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The 10: Best Fries

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By Jordan Liu | Copy Editor

   During Spring Break, I embarked on an urgent and critical quest. I selected and judged ten fast food places on the most valuable criteria there is- how good their fries are. Because there is truly nothing more intrinsically American than French fries.

   10. In-N-Out: Limp. Soggy. Bland. A disappointment. These are all words that can be used to describe both a wet piece of cardboard and the fries from In-N-Out. Their only redeeming quality is the existence of the Animal Style fries. 

   9. Burger King: These fries are oddly soft and fluffy on the inside, which may be nice for a pillow but is weird for a French fry. While their commercial jingle may be addictive, their fries are not.

   8. Raising Canes: Unfortunately, these potatoes lack saltiness and flavor. At least I know Raising Canes will not be salty about their low ranking on this list.

   7. The Habit: While they are enjoyable enough, there is simply nothing special about these fries. I really would not make eating them a habit.   

   6. Chick-fil-a: The cute waffle shape is really the only thing these bland potatoes have going for them. Eat more chicken, but eat less of these fries.

   5. Jack in the Box: Their curly fries are magnificent, a crispy masterpiece, a flavorful marvel, and dare I say some of the best fries I have ever tasted. The regular french fries are fine, I guess.

   4. Carl’s Jr.: With a good amount of salt and decent crispiness, these fries are plain, simple, and tasty. They make a grati-frying snack.

   3. Wendy’s: These fries, which have been branded as “Hot and Crispy” almost live up to their name. While some of them were satisfyingly crunchy, many of them were “Hot and Soggy”. Still, they are definitely worth a fry. 

   2. Popeyes: Packed with flavor and a crispy seasoning, these fries are an afterschool staple for Gabrielino students for a reason. Yes, they technically are Cajun fries, not French fries, but whatever- potato, potahto. 

   1. McDonald’s: These fries are a cut above all others. They are crispy, flavorful, and have an irresistible fragrance. Most importantly, McDonald’s fries have consistency. They are one of the few fries I would willingly order on their own. I’m truly lovin’ it. 

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