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“Glass” movie review

    By Valerie Nea

    Copy Editor

    The film “Glass” is the third and final film to the “Unbreakable” trilogy and was recently released on Jan. 18. It continues the movie “Split,” released in 2016, with security store owner David Dunn using his supernatural abilities to track down Kevin Wendell Crumb’s superhuman identity, the Beast. When authorities become aware of their abilities, both are put in a physiatric ward where they meet Elijah Price, a mysterious patient that holds secrets about both their pasts.

      In the previous film “Split,” Crumb is compelled by one of his many personalities, the Beast, to kidnap three girls. For most of the movie, the audience just sees his character as someone with severe Dissociative Identity Disorder but later in the movie, reveals there is something more to his behavior. The storyline of “Glass” answers questions viewers may have about the cliffhanger “Split” left off on.

      The movie offered the viewers thrilling, humorous, and sad moments with the remarkable acting from the cast, particularly James McAvoy, who takes on the role of David Dunn and is successfully able to portray 24 distinct identities.

      Director M. Night Shyamalan notably tied in easter eggs from the previous movies in the series through characters like Casey Cooke, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, the only human that was kidnapped but released by the Beast and one of Crumb’s 24 identities Hedwig, a nine year old boy.

      While the film had an entertaining plotline, Shyamalan’s goal for a large plot twist at the end of the film seemed to leave the movie dry and lacking momentum to build as much suspense as the previous movie “Split” had.

      Some of the scenes ran too long and were unnecessary to understanding the plot. Also, Dr. Ellie Staple, portrayed by actress Sarah Paulson, particularly received a lot of screen time that could have been given to other main characters or used to build more suspense.

      Shyamalan’s “Glass” is a unique spin from Hollywood’s conventional superhero movies. While superhero movies clearly define the hero, villain, origin story, and weakness, “Glass” subtly introduces and incorporates each of these cliche factors so that viewers do not make the connection until the end of the film when every part comes together. In addition, despite the Beast being a kidnapper, killer, and villain Shyamalan was capable of portraying him as a human to the audience.

      Although the film received harsh reviews from many critics and there are some uneventful parts, the film is still worth watching for the action packed fight scenes, clever schemes, heartwarming ending, and the long awaited plot twist that viewers will enjoy.


    ⅘ stars

    Rated: PG 13

    Duration: 129 min


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