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Captivating game of love illustrated in ‘MAVERIK’

By Belle Nhan | Staff Writer

DOOM, MOOD & STORYBOOK  The Boyz’s ‘MAVERIK’ album combines various genres to create a uniquely fascinating collection.

  The Boyz, a Korean boy group that debuted in 2017 released their third single album titled “MAVERIK” on Nov. 1. The concept of this album has intriguing elements of futuristic technology and an enchanting style of music.

   Although this album has songs that are in Korean, a language I personally do not know, these songs are still catchy and worth listening to.

   Their title song shares the same name as the album, “MAVERIK”. Just as the name entails, the song is unexpecting, daring, and is hip hop based. It has a unique sound that I have not previously heard in mainstream k-pop.

   The chorus is aggressive and powerful, but small details, like hi-tats in the background, make the chorus feel complete.

   The vocals in the bridge of the song highlight the members’ vocal abilities and are astonishingly beautiful. This section leaves me speechless no matter how many times I listen to it.

   Looking at the translated lyrics, love is portrayed as a game and the artists depict themselves as the villain. The group uses the word “maverick” and it’s many definitions, to describe themselves and their actions in order to take control.

   The second song in their album is called “Hypnotize”. It is almost the complete opposite of “MAVERIK”, as this track has a dream-like ambiance to it. 

   The ad-libs and vocal harmonies put listeners into a trance, all the while infusing R&B elements to make the song even more addictive. The track also includes interesting sound effects, such as piano-like sounds. 

   The lyrics illustrate the process of falling in love and dreaming of being with the other person. Being infatuated is a clear motif shown throughout the album but even more so in this track.

   Another track included in this album is called “Russian Roulette”. The song uses a variety of styles and genres of music, creating an enigmatic sound that is difficult to describe. The song also creates an impression of suspense and makes listeners feel as though they are about to gamble. 

   In the background, listeners hear thumps that sound like someone knocking on a door or tear drops. These little sound effects create an experimental sound that is catchy and fascinating. 

   The build up to the climax in the last chorus is satisfying and well composed, while being one of my favorite parts of the song.

   The lyrics of this song illustrate the story of love that is filled with fascination, obsession, and the thrill of chasing an individual for their affection. I believe that this is quite a dark take on the concept of love, but a refreshing one nonetheless. 

   I recommend this album for anyone interested in experiencing a new genre of music and sound. 

   There are three different versions of the physical album, which are Doom, Mood, and Story Book and each version has different sub-concepts revolving around love and futuristic technology. They also have representative colors that further build upon those sub-concepts. Doom is black, Mood is gray, and Story Book is white. 

   The album can be found on various streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Youtube. The physical album is also available for purchase.

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Captivating game of love illustrated in ‘MAVERIK’