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Senior Wills

    I, Allison Sou, leave my superior intellect to Boon Le, my love for Peppa Pig to Brittany Ly, and my dislike for boba pearls to Vi-Linh Vu.

    I, Mya Cage, leave my sarcasm to Jacob Pena, Jasmin Chan, Emma Lara & Caleb Cordoba, my coherence for Nick Do and my big ol locker to Adan Martinez

    I, Ruth Zhou, leave my musical abilities and mediocre sectional leading to Faith Chang, Helena Huang, Sasha Sengelmann, Alison Long, Kyle Ly, Justin Ho, Lauren Chiou, and Ryan Mak.

    I, Jacqueline Wei, leave my perseverance and ability to deal with basketball to Chloe Wang and Rachel Liu; my throwing abilities and responsibility of having to drive the throws team to get food to Emily Le, my love for throws and discus skills to Melody Ha, Hilary Co, and Derek Nguyen; and my love to Chloe Morales, Halle Fukawa, and Julia Magellenes! I wish you guys the best of luck next year and I’m going to miss you guys a lot! I love you all!

    I, Victoria Kehoe, leave my sense of creativity and all my art projects and notes to my cousin Emily Garza. Hope it will inspire her to create her own beautiful artwork!

    I, Jaclyn Quan, leave my stellar abilities to craft a college essay and disposable “scholar” instincts to Lana Hy along with my remaining sanity to Sarah Cheang, who will most definitely need it to run Drama Club. Lastly, I leave my ‘Steven Spielberg’ directing skills to Drama Club.

    I, Jo Holley, leave my spirit and jumps to Natalia Castaneda, Megan Luong, and Kiyoko Benavides, and my tea spilling skills to Lauren Chiou.

    I, Kiara Limas, leave my ‘WOOOO’ sound for practice and games to my teammates Angie Jimenez and Amanda Tom. Remember to have fun next year!!

    I, Emily Chung, leave my never-ending desire to see people smile to my sister Lauren Annika Chung, as well as the drive to push forward no matter how difficult things may be to my underclassmen friends: Dulce, Hoang, Emily Casciani, Geraldine, and Karin to name a few. I wish you all the best in your future. Things get tough as time passes, but you’ll get through it.. Have fun and give hugs! 🙂

    I, Linus Chhun, leave my dry awkward™ humor to Mr. Peters. Here’s to you and AP Euro Mr. Peters- long live your sarcasm Mr. Peters. I will miss it dearly.

    I, Jacquelyn Banh, leave my dedication and sense of humor to Jayme and my inner gamer and non-existent basketball skills to Darren.

    I, Terry Tang, leave my pineapple shorts to Derek Nguyen and Jason Guan – Don’t be cynical, do good, and Chase Yo Dreams.

    I, Carlisle Vinuya, leave my boomer vibes and my food to my free-spirited Drama Club members and to the hard-working students at ASB. Keep Gabrielino fun!

    I, Jiin Lee, leave all my debt to Nicholas Quach so he may carry my burden, and I leave my good looks to Henry Huynh cause he needs it.

    I, Ethan Lam, bequeath my Impromptu prowess and anchor skills to Scott and Christian, my Scout’s honor to James and Jonathan, and my ability to pass math class to Yenyi. To the debate family, I leave you my (senior year) passion and dedication. I leave my strength and confidence to Halina. Lastly, I bequeath my unconditional love for schooling and learning to my little brother Ryan.

    I,Isabel Jimeno, leave my love of Melanie Martinez to Dulce Ortiz and my love to musical theater to Hoang Nguyen

    I, Brandon Wong, bestow the Table Tennis Club to Jeremy Tai.

    I, Michael Chow, leave my jokes, positivity, and my sense of humor to Bryan Guo.

    I, Khin Han, leave my spice to Mimi and Lauren, my ability to laugh at my own jokes to Megan, my ability to share whatever that is in my head to Tiffany and Annica, my ability to avoid toxic men to Karyme, and my ability to over confront my problems to Chloe.

    I, Sharee Yew, leave the dramatic OI performance I never got to finish to Erika Luc and bequeath my teacup to Desiree Yang.

    I, Starlee Hoc, bequeath my lack of punctuality to Bella Santos, my quirky humor to Bryan Chow and Michael Tang, my tenacity to Halina Kwan and Kaylin Lebo, my big boi energy to Nick Cao, Joe Lee and Alex Lai, my passion to teach to Gabe Frank and Sharon Liu, and my super thiccc curves to Thien Le. Wake up brother. To Melanie Hsiang, my goofy goober energy and lastly my immaculate ability to finesse instead of stress to Ashley Fung and Katie Sam.

    I, Raymond Tran, leave my intolerance of lactose intolerance to Sam and Liz, my (almost) perfectly fitting headlines to Halle, my creativity and passion to OPP, my hom to Chloe and Tiff, my strength, courage, and perseverance to Brittany, and my chores to Kayla. You all make me proud.

    I, Kayla Gochez, leave my optimism, courage and enlightening wisdom to Julia Magallanes and Chloe Morales. I hope you guys always stay true to yourselves and hustle through the stressful times. Lastly, I leave my speed, loudness and hype to the Girls Basketball Team and hope to come back and see a red banner in the gym.

    I, Michelle Wang, leave my massive brain to my sons, Ian Tade, Nicholas Cao, Shawn Loc, Joseph Lee, Kris Chung, and Johnny Taing.

    I, Jaden Raymundo, bequeath my speaking abilities to Frank, my bad jokes to Josephine, an unprotected high-five to Thien, my passion to Jayme, Erika, and Aidan, my leadership to Vincent, Mimi, Lauren C, and Annica, my determination to Joan and Noemi, and my awkwardness and ability to make people smile to Lauren H.

    I, Andy Diep, leave behind my jokes (little man), energy, hops, and passion to those whose impacted me. Enjoy every moment guys.

    I, Casey Lee, leave my golf snacks to Brittany Snow and my Big Business Energy™ to Kelly Tsai. Never doubt your abilities; you guys are capable of so much!

    I, Steven Zhen, leave my ability to dip class to the nurse’s office when needed to Kevin Zhen and Kelly Tsai.

    I, Johnny Phan, leave my academic prowess and astronomical basketball skills to Kevin Bui, Victor Ha, and William Ma.

    I, Nicole Tanaka, leave my creative knowledge to Trisha Tanaka.

    I, Anthony Yu leave my boba money to Justin Nghe, Ian Tade, Derek Nguyen, Hana Thai, Jason Guan, Steven Chiem, Hanson Lam, Sammi Zhang, and Luke Lu.

    I, Cady Ngo, bequeath my ability to work at unthinkable speeds with incredible accuracy to Eunice Kay, my borderline offensive humor and romantic luck (or lack thereof) to Elizabeth Chou, and the password to my SGUSD account to Jacob Mark. To the aforementioned plus Ivan Curiel-Mejia and Kayla Tran, I leave relentless strength, knowledge, and love in hopes that you will find profound happiness within yourselves.

    I, Victor Alas, leave my unconditional love to my sister, Liza Alas.

    I, Raul Velasquez, leave my little musical knowledge to Mathew Quinones.

    I, Rayana Ramirez, leave my never-ending love for swimming to the GHS Swim family for making what beautiful memories we did get to make count.

    I, Jasmine Wong, leave my 200 IM swim “talent” to Josephine Chia; my stupidity to Ryan Dang; and my goggle tans and voice cracks to the swim team especially Collin Chong.

    I, Felicia Tang, leave my hops to Flyometrics (my form goes to those three freshman boys who really need it), my uninjured arm to Eric, my sense of style & clutch grades to Eunice, my friendship to Kelli Ong, Lauren erm you can have my stand or something idk, my bucket hat to Thien, my winged liner™ to Blua, my overall coolness to Jordan, Jamie and Joey, my dance moves to Mike, and my unwavering passion and work ethic to the exposers. Don’t disappoint me or I will come back to haunt you all.

    I, Hailey Villanueva, leave confidence and wisdom to Diantha Baroni, Joyleen Luong,Abryella Schiavone, Crystel Alvarado, and Ivan Orellana. Good Luck, you guys are almost out! Love you all. 🙂

    I, Cassandra Garcia, leave my leadership, hardwork, and fun memories to Mr. Hoenigmann and the amazing Unplugged club.

    I, Brandon Nevarez, leave my taste of music to JC Gafford.

    I, David Campos, leave my passion for speech to Vincent DeMarco. my gross energy to Karyme Peña. my dedication to my Ivan Curiel. My energy to Thien Le. Humor to Joan Tran. My road to Logan Tan. My Doggy Sticker to Sophia Chavez. My Comedy skills to Michelle Li. My Mad ENERGY to Joseph Lee. My picture of an Owl to Kayla Tran. My race car noises to Katelyn Corona. My OO abilities to Willtur Cho. And My love for speech to anyone that needs it :).

    I, Sofia Aplanalp, leave my ability to succeed while only doing the bare minimum to Theresa Huynh, Maya Pourreza, and Sarah Cheang

    I, Mireya Zepeda, leave my crazy party life to Jessica Potter.

    I, Richard Chang, leave my calculus skills to Christian Lung.

    I, Leena Albelo, leave my hitting and passing skills to Eunice and my amazing hands to Lauren.

    I, Crisa Guyangco, leave the table to Claire Bailey.

    I, Matthew Tjokro, leave my heart, faith, laughter, stupidness, all of our memories together, and of course my crazy 8 skills to the Fantastic Four (Maya Pourreza, Paige Dance, and Benicio Corona de Flores).

    I, Kaitlyn Chin, leave my humor to Kaylin Lebo, my empathy to Ashley Fung, my weirdness to Kristin Song, my quirkiness to Connie Yuan, my pursuit for perfection to Jamie Banh, and my passion and determination for the things I love to Priscilla Chin.

    I, Amanda Brunjes, bequeath my locker and hatred for band to Jaylynn, my saxophone to Caleb, you better play out, and my scholarness to Devanie and Yenyizzle. To Angie, I leave my gardening tool skills, hehe, and my spaztic post moves to my mini mes Maya and Bella. To my team, my lit dance moves and swag rapping skills, use them wisely. To my little, my crown, go be the queen I already know you are, and to ASB I leave my hypeness, “will to continue”, and love for Gab. Lastly, to Chloe and my daughter Melody I leave my spontaneity, and to Julia, my extraversion and a dash of cinnamon. I love and am forever proud of you guys!

    I, Madalyn, leave my history flashcards with Ethan Long.

    I, Andrew Espinoza, leave my unfinished senior year to all the underclassmen and Alison Nagahiro and hope they all never take any school events for granted. You never know what could happen. I also leave my somewhat good golf skills to my golf team.

    I, Antionette Mirenda, leave my amazing sense of humor and my persistent determination to my son, Geovanni Galan. Stay flexin’ next year.

    I, Danielle Arretche, leave my love for playing mafia and making Budde let the class play it to Adelaide Esseln.

    I, Maurizio Iacono, leave my captainship of the varsity baseball team to Jacob saldivar.

    I, Jasmine Tran, leave my EIC position to Samuel Valencia, my love for yearbook to Gianna Galvan, Elizabeth Chou, Keiko Yasui, Natalia Castañeda, and Bibyan Guan, and my work ethic to Colin Tran. You guys are going to do great things!!

    I, Andrew Estrada, leave my ability to understand Physics concepts only after the test to Leo, my body’s terrible cellular respiration to Logan, and my work ethic to both.

    I, Clowie Roxas, bequeath my ultimate mega swag to Joseph Amador. May this help you conquer the world. Joanna Ngo, I leave you my throne as Red Cross President. May you make our kingdom thrive better than I could have.

    I, Cody Vong, leave my hops to Flyometrics. If the coronavirus is gone by then, y’all gotta carry the track team.

    I, Leslie Lim, leave my love for grapes to Brittany Snow, my inability to use a brush pen to Chloe Wang, my amazing Engineering Notebook cram abilities to Halina Kwan, my reading comprehension and amazing last-minute writing skills to Eunice Kay, and to Halle Fukawa, I leave nothing for your wisdom and maturity far precedes mine. I know you will all succeed, and I am immensely proud to have been able to see you grow.

    I, Tyler Yang, leave my height, math prowess, and my in-class sleeping habits to Yenyi Chen, Lam Chung, Diane Peng, and Peyton Ngo. To my sister Sydni Yang, I leave the closet space in my room.

    I, Claire Hsu, leave all the notes and happy birthday wishes to Mr. Weir.

    I, Ivy Kwok, leave my spirit, dedication to swim, and leftover boba money to Kelly Tsai, Paris Ma, and Malia Munsayac.

    I, Jojit Christian Garcia, leave my memories and my “amazing timing” to Adelaide Essein, Holden Flanders, Jack Chiou, Adan Martinez, Jacob Pena, Matthew Quinones. Thank you for making my final year the best year and the most memorable one.

    I, Ashley Nguyen, leave my humbleness and shoulders to Derek Nguyen, and to Melody Ha, I leave false eyelashes and snacks.

    I, Bonny Li, leave my love and happiness, my support, all my resources, my good grades, and my good fun times to my sister, Chloe Li and her friends.

    I, Lance Yang, leave my yearbook position to amateur photographer Darren Loo.

    I, Benson Voong, leave my tiredness to my cousin Steven Chiem, my laziness to join call to Courtney Yu, Audrey Phung, and Elizabeth Wakamatsu, and my tilt in league to Peyton Ngo.

    I, Terence Mui, leave my violin skills to Mike Otuguro, my skinny legendness to Jamilla Li, my mad viola skills to Elizabeth Wakamatsu, and my fortnite skills to Audrey Phung.

    I, Ken Sheng, leave my anchor to Ashley Fung, my ability to avoid injuries to Bryan Chow, my height to Nicolas DiConti, and my spot in Group B to Otto Saiki.

    I, Katherine Xie, leave my ability to see cute boys to Jojo Chia, my ability to shoot shots to Megan Chan, my resilience to Chloe Nimpoeno, my ugly crying to Lao Bai Ren Zhang, my emotional strength to GV3, my physical strength to Nick Cao, my AK-47 laugh to Thien Le, my ability to understand women to Joe Lee, my ability to pay for my own food to Jeremy Tai, my unfiltered-bluntness to S.P/Tiff Truong, my bad-temper to Lauren Chiou, my crazy driving skills to Gerald Ly and my work ethic to Bag of Rice and Mel Hsiang.

    I, Maricielo Landazuri, leave my love for dance, tea, and 2d boys to Tina Tran, Emily Trinh, and Desiree Yang (thanks for being my friend)!

    I, Casey Chenh, leave my stellar golf talent to my golf team. I wish you all the best of luck for next season. I hope you all encourage each other to get better and be each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

    I, Claire Trieu, bequeath my snatched waist and high-rise jeans to Sumin Ryoo, my amazing brain to Shuo Chen, my glittering personality to Henry Huynh, and my everything to Nicholas Quach. Love you guys!!

    I, Jennifer Vega, leave my positivity and my splits to Megan Luong because someone needs to drop them during a football game. I leave my grades and GPA to Natalia Castaneda because I know she’s going to go succeed in life, I leave my clumsiness to Kiyoko Benavides because we all know the number of times we fall. I leave my back-spot skills to my littles Hannah Patterson’s and Scarlet Gillings because I know they’re going to do great things in cheer.

    I, Elisabeth Nunez, leave my art to my family and school.

    I, Maya He, leave my creativity and ability to get work done on time to Kelly Tran and Ryan Dang.

    I, Ashley Tanaka, leave Martin, my beautiful betta, to Trisha Tanaka. Take good care of him!

    I, Ryan Kaplan, bequeath my dedication and passion for marching to GEMR. March on, eagles!

    I, Elizabeth Lau, bequeath my kindness and leadership to Desi’s heart of gold. To RNRR and Javabots, I bequeath my long love for robotics and my Turner Center playlist. You ladies never fail to inspire me. And finally, to my Home Ec family, I bequeath my apron and wifey points in your hands — happy cooking.

    I, Caitlin Yee, leave my intelligence and organization skills to my child Kimberly Gao, my dry sense of humor to Wendy Yu, and my love for swim to my little sister Kailey Wong. I love you guys so, so much, have an unforgettable senior year. Don’t take anything for granted.

    I, Alice Ho, leave my fighting spirit to all my friends learning English.

    I, Keanu Lam, leave my hype to Nicky Cao, Joe Lee, and Manbo Lai; the remainder of my weebyness to James Pan and Andre Ko; my smash skills to Boon Le; my decent swim ability to Chien-Hao and Ian Dizon; my epic vibes to Ethan Munsayac; my motivation and support to Ryan Dang; and finally, my confidence to Goldwin Wangsiri in hopes he will follow through in his Senior year.

    I, Alex Lau, leave my 45 inch vertical to Shawn Loc.

    I, Lexy Muro, leave my cheerleading skills and jokes to the remaining Great Eight. I love you guys, let our legacy live on!

    I, Valery Chan, leave my kindness, resilience, focus, way of lightening someone’s stress, and organization to all of my fellow swim friends I will leave behind!

    I, Alvin Nguyen, leave my perfect immune system to Shawn Loc, Derek Nguyen, and Kelly Tran. Beat up Corona for me 🙂

    I, Rumaisa Islam, leave my treasured Key Club to Bridget Phu, knowing it’s in good hands and beyond excited to see where you take it (and hoping that it won’t stress you out too much!), and leave my love for Project Bridge to Faith Chang, knowing your endless optimism + spirit will take you far :,,) Best of luck next year!

    I, Britney Aragonez, leave my love and passion for cheer to Kiyoko Benavides.

    I, Bryan Torres Carlos, leave my poetry to the youthful poets of the new generation.

    I, Michelle Duong, leave my last few brain cells to Melody Ha, my mathematical skills to Yenyi Chen, Diane Peng, and Lam Chung, and my ambition to Faith Nguyen, Katie Wong, and Peyton Ngo. Enjoy high school while it lasts!

    I, Kenneth Yao, bestow my acts of generosity to Melody Ha and Katie Sam, my people skills to Ashley Chan, my senioritis to Henry Huynh and Nicholas Quach, and my phenomenal pranks to Kimberly Gao. Remember to stay in school and live your senior year to the fullest. Hopefully you don’t have to spend the second half of your senior year at home. Have fun next year!!

    I, Jose Valencia Jr., leave my charisma to those who think that they can’t do something because of what they look like or what other people think of them.

    I, Lin Knudsen, leave my answers to important questions about our chaotic world to Josephine, a bow to Jeremy and Thien, respectively, my love/hate relationship with the 2020 election to Daniel, Frank, and Sunny D, my spreadsheet skills to Kaylin, my strength to hold back tears to Emily, and my years of learning to believe in myself to Halina.

    I, Grace Luu, leave all my study materials and what little sense of time-management I have to next year’s Science Olympiad team. Good luck at competition next year! 

    I, Cassidy Lee, leave my fire mahjong skills to Taylor Lee, and my 7th place OA trophy from sophomore year to Kelly Hoang.

    I, Jocelyn Tan, leave my Tan legacy to Kristie Tan, and my bathroom breaks to Claire Bailey.

    I, Samantha Loc, leave my horrible sleep schedule and supreme sense of humor to Shawn Loc & my affinity for Timothée Chalamet to Noemi Liu.

    I, Francesca Pondevida, leave my indomitable spirit to Megan Chan, Jojo Chia and Halina Kwan, my ability to lead with humility and courage to Mimi Li and Lauren Chiou, my enduring passion to Thien Le, Alex Chung and Gabriel Villescas, my talent for slacking off (but eventually getting things done) to Jeremy Tai and Eric Zhang, and all my wisdom to Chloe Nimpoeno and Tiffany Truong. To each and every one of my kids: you have my heart. Always.

    I, Sarah Vuong, leave my trust and behavior to Expos, rich and creamy sense of humor to Willtur Cho (you’ll need it), big fat Einstein brain and sensational positivity to Noemi Liu, cheating techniques and red rubies to Lauren Hammy, love of watching wrestling matches to Mel Tang, awkward greetings and cuteness to Chloe Nimpoeno, “LET’S GET PUMPED!!” attitude to Connie Yuan, warm hugs to Priscilla Chin, Tom Hanks’s box of chocolates to Kelli Ong, overpowered gaming skills and love for life to Joshua Hu, and life-long memories, breathtaking combos, and last two brain cells to Chloe Morales. I’ll always be rooting for you guys! Remember the world is yours.









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