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The 10: Changes in upcoming school year

   10. AP Geometry is a new course featuring major overhaul in accordance with new math standards. Chapters containing spheres and circles will be removed as they were found to be pointless.

   9. Gabrielino will have a new paint job. After months of secretive testing and committee discussion, students will return to the school painted in a subtle brown, expected to raise morale and spirit. 

   8. The science department is overjoyed to introduce Organic Chemistry I as the mandatory science for juniors. Described as one of the easiest science courses in college, this will brighten any junior’s day. 

   7. A swimming pool will be installed on the roof of the big gym for students in Swim. Leakage will be expected for the first few months of construction so please excuse the squeaking inside the gym. 

   6. To accommodate for the wet floor of the gym, Gabrielino will be welcoming a new sport: water volleyball. The sport will abide by the normal rules of volleyball, but be played in the pool while the gym is drying. 

   5. The vending machines on campus will not feature options with Pyridoxine, Carboxymethylcellulose, Stearic acid, Glucono delta-lactone, and Oxidane. Stay healthy, Eagles.

   4. In addition to a new sport, lockers for all athletes will be available. Students will be allowed to leave campus to travel to any nearby public storage facility partnered with Gabrielino.  

   3. Bathrooms will now be stocked with menstrual products regularly. However, the restocking of machines is expected to last from 8:30 a.m to 3:30 p.m on all school days which will also require bathrooms to be closed.

   2. With a majority of students in favor of greenery, expect the quad next year to be in full bloom with a giant redwood. Students are to remain silent when questioned by park rangers to enjoy the full benefits of this rare opportunity.

   1. For students who read the Staff Farewell first, damn it. For those who have not, we regret to inform that the Tongva Times will be moving away from paper. However, the Times will be accessible through stone tablets installed in each classroom. While we recognize the newspaper has been iconic, we found carving stone to be $20 cheaper. 

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