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January Horoscopes

    By Thomas Chung

    Copy Editor

    Capricorn: The Capricorn is a natural, outspoken leader. Whether it is in their school or in their work, Capricorns should continue exercising leadership while being open to sharing responsibilities with others. They should not feel obligated to do tasks themselves and should ask for help when needed.

    Aquarius: With Aquarius season at its peak, Aquarians should look forward to events headed their way with a positive outlook and an open mind. As it is the time for them to thrive, Aquarians should avoid worrying about momentary stressors and anticipate happiness coming their way.


    Pisces: As a water sign, it is no surprise that Pisces are known for their expressed emotional capacity and intuition. Using their skills as emotional and intuitive creatives, Pisces should remain calm when faced with problems and begin their search for an effective solution.


    Aries: The passion of Aries is often misread as aggression. As such, Aries should compare their impact on others with their intentions. Aries should willingly engage in conversation and seek to build relationships while being aware that their words can have unintentional impacts.


    Taurus: Tauruses are known for their reliability and dependability. Tauruses have an inclination to provide security and stability for others, but they often sacrifice their own security and stability in the process. At this time, the Taurus should be open to asking others for help.


    Gemini: The Gemini is naturally endowed with the gift of intelligence. In life, the Gemini’s greatest advantage is using intelligence to achieve their goals. Geminis should not be afraid to set goals and take on additional responsibilities, it is innate in them to succeed.


    Cancer: The Cancer is often criticized for sensitivity when faced with issues, however, this sensitivity can serve as an advantage. Cancers should thoroughly analyze their emotions and insecurities so that they can reach a heightened sense of self awareness. Care for oneself should be placed above care for others.


    Leo: Lovers of attention from others, Leos enjoy being in the limelight. In their search for attention, Leos can act authoritative and commanding when they do not intend to. With the challenges of a new year starting to unfold, Leos should step back and be aware of the concerns of others.


    Virgo: Virgos have a tendency to be methodical and analytical. While this can reap benefits in regards to completing work, it can cause Virgos to be alienated from social relationships. Virgos should let loose once in a while and maintain strong communication with their peers.


    Libra: When Libras navigate the world, they often favor harmony, joy, and peace. In an attempt to create this simulate this, they place others above themselves and find difficulty saying no to others. To offset this, Libras should practice refusing to help others when they do not wish to.


    Scorpio: Scorpios are extremely focused when it comes to completing tasks. Because of their diligence and their focus, Scorpios may find themselves detached from society. At this time, Scorpios should remember to go outside and take a breath of fresh air.


    Sagittarius: While the Sagittarius may find oneself wrapped in unnecessary entanglements, they often end up getting what they initially wished for. The Sagittarius should keep this in mind when faced with an upcoming challenge and avoid losing faith.

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