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Best ways to relax

Sudoku, the enlightened form of entertainment

By Kaylee Chan | Junior Editor

   Despite what self-help articles commonly suggest, relaxation does not only consist of monotonous breathing exercises and celebrity-style spa treatments. In fact, it can be as simple as digging up old sudoku books and finally taking a crack at the one half-filled problem on the second page. Getting hooked in by numbers in boxes is simpler than it seems, and there is no math required— merely pattern recognition and steady diligence. When paired with a nice drink, it can be the perfect way to pass the time, while also brewing kinship with old men in libraries who speed through the expert sudoku sections and tell “back in my day” stories. Truly, a win-win for everyone.

Rant your heart out

By Bellefontaine Nhan | Staff Writer

   Ranting is super easy and honestly quite fun, too. I often overthink things and get frustrated because of the smallest things, so ranting helps me relieve stress and a method of socializing. Since ranting is just talking, the conversation topics can be as controversial as the presidential election or as casual as what I just had for breakfast. I also believe that ranting actually taught me how to talk confidently and choose more efficient wording on the spot. Ranting also allowed me to find true friends that would listen to my concerns or frustration for long periods of time.

Reading is believing

By Emme Tran | Junior Editor

   Ever since I was a child, I have found joy in reading. From long series to short stories, reading helped me expand my vocabulary and creativity. I still enjoy the personal progress that I make when I read and the escapism through reading was a way for me to imagine a life outside of whatever the cause of my stress is that day. Instead of stressing over expectations from my parents or my teachers, I could experience wildly unrealistic things like magic or world peace or the absence of discrimination- things I knew would not exist in the real world. Reading gave me peace in a sometimes turbulent life, and it still does. 

Escaping Reality

By Lam Chung | Staff Writer

   There is no better way to relax than to escape reality, and by that I mean taking a nap. When all your fatigue builds up during the day until your head finally gets to hit your pillow, and your drooping eyelids finally get to rest, is the most satisfying activity. It is like buying a ticket to watch a random movie—you never know what dream you’ll have nor do you know how long you’ll sleep. So in times of high stress, I will be laying on my bed, seeping in every minute of pure bliss before I have to wake up to the draining nature of reality.

Talking to my favorite people

By Brittany Snow | Production Chief

   There are hundreds of different ways to relax, which I am sure many have been sworn by during this pandemic. However, one of my personal, most relaxing tasks is to talk to my friends. This, I have discovered, has been crucial during the time of social distancing and isolation because it not only keeps me sane, but brings me joy. 

   Senior Halle Fukawa, for example, is my go-to for a recapture of my day, whether it be after school or after work. Talking to her and many others is what relaxes me the most, because we not only tell each other about our days, but we find joy in all, even in the most colorless.

Cooling down in the heat of stress

By Ashley Sanchez | Staff Writer

   The funny thing about my method of relaxing is typically what stresses people out in the first place.

   One of my favorite things to do to relax is to work out. When it comes to exercising, I always found myself hating it, but as I got older it became a healthy escape. When I have been sitting at a desk frustrating myself over homework for hours on end, I find that movement of helps, whether it be dancing, boxing, or a quick cardio workout 

   The idea is to find a balance that works for you and ensures that your priorities are taken care of first so then you can spend your time on things that you find enjoyable. 

Napping to relax

By Jolin Hoang | Staff Writer

   My personal favorite way to relax is by napping. I tend to sleep very late and wake up late, but ever since school started I have been forced to get up early. I wake up tired everyday for school, and throughout the day I feel stressed and unmotivated to learn. Right after school ends, I feel relieved but I am still fatigued due to my lack of sleep, so I take a fifteen minute or a two hour power nap. Right after my nap, there is a clear change in my mood and I definitely feel more relaxed than I was earlier.  

Relaxing easy

By Chloe Morales | Staff Writer

      I am not usually someone who has trouble finding ways to relax. Plopping on the couch to indulge in a mix of sweet and salty snacks while I cuddle up with my white terrier mix is my go-to when it comes to de-stressing. Sometimes, I might be too relaxed, as my intended 20-minute nap can quickly turn into four hours. For anyone who needs a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, take some time to go on a walk, buy a nice meal, and listen to a feel-good song.

Ways I Relax

By Ryan Sieh | Staff Writer

   Some ways that I relax to put my mind off work is by going biking outside on my street. If I’m able to, I’ll play video games with my friends online, or I’ll just talk to my friends on a call. If I’m unable to do any of those things, then I’ll probably go look around the house for cardboard to make little houses or toys for my two guinea pigs. And if I’m unable to do any of these things, then I’ll probably go and binge watch a bunch of random TV shows, watch YouTube, maybe a movie, or lift weights on my bench. 

One chapter a day keeps the stresses at bay

By Brian Ly | Staff Writer

   This year is not much better than the previous year, I will admit. Entering the second semester of school gave me one clear message: I have to pick up the pace in my classes. However, working hard can get the best of me and I often have to slow down to relax. To me, the best way to do so is through reading.

   Some might think that it is terribly boring and they would be right, on occasion. It just takes finding the right book to get invested in a story, and I have found many in the fiction genre. Taking a break to read a chapter or two helps get my mind off of things, and gives me a bit extra motivation to continue working.

Running away from problems

By Ashley Voong | Staff Writer

   Feeling tired, sweating, and running out of breath after every unrelenting step. What a great way to relax. Now I know this may not sound like the ideal solution, but once the right rhythm is found and you lose yourself in your thoughts, nothing else in the world seems to matter. Your mind becomes in sync with your steps and you are struck with a breath of fresh air. Finally, a sense of relief and relaxation is found after thirty minutes spent running to escape from reality. Trusting the process of running is important to reset the mind and find relaxation. But if it fails, at least you got a good exercise.

Netflix therapy

By Ashley Lau | Staff Writer

   Hear me out, pajamas and Netflix. I have always called Netflix my therapist and it is really starting to show since this whole pandemic started. I have got to say to everyone reading this that there is, literally, no better feeling in the world than to sit down, open Netflix and relax. Honestly, Netflix is not the only thing needed to relax. I always put on my most comfortable pair of pajamas and the softest, fuzziest socks I can find. Let me tell a little secret, the best movies to watch are Christmas movies, like, it is only a few months away. Now my secret is out. Relaxing, the Ashley way.

Relaxing the only way I know how

By Tyler Dang | Staff Writer

   The new year has started and it is time to focus on schoolwork more than ever. As the second semester rolls around, stress also creeps behind me. However, there is a relaxation method that I know best, and that is playing video games. I realize this may sound generic and many people do this, but when I play these games with my friends online, it relieves that stress very well. Sitting down and playing a “quick” game with friends may become a 3 hour long session of fun and laughter. Though, at some point you may play competitively, but as a casual player, I find the relaxation in playing video games for hours.

Finding comfort in nostalgia, quality time

By Vanessa Wang | Junior Editor

   School can be really stressful at times, what with homework, projects, and tests. Luckily I have found that there are ways I can help myself relax after an overwhelming week. 

   Firstly, watching old Pixar and old Disney movies. The happy, nostalgic feeling I get when I watch them automatically puts me in a better mood. They give me a little breather before I have to jump back into schoolwork.

   Not only that, I like spending time with my family and friends, which is another way that I relax. Texting them or video calling them is still a good time. 

   And lastly, playing with my pets never fails to boost my happiness and help me destress.

Make tea not war

By Sophia Pu | Staff Writer

   As Uncle Iroh said in “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” “A moment of quiet is good for your mental wellbeing.” When I get stressed, it feels like my brain is about to explode from a thousand thoughts all pushing to get out of my head. Sitting down with a hot cup of tea or cocoa helps me slow them down. The time spent watching steam rise up from my mug allows me to clear my mind, and my cup to cool down. By the time I have sipped my way down to the last dregs, I am ready to go, with warmth in my stomach, caffeine in my veins, and serotonin in my brain.

Just let it all out

By Halle Fukawa | Editor in Chief

   I have gotten to the point where bath salts and massage chairs just do not cut it anymore. 

   As an official second-semester senior, I am no stranger to stress and anxiety. After trying everything from scented candles to face masks, my tried-and-true solution to relaxation and stress relief is a good scream. Truly. Whether it means walking to a local park, sitting in an empty car, or just laying face-down in a pillow, nothing can beat the relief of letting out the day’s condensed frustration and pent-up anger in the form of an ear-rattling, body-heaving yell.

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