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Aesthetic of a staff member
Staff • June 4, 2024
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Bren Belmonte, Staff Writer • May 30, 2024

The 10: Side hustles

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   As a full-time student juggling classes and extracurriculars, I find social life tough—and even more challenging when your wallet has the same attributes as the Sahara Desert, barren and empty. Here are 10 side hustles to earn some extra money.

10. Get a job

You’ve heard it a thousand times from your parents, siblings, and possibly even teachers: “Get a job!” Whether it’s stapling papers or washing dishes, typical high-schoolers might not have the resumes for internships at law firms or big corporations, but hey, at least it’s a paycheck.

9. Become a Youtuber

Who has yet to consider becoming a Youtuber as a viable source of income? If you enjoy being in front of a camera, consider focusing on a niche that interests you, such as video games, food, traveling, beauty, or fashion— and turn those childhood dreams into reality.

8. Invest in Stocks

This one’s for the hardcore finance bros and anyone who watched “The Wolf of Wall Street” a few too many times. Sure, the risk involved and the need for an initial deposit make investing in stocks daunting for some. But while upfront cost deters many, it’s a golden ticket for others.

7. Car-wash

There’s nothing wrong with getting down, dirty, and wet for extra cash. Car washing, unlike investing, is a low-cost side hustle and extremely ideal for those who enjoy cars and the outdoors. Once you build up an initial foundation, you may consider contacting a business that utilizes fleets of cars and set up mobile booking options for a wider audience.

6. Professional Cuddler

This one’s a personal favorite. Perfect for those who lounge and nap all day. Might as well get paid to do it. Not only does it pay big bucks, but it also requires no extra skills, just be a cuddly teddy bear!

5. Babysitting

Babysitting is in demand, and this side hustle can set you apart from the competition by a couple of hundred bucks. While most babysitting jobs are acquired from close family members, apps like Bambino Sitters make it a breeze for those interested in snagging some extra cash.

4. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a very controversial way to make money, partly because people have yet to learn exactly what dropshipping is. To simplify, it’s essentially a middle-man (the drop-shipper) that promotes and markets a product that is not kept in stock. Instead, the order is directed towards a third party, typically a supplier/manufacturer that fulfills the order and ships it out. The supplier earns a commission and as a result, both parties are paid. Notably, 90% of dropshipping companies fail, and only 10% make it past the first year. Once you do, however, this side hustle can be highly lucrative.

3. Sell your kidneys

Sorry to burst your bubble but selling internal organs is illegal. However, there are alternate parts of your body that can be sold. From sperm to plasma to hair, there’s a market for it all! If you have an excess of any of those listed, come on down to your local clinic and cash out!

Fun fact: The average salary of a plasma donor is a little over $56,000!

2. Starting a business

Once you’ve decided to be the next Elon Musk, it’s time to take your side hustle to the next-level and develop a solid business plan. Next, determine whether your business is a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or a corporation. With careful planning and strategic financing, you’re on your way to maximizing shareholder value and making big money!

   1. Lemonade Stand

The classic side hustle— a lemonade stand.  Those that succeed with a lemonade stand are the ones who go out and change the world. A lemonade stand, while simple and cost-effective, lays the blueprint for creating the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs. So, when life gives you lemons, build a lemonade empire.

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