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New year, no procrastination

   This year has been full of ups and downs for me, as well as everyone else. With online classes, finding the motivation to do work is extra difficult. I have been procrastinating on new levels this year. Pushing every imaginable task until the last minute has had significant damage to my mental health. It causes me to constantly be stressed and worried about my workload and grades. My goal for the coming year, 2021, is to stop procrastinating. This is a big goal, as I have been saying I would stop for many years now, but this time, I am determined to make a real effort of breaking this bad habit of mine. Hopefully, I will soon be able to be one of those people that have their projects finished weeks in advance instead of hours in advance. I hope that future me looking back on this paragraph will be proud to have finally achieved this resolution. I am looking ahead and cannot wait for what the new year will bring.

-Vanessa Wang


Cooking my way to a new year

   Cooking has never been my strong point. Whether I am making myself a nice hefty dinner or cooking something as simple as eggs, I always seem to somehow mess it up. This coming year, I hope to  improve my cooking skills and not accidentally burn my food. I would like to serve some of it to my family as well, but it may take some time before I actually do that. I hope I will improve next year, and I cross my fingers I will not burn the kitchen down.

-Tyler Dang


Turning screen time to learning

   After watching the documentary, “The Social Dilemma” earlier this year, I fell down a rabbit hole of other documentaries that sent me down a dwindling spiral of fear, as my daily screen time averaged around 12 hours. As a result, my New Year’s resolution is to actually utilize the devices I have and the time I spend in front of a screen to become more productive and more knowledgeable. Yes, I’m not completely stopping my usage of technology, because like many, I am addicted to my phone― self-admittedly at that.    

   Although this year, due to quarantine, I have been able to read more and listen to more podcasts, I still feel as if I’ve spent too much time refreshing the timelines of Twitter and Instagram, waiting to be fed with new media by the algorithm. With such advanced technology, I want to actually use these devices in order to learn more and be more well versed in literature and culture.

   In order to implement this resolution into my everyday life so that I can actually achieve my goal, I’ve downloaded apps such as Libby and Hoopla, which are virtual libraries that contain audiobooks and virtual copies of books, and all you have to do is link your library card. Although fear and paranoia should not be the propelling force for anyone’s goals, I am optimistic it will help me lower my social media use and become more knowledgeable.

-Lam Chung


New Year’s resolution no one asked for, but everyone needs

   There are things the world needs in order to perk back up this coming year, and I strongly believe one of them is a hit musical about space detective robots. Thus, my New Year’s resolution is to take it upon myself to make this a reality. Perhaps I’m not a musician, but whatever the musical lacks in instrumentation, it will make up for in lyricism, pyrotechnics, and royalty-free background tracks. When companies inevitably jump on a movie remake, it might even be bad enough to usher in another year of terror, much like a certain feline-related movie adaptation did last year. This, in my eyes, will be an absolute success. Watch out, 2021.

   Or I could just learn how to play the guitar. Whichever comes first.

-Kaylee Chan


Ambitious goals for the new year

   I want to workout more and progress further now that I have more motivation than ever, especially with the new year coming around. I’ll eat healthier and keep my health in check. I’ll also be looking forward to going to the gym or finding another way to get to a gym. I want to become a better person and make sure that I don’t judge others. I’m going to clean my room every week. Stop procrastinating and get all my work done on time. Give up my bad habits and make sure I get a new lifestyle. Read more so I can fill my brain with that knowledge. Last but not least, I want to spend more time with my family, especially due to the opportunities provided because of this pandemic.

-James Yang


Treasuring time in 2021

   Although much can be said of the grievances of 2020, most can agree that this past year has provided some much-needed time for self-reflection. For these past nine months, the constant onslaught of bad news has taken a toll on my mindset, so in 2021, though it holds many uncertainties, my goal is to maintain a positive outlook on whatever the year may hold.

   The new year shines like the light at the end of the tunnel, with a new vaccine, a new president, and, for me as a senior, a new school. Always keeping my goals where I can see them and enjoying the gift of time with my immediate family and dogs are things I won’t be taking for granted. And if all else fails, I can rest assured that no matter what the new year has in store, anything is better than 2020.

-Halle Fukawa


Green thumbs up

   The new year is supposed to be a time for champagne and turning over a new leaf, but this year I’d honestly settle for watered-down fruit punch and a struggling house plant. In fact, that might be what I get, considering my mediocre attempt at trying to garden this year. Like many people, I’ve gotten into more hobbies during quarantine, hoping to keep away the boredom. And though my skills at knitting have grown, my plants? Not so much. They say that plants respond to your emotions, so hopefully, if 2021 can bring some sunshine, I can feel less wilted so that my monstera and I can grow together.

-Sophia Pu


New Year’s Resolution

   2020 was chaotic to say the least. As a result, I wish I could say it was one for the books, and a great year to venture into my last year of high school. However, this is just not the case. I am happy to see the year end, and am hopeful for a successful 2021.

   To help achieve this aspiration, my New Year’s Resolution is to make my bed every single morning. Even if I have what feels like a 48 hour long day, seven days a week all year, at least I will know I did something right. In those excruciatingly long days, it will be the thought of the wrinkle free, nicely folded and fluffed blankets and pillows that will get me through it. This might sound ridiculous, I know, but it is the little things that count.

-Brittany Snow


Convincing my family to buy me a puppy once again 

   This year has been an abundance of change for everyone, especially for my family and I, consisting  of battling COVID, saying goodbye to a childhood home, and working through Virtual Academy. It has been stressful and overwhelming but I am optimistic for a new year to come, especially in our new home. A home with spacious rooms, a responsible young adult (me), a great back yard…perfect to house a puppy.    

   That’s right, my New Year’s resolution is to finally get myself a cute little puppy, and I am very determined. Although my family isn’t fond of pets, I am and I will not stop trying my best to convince them to get me one. 

-Ashley Sanchez


Yarns, needles

   Ever since I have taken up knitting as a hobby, I have always wanted to knit a magnificent gown. Specifically for when I go to the ceremony to receive my Olympic medal in knitting. The Edna Mode of knitting. A knitting overlord.

-Bellefontaine Nhan



   As much as I want to say I enjoyed 2020, I really did not. Mostly because of the world literally burning around me, everything to do with the presidential election, the injustices of the ironically-named justice system, and the pandemic keeping everyone indoors for most of the year. But also because I haven’t adopted a cat yet. 

   Largely because I haven’t adopted a cat yet. 

   With an ominous aura radiating from the simple thought of 2021, I must say that if I adopt a cat, I will be a whole lot happier. Cats sleep a lot, and as a lethargic person, I also sleep a lot. I feel like a cat and I would get along swimmingly. The only problem is that my mother is allergic to cats, but she says she’s allergic to a lot of animals. Otherwise, a cat and I could become best friends. I guess if we don’t end up adopting a cat next year, I can give belly rubs to my dad’s pet fish. Although, my mom says she’s allergic to them, too.

-Emme Tran


Dropping the ball

  I never really understood the elation surrounding Times Square during New Year’s Eve. Big deal, New York, I drop the ball multiple times a year and no one watches me with that much excitement. Apparently there is a difference between the two, but I am not seeing it. Something about it being a deep rooted tradition that has been around for at least a hundred years, which sounds ridiculous if you ask me. But with the coming of a new year, my resolution is to stop dropping the ball since New York does it so well already. I don’t even live there, anyways. 

-Brian Ly


Five positive things

   Quite honestly, I wouldn’t be able to tell you five positive things that have resulted from this year of being locked up inside for months. This year has been the worst year of my life. If I had a dollar for every time something went wrong this year, I would be rich. What felt like a joyful break from school soon turned into an endless cycle of the same routine and the days beginning to mash together. I feel as if I’ve accomplished nothing this year. Well, that is besides being able to say that I survived 2020. This is why my New Year’s resolution is to keep an optimistic attitude. Maybe next year, when I look back on 2021, I will be able to list five positive things to have happened to me.

-Ashley Voong


Coming to terms

   Here is the thing. I have a problem, a huge problem. The problem is I am a coffeeholic and I am not proud of myself. If you add up all the money I have wasted just on getting a caramel frappuccino everyday at Starbucks everyone would think I was a caffeine addict, but a girl has got to stay hydrated. How else am I supposed to satisfy my thirst? Five dollars everyday is not that bad, right? Right? Well whatever, here is where my resolution comes in hand once we reach 2021 I will change my ways of living and reduce to only getting a medium everyday. I am making a huge sacrifice since my wallet is slowly dying and I am coming to terms with myself that this habit has got to go, so I hope that everyone reading will give me their best wishes. 

-Ashley Lau


New Year’s Resolution 

   Ever since the start of quarantine, my sleeping schedule has not been the greatest. I barely get enough sleep, and it has contributed to my growth stunt. I hope to grow at least an inch this year. To finally hit my lifetime goal of being five feet. It would be nice to hit more than five feet, but I do not believe I have the facilities to do that. So my new year’s resolution for 2021, is to grow one inch and finally be five feet tall. 

-Jolin Hoang


My New Year’s Resolution

   My new year’s resolution is that I want to get my two guinea pigs to lose weight. I own two guinea pigs, and their names are Mochi and Mooncake. They are very chunky. When they are done eating their meal for the day, they literally look like they’re pregnant. They aren’t overweight though, surprisingly, but I just want them to run around more, especially Mochi. They always end up gnawing on the cardboard food tray for some reason, so I need to food-proof that. 

-Ryan Sieh


New Year’s Resolution

Man, oh man, this year was rough. However, we are nearing the final stretch of 2020, and a fresh start is right around the corner. That means it is time for New Year’s Resolutions. There is nothing like setting ourselves up for disappointment by carefully compiling a list of unrealistic expectations. Nevertheless, I could use something to look forward to, which is why my goal is to look forward. Even if the road ahead is foggy, all any of us can do is take every day as it comes. Eventually, the path in front of us will become clear. In the meantime, I will work toward my other goal; leaving the house more to soak up some Vitamin D. No one wants to talk about it, but quarantine turned all of us pale. Hold on everyone, the end is near, and it can only go up from here. Farewell 2020, you will not be missed. 

-Chloe Morales

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