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10 Positive Outcomes of COVID-19

    By Kayla Gochez

    1. Connecting with family

       During our time in quarantine we are reconnecting with our family members and loved ones. A newfound appreciation has risen due to the realization that, as a society, we tend to dismiss time with our family and only work towards the next task.

    1. Healing the planet

       Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals are staying indoors, causing a decrease in pollutants being admitted into the air and increasing the overall wellness of the planet. In an article written by Martha Henriques by BBC she states how, “There’s clear water in the Venice canals, blue skies over Delhi and wild animals are roaming boldly in locked-down cities. The oil industry and airlines are floundering in this new world, and carbon emissions are falling fast,” which are all positive impacts on our environment.  


    1. Insight into public policy 

       In 2017, President Donald Trump eliminated the White House National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense, which specialized in preparing for pandemic-like scenarios. Now that citizens are facing the negative impacts due to the dismissal of this council, citizens are able to see just how ill-prepared the U.S. was for the crisis, and how they should be better prepared for these situations in the future.


    1. Slowing down fast-paced lives

       In the United States, there is a prominent fast-paced culture that instills in citizens a need to constantly work towards a goal. Now that isolation is being enforced, the societal pressure to be continuously hustling is not being promoted instead taking care of one’s own well being has become a primary focus.


    1. Appreciating the simple things

      This pandemic has shown individuals just how fragile life is. The disruption of daily routines created around busy schedules has left nothing to do but bask in the beauties of life such as nature and the peacefulness of solitude.


    1. Realizing the importance of human contact

       Now that citizens are in isolation and are banned from physical interaction with their friends and loved ones, there is a sense of longing for the actual company of others that was often overlooked before. 


    1. Learning new skills

       The abundance of time throughout the day has allowed for people to try new things such as cooking, knitting, drawing and working out. Picking up new hobbies makes each day in quarantine a little less monotonous and instead more enjoyable. 


    1. Realizing which people are really important to us

       In order to have some form of interaction with others during quarantine, more effort has to be made which brings people to realize those who truly want to uphold a friendship and those who do not. There is now a clear distinction between the people who truly want to be in our lives and those who were there out of convenience.


    1. Appreciating for our mental and physical health

       The condition of one’s health is often overlooked and taken for granted, the busyness of daily life makes people forget how fragile our health is. This pandemic has shed light on how precious it is to be in good standing with our physical and mental health and how it is a luxury that is not widespread to all.


    1. Lowering the crime rate

       In major cities through out the United States, crime rates have gone down significantly due to most people being forced to stay at home. “In Chicago, drug arrests have dropped by 42% in the weeks since the city shut down, the Associated Press reports, while in Los Angeles, the rate of key crimes plummeted 30% after March 15,” stated Marley Coyne, a writer for Forbes. 


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    10 Positive Outcomes of COVID-19