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Pictured is the Gabrielino High School Debate team after competing at National qualifiers. Photo courtesy of Gabrielino Speech & Debate.
Screamin' Eagles soar to Nationals
Brian Ly, Production Chief • March 26, 2024
Gabrielino softball captains Destiny Lopez, Sophia Guerrero, Alexia Robles, Melissa Lopez.
Eagles batting for higher heights
Van Tran, Contributing Writer • March 26, 2024

The 10: Electives

Bren Belmonte
Tongva Times Production Chief Brian Ly speaks to students interested in Journalism during class rush.
  1. Speech and Debate

   The golden child of Gabrielino is the “Screaming Eagles”. Though there is quite a demanding workload, Gabrielino’s Speech and Debate program allows one to unleash their inner orator through competing in various events, including Declamation, Humorous Interpretation, and Extemporaneous Speech, developing leadership and communication skills. 

  1. Choir

   For those with a love for singing and hope to further develop their musical talent, Choir is the place they can find harmony. No matter your range, one can find a community of other vocalists, with Vocal Ensemble being targeted towards beginners and Women’s, Concert, and Chamber Choir being open to experienced members.

  1. Drama

   Drama is the class where the spotlight is on you! Students in drama practice, design, and prepare for a single performance each semester. In a typically small size (and thus cast) of less than fifteen, students have the room to transform into thespians, mastering the art of performance, emotions, and theatrics. 

  1. Associated Student Body (ASB)

   ASB is a community of student leaders who are committed to fostering school spirit and representing the interests of the student body. While joining ASB is a large commitment, it gives members the ability to plan events, boost student morale, and be in charge of creating the Gabrielino experience.

  1. Business Communications

   Business Communications develops communication, leadership, and professional writing necessary for the workplace. Business Communications makes students more employable, with lessons on how to present business presentations, write professional emails, and work well in team settings.  

  1. Concert Band

   Concert Band is open to all students. Whether they have talent for a musical instrument or are just beginning to learn, Concert Band is an opportunity to join a professional symphony and further develop rhythmic and musical abilities. Concert Band students will not only have the opportunity to make music alongside other student musicians and make friends, but also compete with bands statewide. 

  1. Jazz Band

   Similar to Concert Band, students in Jazz Band will have the opportunity to further strengthen their musical proficiencies. However, students will only perform for the student body rather than against other schools. Students who decide to join Jazz Band will explore the unique dynamics of spontaneous notes and overall musical freedom.

  1. Peer Helping

   Peer Helping goes beyond being a regular mental health centered class. It is a commitment students make to empathizing, supporting, problem-solving, and resolving conflict among their peers. As a Peer Helper, you can contribute to a more positive and healthy school environment. 

  1. Yearbook

   By joining Gabrielinos Yearbook Team, you can become a staffer for one of Gabrielino’s only publications (aside from the Tongva Times), the “Ash-a-Wut”. Yearbook is an excellent opportunity for students to record the memories and greatest moments of their years at Gabrielino, providing students with opportunities in photography, graphic design, and comunications. Though Yearbook offers many unique opportunities, such as the chance to further strengthen media skills, there is a much more fun and unique elective which does the same…

  1. Journalism

   In Journalism, you can join a professional newspaper publication, the Tongva Times, and give a platform to issues or events on campus which matter to you. From news articles to feature stories, there are multiple ways you can dig deeper and share exactly what you feel is important about current events on campus, all while forging close bonds with a (typically) small class size of like minded Journalists. You will not only become a published writer and refine your creative writing skills, but also become more proficient in communications through interviews, strengthen your media abilities, and leave behind a legacy at Gabrielino.

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Bren Belmonte is a Photographer and Staff Writer with three years of experience on our newspaper team. Outside of journalism, Bren enjoys cosplaying, photographing friends, reading manga, watching anime, and listening to music. Bren chose the journalism class in sophomore year after encouragement from family members in the industry. Since then, they've recognized it as a future passion and career interest.
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