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Senior Wills

I, ADELAIDE ESSELN, leave to ASHLEY LAU and DARLA HUA the 100 meters – I’m gone, it’s yours to win! I would leave the 200 but you already beat me in it. To COLIN NGUYEN, I leave the often frustrating position of being the only responsible person on the track team. I would leave something to MIA VON HAAM, but she’s already got everything she needs, and I hope she knows that. And finally, I’m sure she wants nothing of mine, but I leave to EMILIA ESSELN all the scrapes on the car; any love she can convince my cats to transfer to her; the responsibility of cleaning their litterboxes (joking, but am I?); my larger room (if she wants it); and free rein as the only Esseln left at Gab to do whatever she likes to the family name. I leave her also my well-faked confidence in mentoring new people in the Peer Helping 2 class, my ability to schmooze adults, and my obliviousness to people’s opinions of me. Much love, though I’ll deny I ever said it.

I, Kelli Ong, leave Kate Hamamoto and Hope Chang, the throne of Planty Kingdom and my joy of serving others. I leave Josephine Chia, my Disneyland ditch days and appreciation for education. I leave Kayla Tran and Priscilla Chin, my leadership, Water bending skills, and love of British accents. I leave Elizabeth Chou, every ounce of my sanity and consciousness. And love…I guess. I leave Mini Marsh Wang, my dedication, sense of humor, and refined taste in nicknames. I leave Jordan Liu, my master board skills, so that she may wow every judge who comes her way. May the boards be in your favor! I leave Jayme Banh, my love of all things bread, pasta, potatoes, and carbohydrates. I leave Lauren Chiou, my Girl Scouts cookie sales pitch and non-existent driver’s license. Finally, I leave my Expos and Screamin Eagles family, my affinity and dedication so their voices will always be heard.

I, Halle Fukawa, leave my passion and leadership skills to Megan Chan, Megan Gong, and Josephine Chia, and my love for OI to Joseph Peng, Erika Luc, and Winnie Ng. I leave my 400 stamina and one-punch energy to Ashley Lau, Audrey Phung, Darla Hua. To my favorite Priscilla Chin, Mimi Li, Halina Kwan, Kayla Tran, Lam Chung, Katie Do, and Co-President Lauren Chiou I leave you my passion for speaking and telling stories. I leave Shirley Wang, Sherry Shi, Kaylyn Thai, and Sarah Banh luck in whatever they choose to do at Gab (preferably speech but it’s up to y’all) and I leave my rocket launcher arm to Rachel Liu. Finally, to my beautiful, fantastic, amazing Tongva Times staff I give you my ability to clap back to Brittany (and my writing skills).

I, Tiffany Truong, leave to Kelly Hoang, my ability to stay strong and get work done; to Lauren Chiou, my moving OPP writing and colon 1 energy; to Alex Chung, my service coordinator skills and calculus brain cells; to GV3, my ability to eat M&Ms; to Collin Chong, my Genshin C1 luck; to Zoe Nimpoeno, my passion to continuously grow and improve in speech & elsewhere; to the rest of The Gals, my drive to finish high school; and to Crystal Truong, my determination to tackle challenges and ability to set your heart ablaze.

I, Chloe Nimpoeno, leave my Nimp Survival Minecraft world to my sister Zoe, my practice group seniority to Mel, my Logan hotel key cards to Megan, my excellent and totally not terrible love advice to GV and Alex, my parenting skills to Mimi and Lauren, my knack for collecting cardboard selfies to Connie, Lam, and Kayla, my Olympic type speed to Josephine, Ellie, and the rest of my swim girls (not that you’ll need it), and to all of you: my eternal thanks for making life worthwhile.

I, Kelly Tsai, leave to the new Science Olympiad officer cabinet, my ability to come up with speeches on the spot and my enjoyment of chemistry. I leave to Kristin Song and Paris Ma my duties of sending FBLA approval emails and my energy in Zoom meetings. Let’s get Gold Seal again next year! I leave to my cousin, Joshua Liu, good grades, good skills, and good vibes. Lastly, I leave to Desiree Yang my optimism and unplanned hangouts with Korean corn dogs.

I, Faith Chang, leave to Hope Chang, my support group of older sisters. To Josephine Chia, I leave my passion for education and to Lauren Chiou I give my cello vibrato. To Emma and Grace Kurniawan I leave my Dessert Fridays, to Jayme Banh I leave my optimism. And to Rachel Young, Erika Luc, and John Lam, I leave my speaking voice and memorizing skills. I love you all! I know you are going to have an amazing impact on this community and beyond.

I, Joann Ma, leave to Theresa Huynh my everything, dedication, outspokenness, and wisdom, for she has so much hidden potential waiting to surface if she just puts herself first. I leave to ASB my spirit, creativity, and persistency; I know ASB is in good hands. Last but not least, I leave to Ms. G my charisma and extensive knowledge of Harry Styles; I’ll always pick up your phone calls, no matter how late.

I, Ashlee Young, leave my sister, Rachel Young the MEGA drive, my work ethic, and self-discipline; to Kelly Hoang, my will to exercise; to Ryan Sam, courage to finally jump over a hurdle; to Paris Ngeam, the ability to prioritize my time; to Lauren Veerachaylukana, my love for learning; and finally to the future cross country and track teams a strong pair of lungs, legs, and spirit.

I, Jasmine Chan, bequeath Jasper Chan my ability to write neat and write emails, Noelle Chan my ability to stay up late and wake up early, Sydney SooHoo my big locker, humor, flute playing skills, and confidence as a leader, and Jacob Pena my ability to do looks of disgust or disappointment, and Jaylynn Lopez my ability to never stop smiling even when things are not going the best.

I, Annica Wu, leave, my resilience to Jesper Wu, my overly specific OO jokes to Emi Naito and Ava Doron, my leadership to Hana Thai and Mimi Li, my ability to say “excuse me, I’m speaking” with confidence to Luccia Yacoub and Kelly Hoang, and finally my ability to hypnotize judges into voting for me with my loosely related emotional anecdotes in debate to Sunny D, Daniel Candia, and Gabriel Frank-Mcpheter.

I, Jennifer Thai, leave to Andrew Au, my hard earn grades, positivity, kindness, hardwork, and my support! I leave to Emilia Esseln, Emma Shelton, Kai Sayoto, and Monica Nguyen my peer helping skills, and leave to my favorite teachers Mr. Budde and Mr.Sap all my love! You both are the best! Wish you all the best of luck next year! Going to miss you guys lots! Love you all!

I, Lauren Hamamoto, leave my ‘gosh darns’ to Jayme and Erika, killer jokes to Emi and power lines to Ava, my passion to Priscilla, Kayla, and Frank, Lauren…you can finally be superior, my leadership and UNDENIABLE charm to Hana and Mimi, resilience and melatonin stash to Josephine, and my ability to excel in everything to Kate (is that toxic?).

I, Lana Hy, leave to Ashley Lau, Tam Le, Kaiya Suehiro, Grace Tang, and Shirley Wang my fairly strong work ethic, perseverance, as well as every ounce of happiness I have! You all are going to do a stellar job leading either PAW or MAW Club next year, and I wish you all the best. Continue to work hard, but remember to take breaks and have fun!!

I, Austin Chen, bequeath my passion, knowledge, dedication, and GPA to Jason Kong, my presidency of Psychology Club to Kelly Hoang, my commitment in Empowerment and Gab Tutoring Association to Hanson Lu, my leadership in Biology Olympiad and Nanoseed to all the future officers, as well as my spirit and optimism to the GHS swim family.

I, Eunice Kay, leave my energy to the basketball team, my hitting and passing skills to Audrey, Tam, & Zoe, my sense of style to Josephine, my hops and confidence to Amanda, my inability to use Discord to Kyra and Rachel, my singing skills to Mel and Sarah, and time management to Kate.

I, Adrian Paxson, leave my pride to Ren Bean, my endurance to Kai Sayoto, my voice to Sam Tea, my strength to Alison Castro, my happiness to Chloe Tan, my skill to Cathy Nguyen, my volume to Eva Montoya, my art skills to V Wang, my smile to Vianna Fife, and my experience to Mx Ross. Thank you all for everything, my queer family.

I, Ashley Fung, leave my superb radiant level valorant skills to Joey Huang, my ability to finesse homework like nothing to Josephine Chia, my superpower to nap instantly to Alex Hoe, friendship for a lifetime to Zoe Phuong, my last brain cell to Yenyi Chen, and my best quality of all: my extremely long stature, to Kelly Hoang.

I, Chloe Morales, leave to Halina Kwan my ability to be real with others and yourself, knowing where to put your energy towards. To the jumps team; Tam Le, Melanie Hsiang, and Zoe Phuong, and I am leaving to you my persistence to get a good jump in even when your legs are dead and your spikes are filled with sand.

I, Noemi Liu, leave to Sofia Chavez my equanimity, to Vincent DeMarco my peace, to Melanie Hsiang my drive, to Megan Chan my joy, to my speech novices my heart, to the wrestling girls my avoidance of worm, to the SWE cabinet my reverence for education, and to my teachers and counselor my everlasting gratitude.

I, Eric Zhang, leave to Kay Lee my invulnerability of injury and hurdle technique to guarantee herself a League Champ title, my speed and knowledge in Sprints to Matthew Aparicio, my passion and energy in Speech to Megan Chan and Melanie Hsiang, and my wittiness and outstanding English grades to Sarah Banh.

I, Kevin He, leave my ambition and success in high school to Michelle Trinh, the future of Pearl Academy to Rachel Yu, my coding knowledge to Kyla Penamante, my confidence to Collin Chong and Madison Wong, my social genius to Elizabeth Wakamatsu and Nicholas Cao and my work ethic to William Ma.

I, Gianna Galvan, leave my god-like content gathering skills and love for yearbook to Elizabeth Chou, my Ash-À-Wût copy editor position to Halina Kwan and Vicki Lam, and my amazing photography skills to Keiko Yasui. I believe in you guys, sending lots of love to my second family always!

I, Evan Tran, leave Audrey Phung, Elizabeth Wakamatsu, and Diane Peng my deag skills and my cursed sleep schedule. I, Evan Tran, leave Kelly Hoang and Philip Ma my impeccable wind surfing and origami skills. I, Evan Tran, leave the Wrestling team my famous matt-flexes.

I, Jeremy Tai, leave to Alex Chung my superb wiping after a bathroom sesh; my godly volleyball mentality to Shawn Loc; my unworldly communication skills to Nathan Troung; my ability to jump out of thy gym to Zoe Phuong; and Philip Ma my charming good looks to pull.

I, Maggie Hua, leave to the underclassmen of the AP Chemistry Discord my tips and experiences with high school. Please don’t stress yourself over academics and focus on your mental health always! I know that you guys will be amazing seniors in the future 🙂

I, Emily Chen, leave to Helen Benitez and Halina Kwan my dedication to OA; to Kelly Hoang, my tenacity and perseverance; to Collin Chong, my work ethic and sense of dignity; and to Xinghua Zhao, my time management and abundance of questionable gifs.

I, Alexis Lay, leave Mel Hsiang, Trisha Tanaka, and Paris Ma my love for POI, and drive to attend speech practice. The girls swim legacy to Josephine Chia and Jolie Ngo, you both will do amazing things your final year of swim.

I, Jacob Mark, leave to Brandon Trieu and my math students NOT my decayed academic skills, but my ability to manufacture satisfactory answers on the spot despite zoning out. I have no more value at this school– best of luck.

I, Joan Tran, leave my 4.0 gpa and passion for fish tacos to Josephine Chia, my humor family to Vincent DeMarco and Sofia Chavez, and my love for Olivia Rodrigo and ability to aggravate white bald men to Thien Le.

I, Emilee Xie, leave to Lesley Cisneros my artistic ability in Graphic Design and a friendly reminder that she is not alone. I hope she has an exciting future and hope that she goes to the best college that suits her.

I, Justin Tran, leave to the Positive Vibes Club, my ability to advocate for mental health awareness. I hope they are able to spread more awareness and be a voice to the underdeveloped areas by overcoming mental health.

I, Nicholas Quach, leave my intelligence, ability to talk to girls, and basketball skills to my son, Darren Banh, my reselling legacy to my other son, Jonah Lysne, and my height to my daughter, Nathan Kan.

I, Christina To, leave to Katrina Marciano, my math and self-motivational skills to make your senior year a breeze. Additionally I would also like to give her my dog mom skills to help with little Nova.

I, Kenneth Zhou, leave to Joyleen Luong my title of “The Great and Powerful”. I pray that she use the title well in Drama 2, and when her time comes, pass the title down to another worthy individual.

I, Emily Le, leave to Josie Sanchez my ability to keep moving forward next year. Just know whatever you do whether it be good or bad, to keep your head up because everything happens for a reason.

I, Dominic Gonzalez , leave to Matthew Aparicio and Ashley lau my Speed and work ethic on the track ,cuz they are gonna need it to be the league champions I know they can be. Good luck guys !!

I, Ryan Lam, leave to Syon Huang my charisma and natural leadership qualities, to Kelly Hoang, my passion and dedication to Speech and Debate, and to Jonathan Liang, my scout skills.

I, Jason Ho, leave to Violet Wang my efforts in making Interact great again, to Kelly Hoang my academic achievements, and to the 1st violins of fourth period my violin playing abilities.

I, Hannah Pitts, leave my passion and optimism to my soprano sisters in Camber Choir and to UNICEF and Encore Club. Now is your time to lead others in making the world a better place!

I, Danh “Boon” Le, leave to Darren Banh my supreme ability to procrastinate and still get things done on time. Hopefully you’ll use this to make time for other things in your life!

I, Sarah Cheang, leave my passion and excitement for ASB to Theresa Huynh, Trinh Huynh, Kyle Truong, and Henry Wang, and my immense school spirit for Laura Cheang and Oralis Ward.

I, Kayla Pineda, leave to all freshmen my ability to easily make new friends because they’re going to need someone who will stick by their side throughout all of high school!

I, Benicio Corona de Flores, leave Karyme, Alison, Eva, Ivan, Gabriel, and Jocelyn in our club ¡Socorro! my stubbornness to always question and try to improve the status quo.

I, Ryan Quach, leave to Kelly Hoang, and to my cousins Vinh Le and Nancy Le, my love for learning and my strong work ethic, as well as my ability to believe in myself.

I, Kelly Tran, bequeath to Theresa Huynh my amazing bulletin-reading skills, Katie Dang my ASB handwriting skills, and to Maya Pourezza and Paige Dance my choir mom duties.

I, Emma Yun, leave to Mia, Paris, Lauren, and Rachel my speed, to Kayson, my pictures of bread, and to my fellow Yunsbies, my remaining brain cells. Good luck girlies.

I, Ryan Quach, leave to Kelly Hoang, and to my cousins Vinh Le and Nancy Le, my love for learning and my strong work ethic, as well as my ability to believe in myself.

I, Bernice Li, leave to my sister, Gloria Li, my straight A’s and motivation to continue throughout the year. I wish her good luck! Her senior year will be great!

I, Daniela Acosta, leave to all my swimmers and diver my swimming skills. I will miss you all dearly and you were all the highlight of my high school experience!

I, Kevin Nguyen, leave to my Applied Chemistry Class, my teamworking ability, so that the next students can be able to achieve, learn, and have fun in Applied Chemistry.

I, Brittany Snow, leave to the girls golf team my ability to move past a bad shot or a bad round. Enjoy the game and have fun, it’s all about peaks and valleys.

I, Christopher Dao, leave to Kelly Hoang my third brain cell of puns, and the prowess of my “dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex” to my sister, Jacqueline Dao.

I, Isabella Santos, leave to Haley, Bela, and Bianca Kielty, my leadership of the soccer team and determination to work hard. Keep up the hard work!

I, Andrea Cerros, leave to the future class of Peer Helping 2 my quick thinking, my listening skills, and my jokes at Mr.Budde and Mr.Sap’s expense.

I, Dillon Djie, leave to my cousin, Jessica Sucongga, my amazing rock climbing and baking skills because she’s really going to need them next year!

I, Emmett Chan, leave to Xinghua Zhao a broccoli rice dish, and to Kelly Hoang my Adidas Unisex-Child Predator 20.3 Indoor Soccer Shoes.

I, Koko Tsang, leave my little sister, Vida, the luck to grab a lunch table and the ability to stick with a close group of friends!

I am Chuanyin Zhang. I leave it to my classmates how to have humor ability. I hope they will also produce a humorous boy next year

I, Bridget Phu, leave to all of the students at Gabrielino my best wishes and luck. You can do anything you put your mind to.

I, Willey Zhou, leave my boba addiction and small brain to Kelly Hoang, and my Krispy Kreme cravings to the members of FBLA.

I, Kevin Zhou, leave the future business students, my business tactics. They’ll need it after high school to make that mula.

I, Tina Tran, leave to Tongva Legacy Dance Club my passion and inspiration for dancing so the club can keep growing.

I, Cristian Diaz, leave to the Football team, my catching ability. I hope they have a successful season next year!

I, Ziren Mo, leave to the art students my ability to draw and hope that they can create great masterpieces.

I, Hkawn San Mai, leave Hkun Brang San Awng my Roblox gamer moves and bless you with c6 Qiqi.

I, Christopher Tran, leave to the sussy baka, Kelly Hoang, my love for Bofa Deez.

I, Nicolas DiConti, leave to Bryan Chow and Otto Saiki my ability to be speedy.

I, Darren Loo, leave to Yearbook & ASB, my Photography Skills.

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