing
    about. – Jasmine V.
    kaylin - Copy
    Kaylin T. took on the role of the World
    Editor as a junior and she has contin-
    ued to grow more skilled throughout
    the year. The news in this section of
    the paper is usually negative but
    she kept an upbeat spirit when
    carrying out her job. Kaylin is
    helpful, cheerful, and adept at
    giving support and laughs to
    anyone in need. – Chris
    kelly - Copy
    Kelly always listens to everyone, even
    when she probably doesn’t want to.
    Though she can be shy at times, when
    she is in class, she is always hard at
    work as one of our Poll Specialists.
    Kelly enjoys joking around and
    having fun, but when she needs to
    hunker down and get work done,
    she goes into a mode that is both
    frightening and entertaining to watch
    at the same time. – Garrett
    linnus - Copy
    Linnus is an interesting, eloquent
    little freshman. He has a never-
    ending hunger for information
    and he’s always researching
    something on his Chromebook.
    He is a hard working Staff Writer
    and very open to listening to oth-
    er people’s criticism. I hope that
    he keeps this mentality throughout
    high school. – Christine
    marleld - Copy
    Marled is an amazing Layout
    Artist who not only knows how
    to creatively put together any
    page in the newspaper, but is
    also ready to lend a helping
    hand. Throughout the year,
    Marled never shied away from
    giving advice and, no matter
    what, you can always count on
    Marled. She is 100% dedicated to all that
    she does. – Venisa
    nyah - Copy
    Nyah is one of the friendliest
    people that you will ever meet.
    She is easy to talk to and is never
    afraid to voice her opinion. As
    the Tongva Times’ Advertising
    Manager, she is someone you
    can trust with your money! Her
    positivity keeps the staff’s energy
    level high and she has a great
    sense of style (reflected in her ex-
    tensive knowledge of what is “Hot
    or Not”). – Kaylan K.
    ro - Copy
    Rodin is the Sports Editor. He comes to
    class everyday with a great attitude, he
    participates and gives advice to writ-
    ers that need help, and he’s just a
    fun guy to be around. His position is
    a tough one to excel in, but Ro fills
    the role with poise and dedication.
    The sports page wouldn’t be half as
    good as it is currently without Ro’s
    dedication. – Brendan
    tiff - Copy
    Tiffany is a natural as Layout Artist.
    She’s the kind of person who will do
    amazing things on the computer and
    scarcely take credit for her work.
    I’ve seen her come in during
    lunch and afterschool even
    when she wasn’t asked to, just
    to lend a hand. Thank you for
    dedicating your artsy craft
    and genuine energy to this
    newspaper. – Deandra
    venisa - Copy
    Venisa is one of the nicest staff mem-
    bers on the newspaper and she is a
    really good writer. She has a great
    sense of humor and loves to laugh.
    She is an enthusiastic Layout Artist
    as she works on the pages of the
    newspaper with eagerness every
    month. – Ro
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