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Senior Wills

I, Kaiya Suehiro, leave to my sister, Keni, my best wishes for the rest of her high school career. She didn’t want anything and I believe in her and know she already has everything she needs to succeed.

I, Mia Lau, leave to my younger sister, Michaela, my school-life balance and easier classes. I hope you can find your school-life balance and not stress yourself out by taking so many intense classes because your mental health matters.

I, Colin C Nguyen, leave to Kevin Tanaka my role of captain and Ashley Lau if she’s willing to be one herself. I leave this role to you guys because I know you’re both capable of fulfilling the responsibilities better than I ever could and I mean that. Although, it’ll be kinda difficult to keep those lazy peeps engaged and helping out the often confusing coaching (don’t snitch on me), but it ain’t my problem anymore you guys got it! 😉 I leave the tortuous event of the 400 to Caleb Perez and Zuihui Gao, so happy I’m done with that since I truly hated it. Finally, I wish I could list everyone I want to mention but this would be way too long but just know that I really respect all of you, and I know you’ll do great without me. Appreciated this memorable last year and wish you guys all the best!

I, Emma Sieh, leave to the underclassmen of the current chamber choir and Reyan Nguy my piano and sight-reading skills so they can continue singing Adele and any other songs they want during class next year. I also leave my younger brother, Ryan Sieh, my seat at me and my friends’ lunch table so he doesn’t have to sit on the ground next year.

I, Diana Castaneda, leave my friend, Ella, my presence because she is really going to miss our class time we  had together. I hope you have an amazing senior year next year!

Minh Thai-Le leave to the Gabrielino Choir my charm, charisma, and energy to you all. I’m doing this because Choir is what helped me leave my shell when I first transferred over here and helped me realize I’m not alone and will never will be alone.

“I, Collin Chong, leave to my swimmer juniors Brenda Yu, Joseph Peng, Grace Patterson, Mia Chan, and Leo Cerros, my spelling ability to actually spell my name correctly. To Audrey Tjoa and Carter Nguyen, I will provide them my confidence, willpower, and strength in swimming to get at least a 26 second 50 yard freestyle. To the one junior Jingwen Chen who I unfortunately got into the awful keyboard hobby, I grant her my best wishes and condolences as she will be spending all her money to get another keyboard. To the rest of my juniors, Madison Hoang, Nathan Huang, Joey Huang, Vincent Tran, James, Kyle Ly, and Ethan Phung, I will grant them my VALORANT skills, my sun-tan, and some grass because I have never seen them go outside. To all of these people and 4 honorable mentions Samantha Chong, Karina Vargas, Xummer Lu, & Morwenna Trinh, I wish them the best and I hope that they will get into the colleges they want and worked for. I see great effort in all of them whether it be for school or for their own personal fun and I will greatly miss these people. I can only hope for them the best of luck.”

i, LUCCIA YACOUB, leave to Liliana Simpson Castaneda, Sofia Villagra, and Sophia Pu, my obnoxious yelling of “USE YOUR DIAGPHRAM!!!,” my unwavering zeal in extemp speeches, and all the girlbossing in the world. To Emilia Esseln and Kaitlyn Pena, i leave my strength to overcome people’s negative opinions, and enthusiasm to use my talents. To Marco Cisneros-Farber and Aaron Situ, i leave my fervor to call out misogyny 24/7 and eagerness to get better even if i say things that make absolutely no sense in my speeches. To Garrison Chan and Violet Wang, i leave my courage and patience in learning to become a leader. Last but certainly not least, to the smartest person i know, Sunny D, i leave my willingness to be honest and vulnerable around those that care about me, even if it doesn’t go as planned, my passionate care for others, but above all, my determination to love and positively change everyone around me. You are all forces to be reckoned with, thank you for forever changing my life and becoming my family <3

I, Taylor Lee, leave my little sister, Hannah Lee my beat up 2001 Acura named Theresa. I will miss being her chauffeur and I hope she does not crash my car.  I, Taylor Lee, leave my little brother, Kenneth Chau my amazing Minecraft bed wars skills. I will miss being his bed wars carry. I, Taylor Lee, leave to Kianna Thai my amazing mandarin skills. I advise her to not take Ap Mandarin because it is a real struggle.

I, Jacqueline Ma, leave my sister, Jessica Ma, my motivation, joy, and skills to make new friends, as well as the ability to survive through high school. I wish her the best of luck and to enjoy high school while it lasts.

I, Cathy Nguyen, leave to Key Club my ability to make a pun out of anything, especially with the word key. I hope you all continue to spread that Key Club spirit next year.

I, Stephen Lee, leave to Grace Patterson my confidence and charm. I leave her with this since she is such a bright person and I hope that next year when i’m gone she blossoms even more as a senior.

I, Vanessa Vizuette, leave to the soccer team, my ability on being quick. I hope they win CIF next year.

I, Patricia Ho, leave to Brenda Yu my very bad computer science knowledge and skills, ability to do backstroke, and energy to stay awake in class, because she’s the only underclassman I know. 😀 I hope she has a wonderful and fun senior year next year

I, Halina Kwan, bequeath my smash burger cooking skills to Erika, Sunny D, and the Js; pulling a whole main copy out of a two sentence interview abilities to Tuyet, Gianna, and Noelle; my one day memorization turnaround to Kailey and Jonathan; a jumbo OslAy donut to Sofia; my left kidney for a PS5 to Connor; $6 for a Peets matcha and my love and legacy for being a part of the best event to Angelina. lina^2 forever. Thanks for all the memories kiddos.

I, Josephine Chia bequeath my love and leadership for both OI and swim to Erika Luc & Joseph Peng, my 20/20 vision to Brenda Yu, my past notes and assignments to Andrew Lee & Mia Chan, my (sometimes) passion for speech lol to Sherry Shi, Emi Naito, Thao Le, Kaylyn Thai, Christopher Torres, Isaac Hau, Ryan Sieh, Addyson Diep, Alexis Do, Kara Mak, and Angelina Chung, my chaotic energy to Sarah Banh, Sophia Cao, and Landen Nguyen, my love for swimming butterfly to Gwendolyn Chu, Malia Munsayac, and Kaden Tan, my stellar motivational pep talks behind the blocks to Kianna Thai, my ability to give up in school and choose happiness to Connor Tran, Jeffery Wu, and Brandon Yee, my really… good… counting skills to Nathan Weng, my ability to drive my 2019 Silver Toyota Prius & road rage to Ethan Yun, my last few pieces of sanity to Kate Hamamoto because you’re already good at everything that you do (#nottoxic), and lastly my energy, voice cracks when I yell, and immense love for swimming to everyone on the Gabrielino Swim & Dive team. I love you all and am so grateful to have spent this chapter of my life with you <3. Good luck next year! I know you all are going to do amazing things.

I, Trisha Tanaka, leave to Bryanna Quach, Chris Torres, and Thao Le, my will to do POI along with my inability to come up with blocking. To Veena Sundaramoorthy, I leave to you my title of the most amazing and favorite role model (use this wisely). To Grace Tang and Kailey Trinh, I leave behind my lack of math skills and constant confusion in calc. To Chenlu Yang, Nicole Otoguro, and Henry Vo, I leave my love for orchestra (Nicole, I’m also leaving you the pencil I keep accidentally forgetting…) and my deep, intense hatred for music theory. You are all going to do amazing things (I just know it)! I hope the rest of your time in high school is as confusing and fun as it has been for me. 

I, Ellie Yun, leave to Ethan(iel) Yun(sby) my money moves, ability to stand up for myself, and cashew-free protein bars; to my day 1 BFF and bro Jeffrey Wu, my lunch table and a single slice of milk bread ~ thank you for saying hi to me 10 times per day; to the sweetest person in the world, Madee Duong, my little brother LOL; to my favorite fishie, Brenda Yu, my forever fear of owls, expert emoji usage, and Amnesty Club leadership; to my favorite Wong, Joey Wong, my questionable life advice, Roblox account, and remaining brain cells; to Jolin (Terry) Hoang, my humor and height; to Gilbert Minnick, my applied chemistry intellect, terrible paper airplanes, and daily fresh fits; and last but not least, my unmatched speedwalking, passion for chicken skewers, and endless laughter to freshman Kayson Q. Tang.

I, Emily Casciani, leave to Kara Mak my compassion, Spirit and benevolence . Kara you are one of the most kindest underclassman I met this year and when I had the opportunity to leave a message for someone I wanted it to be to you. Although I would love to say u remind me of myself when I was a freshman I could never get honor for that. I know you’re already very compassionate with lots of Spirit and Benevolence, I wanted to leave/give you more because Highschool ain’t easy and for the times you question your kindness for others or your vulnerability with your emotions think of me. You Kara mak are such a hard worker and I know you’ll do so great in the upcoming years.The only think I’ll really say that makes me sad is not being able to see you grow even more than u had so far for the next three years. Thank you for making Me feel so loved this year and I really hope next year will get easier for you my beautiful cheerleader and fellow asb spirit friend. I’ll miss you and all of asb.I  Love you so much!!!!

I, Bellefontaine Nhan, leave to the future seniors my crochet/knitting skills, my time-management skills, and a proper sleep schedule. Good luck to all future seniors!

I, Emme Tran, leave to the Tongva Times staff my incredibly unique ability to take professional photos of the tremendously voluptuous, gargantuan amount of debris on campus. I also leave each editor my mediocre (but passing) ability to write photo captions. I leave to Desiree Yang my subpar ability to charm every teacher you come across, even though you are already very charming in your own right. I leave to Erika Luc the manifestation of being able to deal with even the most trying obstacle, because you and I both know your salt well enough. I also leave you the ability to speak up during scary Zoom calls (Peer Advocates does that to you sometimes) and the ability to churn out letters each month even though you might not have the motivation. I leave to Henry He my zest (?) for calculus and to Matthew Quinones my ability to get stacked groups for finals projects; thanks for being cool. To my younger brother who will be a student on campus in two years, I leave you my perseverance and the ability to have good times despite any adversity you face.

I, Hanna Wong, leave to Addyson Diep, Sophia Pu, and Samantha Haas my ability to pull energy out of my butt.

I, Kayla Tran, leave my high school diploma to Achiro and my obsession with collecting cardboard photos of random people in south korea to Jordan Liu, and my PhD in architecture to Violet Wang. I leave my alleged “intimidation” to Ashley Lau, my deafening awkwardness to Kristina Lu, and my extremely fluent spanish speaking abilities to Christopher Torres. And I leave everything I know about everything ever to Kate Hamamoto and my incredibly showstopping speaking skills to Karina Vargas. Lastly, I leave ALL the very obscure life lesson I’ve learned throughout high school to all of you.

I, Kai Rongavilla Cruz, leave to all my Freshies, Sophomores and Junior friends my abilities to give comforting hugs, show empathy towards others, and always be able to laugh and smile through the hard times. I hope that my lessons and time spent together will always stick with you all in case there’s a chance you need it. I leave these to you all to not only improve your lives but the ones around you as well. I love you guys so much and I’ll miss you all. Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

I, Elizabeth Chou, leave my love for Expos to Jordan Liu, Violet Wang, Kate Hamamoto, and the rest of the expos kiddos. I leave my “yolo mentality” to my yearbook family, my questionable AP Lit and calculus skills to Jayme Banh and Jingwen Chen, my ability to pull spreads out of thin air to Kay Lee, Tuyet Thai, and Ashley Uenishi, and my remaining brain cells to Kara Mak. Lastly, I leave my entire identity to Ashley Lau (even though you’ve kind of already taken that). Good luck next year, though I know you’re all going to kill it.

I, Bryan Randellius Chow, leave to Hein Thant my crazy motivation to run 70 mile weeks and the title of xc and track league champ, to Ryan Sam my aerobic capacity and bulging quadriceps, to Justin Wong and Sean Morita my goofy ahh heelstrike and need for speed, and to all of XC and distance the inspirational anime scenes that get me across the finish line with an emptied tank. No matter how excruciating it gets or seems, remember that all of you are strong—never EVER doubt that.

I, Vanessa Wang, leave to Neil Lu my phenomenal wordle skills and ability to draw toothbrushes with pastels; my peer helping counselees my ability to persevere when life starts to get overwhelming; and to Arthur Wang my good grades in Mandarin. I hope all of them enjoy next year and remember that I’m rooting for them!

I Jeffrey Tai, leave to the majority of underclassmen my common decency. Seeing some of the underclass act the way they do gives me migraines.

I, Celina Yu, leave my sister, Emily, my mathematical abilities, my love for reading, and my superior taste in music. I hope she makes the most out of high school!

I, Alex Chung, leave my “A caveman once said” joke and my insanely random characters to Anson Law, my compassion, drive, and creativity to Zoe Nimpoeno and Hope Chang, my growth and willingness to step out of my comfort zone to Jacob Park, my ability to be asleep in class and still understand stuff to Erika Luc, my freshman year first semester sleeping schedule and my academic brain power to Jaslin Situ, the legacy of the initials “AC” to Angelina Chung, and my ability for productive cramming to the next generation of ap chem students bc that stuffs lowkey impossible. But above all, I leave my ability to have fun, because THIS is what ultimately makes high school memorable.

I, Otto Saiki leave to Ryan Sam, Justin Wong, Sean Morita, and Stevicus Tao my awesomeness, runnerness and math homework drawing skills. I wish you all the best of luck with your studeez and athletics.

I, Evan Ho, leave to Amy Manzano my locker in the band room, I hope you get some naps in! I, Evan Ho, leave to the entire clarinet section and Eileen Ho my stock of balloons so that they can play with great tone and kill it in next marching season!

I, Howard Lee, leave to Ryan Wun, David Chau, and Miles Martel the integral strength of my two whole dang legs; however, excluding the following: my upper right ankle tibia shinbone. I hope for them a successful, invigorating, and super duper wuper cool Cross Country and Track Distance season for the following years to come. To the entire distance team, I also leave the coyote pact, the agreement to continue the friendly and formal greeting that must be passed on to the newcomers.

I, Ashley Ou, leave to Aden Ou, my charming good looks and ability to procrastinate until the very last minute. I know you’ll be extremely extremely sad once I leave so hopefully every time you wait until the deadline to do an assignment, you’ll think of me !

I, Lauren Chiou, leave to Hannah Patterson and Ashley Uenishi the ability to choreograph to counts. To the GHS cheer team, I leave my school spirit and Taylor Swift knowledge. To Sasha Senglemann, I leave my (mediocre) sight reading skills and smooth slow dancing moves. To Joseph Peng and Violet Wang, I leave my ability to write an essay in one night and phenomenal math grades. I leave my love for graham crackers to the 22-23 home ec officer team (especially Erika Luc). To Zoe Nimpoeno and Hope Chang, I leave my dedication and creativity. And to Madison Lau, I leave my work ethic and the ability to wake up on time for zero period. You need it 🙂

I, Chien-Hao Chen, leave to Leo Cerros my 6 ft height, to Jayden Contreras my deaf hearing, to Hensen Hy my exceptional cramming before tests, to Nick Lee my hype during races, to Hayden To my memory of what set we’re swimming, to Erika Luc my chillness, and to Wei-Ling Chen my long sleep schedule. I expect all of you to be in varsity next year.

I, Elliott Gray, leave to Landon Gray my infinite amount of coolness. Even though you never explicitly expressed your desire for my gift, I always knew you wished for it in secret. I, Elliott Gray, leave to Laura Cheang my driving abilities and memory. May you drive as safely as I do, recall directions and remember the faces of everyone you meet. <3

I, Jamilla Li, leave Reyan Nguy, Kayli Ngeam, Katherine Chen, Katie Dang, Brianna Huynh, Landen Nguyen, Winnie Yang, Amanda Wang, Madison Lau, Kara Mak, Alyn De Real, Trinh Huynh, Jesus Gonzalez, and Ashley Lau my amazing ASB handwriting for next years posters. I’ll leave Kyle Chung, Mia Lim, Mike Otoguro, Trent Shimazaki, Sarah Banh, Nathan Kan, Kate Hamamoto, Jordan Hum, Paris Ngeam, Kenneth Ko, Jocelyn Sanchez, and Daniel Trinh my amazing basketball skills for CIF CHAMPS next year. I’ll be leaving my coding skills to Vulena Xiong to get a 5 on the AP exam. I’ll also leave to Jessica Succonga and Kailyn Loi my driving skills to survive senior year!

I, Ivan Curiel, leave my distance team, my love of running alongside my teammates, I know their talents are sure to take them many places to come. To my speech humors, I leave the last bit of funny in my body, and to my duos, my passion for competing alongside a true homie. I know you will all do great things 🙂

“I, Elizabeth Wakamatsu, leave to Winnie Yang, Cassidy Yu, and Kyle Ly my ability to hit C#s in tune (though you probably do it better than I); to Kevin Tanaka, my conducting skills; to Jessica Sucongga, my ability to scout-stalk people on Instagram; to Gigi Gonzalez, my ability to pass with my face; to Tiffany Wu and Bene Kanotz, my ability to use pre-wrap and tape for your wrists; to Morwenna Trinh and Sherry Shi, my love for cats; to the future Gabrielino Esports Club, my (rejected) Among Us themed slideshow templates; to Joey Huang, my ability to pull on stream; to Megan Chan, the mental strength to be a setter; and to my sister Alexandra Wakamatsu, my mega-hops and love for biology.”

I,Vincent DeMarco, leave to Gab Baseball my ability to pitch submarine because the team needs a new P.O. for CIF next year, to Sebastian and Julissa I leave my love for duo in hopes that they cherish the amazing moments they have as duo partners, and to my brother, Nick, I leave my love for everything science in hopes that he finds what he’s passionate about.

I, Michelle Li, bequeath my positivity to Angie and Sophia, my organization to Jordan, my ability to prep without making a mess to Erika, a singular bee to Sofia, my confidence to Ally, my leadership to Ava and Emi, my passion and resilience to Kara Mak, and my ability to infinitely inspire to the OOers. I love you guys <3

I, Sofia Chavez, leave to my third period speech kiddos (Ivy, Thao, Rheanna, and Violet), my passion and love for performing, to help them become the best performers they can be. To Kailey Trinh, my leadership and selflessness, so she can lead Humor to succeed. To Lily, Melody, Chloe, and Lauren, my resilience, discipline, and laughter, so that they can work hard to become better runners while smiling through all the pain that running can bring. To Rachel Young, I leave her my confidence and compassion, so that even when life gets her down, she can always bounce back with confidence, and unconditionally love herself and others. To the girls soccer team, I leave my drive to improve, so that they can reach their full potential and carry on the team’s legacy. To Maddy and Xuxi, my empathy, so that they can better understand and care for others from their perspective.. And last but not least to Nathan Kan all my swag, because he is truly going to need it.

I, Helen Benitez, leave to my Cross Country family, my ability to pull through with a commitment. At times, it just feels easier to quit but stay dedicated to this team and family! The other senior girls and I had the privilege of starting a legacy in XC, now it’s your turn to keep it going. I hope the team qualifies to CIF Finals again soon! I leave to my short twin, Rachel Young, my resilience in overcoming self-doubts. We understand each other on a different level and she will always have me as a source of support because of it. With this resilience I hand over to her, I know that she will thrive next year and will accomplish anything she sets her mind to. I leave to my favorite zero period buddy, Kara Mak, some of my self discipline to help her stay on top of her stuff and not give into procrastination! Kara, I know you have it in you to do many great things — you just need to push yourself to do it! I leave to speech kiddos, Angelina, Jonathan, and Kailey, my research and writing abilities to help them succeed in OA. They have impressed me with the immense growth they have undergone as speakers since the beginning of the year. And I hope that with these skills I am passing on, it will help them feel more confident in themselves and their abilities. 

I, Jenny Le, leave Robyn Jada Kho, my manifestation skills when it comes to getting tickets for upcoming events. I will be entering the music/entertainment scene, so they will need all the luck they can get!! I leave my throwing team, my amazing stats skills. I just know someone will mess it up next year, so y’all better be able to fix it for me when I’m gone!! 

I, Audrey Phung leave my good grades to Tiffany Wu to ensure participation in sports in upcoming years, the lightning mcqueen bed to Kay Lee, squishmallows to Jessica Sucongga, and my absolutely insane cracked out of this world violin skills to Kevin Tanaka and Kyle Ly. 

I, Connie Yuan bequeath my patience to deal with teenage boys in sports to Jessica Sucongga, my squishmallow addiction to Kay Lee, the pillars of feminism and the sleigh salvations to Connor Tran and Isaac Hua, all the oreo brulee’s with extra oreos n creme brulee to Faye Richardson, my extreme speech perseverance to Rheanna Beltran and Ally Kim, all my second period snacks to Ayame Feliciano, my amazing grades to Tiffany Wu (because she desperately needs them), my daily fit checks to Kaylyn Thai and morning greetings to Emi Naito, and my extreme Gabrielino Eagle pride to Pailin Tan. Thanks for making my senior year just a little more bearable, I wish you all the best next year <3

I, Johnny Taing, leave to Nathan Troung my passion and commitment for Volleyball. I just know you’ll do great with the amazing skills you have inside yourself. You’ll become a legend for sure! I leave Jessica Sucongga my laughable jokes and insane sense of humor. To one of the most brightest people ever, you are the sun that shines on others’ rainy day. You have a gift that’s one of a kind, don’t ever change yourself! I leave Kailyn Loi my studious and efficient academic mindset all to you! The super-smart person that you are, and the kind soul that you have, I hope your years left treat you right. Finally, I leave Nathan Khan my craziness and hyper energy to support the spirit of Gabrielino High and others. The way you boost our spirits and the vibe you give off, we can always count on you to give us a smile. Good bye guys ! Until we meet again.

I, Edmond Yang, leave the volleyball program to Nathan Truong, James Yang, Nathan Huang, and Kenneth Pan, you guys can carry the program next year. My biology institution to Kailyn Loi hopefully you don’t become a doctor. And my ability to pull to Jessica Sucongga so that you don’t get friend zoned. 

I, William Pham, leave my Chamber choir friends, my passion for singing and for all the bonds we made to live on the next couple of years. 

I, Megan Gong, leave to my brother, Adam Gong, my passion to power through the tough times, and the ability to think/react fast in any given moment. I leave Erika Luc my willingness to constantly help people, dedication to speech, and confidence to tell anyone off. I leave Sherry Shi my fashion sense, and her and Joseph Peng my leadership skills and my ability to find the fun/joy in any situation. I leave Addyson Diep and Kaylyn Thai the Oompa Loompa dance and my weird, sarcastic humor. I leave John Lam, Ryan Sieh, and Ashley Lau my passion towards speech and constant quirky behavior in the most awkward situations. I leave Alexis Do my confidence and eagerness to keep trying after many failures. Finally, I leave Sydni Yang and Vanessa Wu my positive attitude in leading the PVC. 

I, Yenyi Chen, leave my electrical tape to colorguard, and to Ryan Phung, the passwords to my alt accounts. To Kory Yuen, I bequeath my ability to do a cartwheel and to Stephanie Lim, my crunchyroll account. To the rest of the pole vault team, I leave my luck and good standing with the wind. To Kenneth Ko, I leave to you my aim and rank, and to Nathan Huang, my ability to talk to girls. To Jingwen Chen, I leave my chiropractic skills and my google drive, as well as my unconditional love for you and the rest of our physics group. I wish you all the best in your high school careers, so please make me proud!

I, Timothy Lee, leave to Nathan Huang my court awareness, mental fortitude, and agility; I know you’ll be a superstar next year. To Jingwen Chen, I leave my ability to get a good grade in English and the willingness to put away the iPads. To Kenneth Ko, I leave the strength of my ankle for you to not get injured and the swagger to talk to girls. To Nathan Truong, I leave my cheering abilities from the bench because I definitely know that you don’t need any of my volleyball skills. To Seth Asaoka and Aidan Wong, I leave my determination and enthusiasm to learn to improve and stay optimistic through times of adversity. I know that the program is in good hands! I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors and thank you for making this year so special and memorable. I love you all and I’m going to miss you guys!

I, Joyleen Luong, leave to my brother, Jayden Ho Luong, my quick learning skills. Math and AP classes can be difficult if he isn’t able to grasp certain concepts right away! Wishing him the best for the remainder of high school!

I, Melanie Hsiang, leave to Bryanna Quach my unwavering resilience, to AJ Tran my ability to ascend, to Tyler Bernardo my 18’8 long jump, to Cory Tran my gremlin laugh, to Josh Soohoo my KT Tape, to Lex Lee my impeccable bowling form, to Chris Torres my tech cleanliness, to Veena Sundaramoorthy my arsenal of characters + accents, to Wayne Ngo my dancing prowess, to Ivy Wang my mommy dommy dominance, to Mr. Facher my fire (never change), to Matt Aparicio, Kevin Tanaka, and all of Fly Guys my affinity for jumps, and to Allyson Lay, Lauren Liau, and all of POI my love of performance. We are all so temporary in each other’s lives–I’m so honored to have been a part of yours. Best of luck.

I, Shawn Loc, leave to Nathan Truong, Jessica Sucongga, Nathan Kan, and Kailyn Loi my perfect attendance record, and 60 inch vertical. Love ya’ll I’m out though good luck <3

I, Kelly Hoang, leave to my best real cousin Joey Hoey Huang, a second piercing; to Jayme Banh, my pigeon racing capabilities and one taste bud; to Christopher Torres not the hair on my head (you already yanked that); to Kristy Sun, Psychology Club; to Violet Wang, Anson Law, Sophia Pu, Isaac Chan, and Aaron Situ my (real) devout passion, dedication and drive towards Debate and other things…; to Phoebe Chan, everything your brother didn’t leave you; to Sherry Shi, Morwenna Trinh, and Mia Chan my ability to evade RED flag males; to Madison Lau, my ability to get over my freshman flop moment; and finally to Jolin Hoang, not my room but the dust bunnies in the corner of it… get cleaning.  

I, Geraldine Ly, bestow to the Gabrielino Cheer team, my enthusiasm and beautiful yelling voice that cracks up and goes low pitch at football games. Without you guys, school and sports events would be sad, so keep it alive!! I pass down my tumbling skills and ability to endure conditioning to my Payke cheerleaders, Hannah Patterson, Carina Aparicio, Lylah Teraoka, and Ashley Uenishi. I’ll miss you guys a lot. To the Wrestling Team, I bestow my superior music taste and bridge escapes. I pass on my passion, positivity, and my social media management skills to Karina Vargas and Isaac Valencia. Thank you guys for always putting a smile on my face even through 98 degree conditioning. To the Speech and Debate team, I pass down my creativity, randomness, ability to endure Derek’s lectures, and my amazing diaphragm. I bequeath my obsession with cute things and moon prism powers to Thao Le, and bequeath to Nick Lee my fashion sense and fast and furious driving skills, I hope you can find a ride to Nat Quals next year. To my Duo children; Kate Hamamoto, Chris Torres, Ava Doron, Allyson Lay, Ivy Wang, Julissa Peña, Sebastian Jimenez, Nicole Diep, Jayden Contreras, Jojo Scannell, Stanley Ho, and Kyle Tang. You are all so bright and friendly and are the most cooperative people in the speech team, so I leave down my ability to communicate and compromise with one another. I hope you guys continue with Duo and communicate with your partners, keep making me proud!!

I, Karyme Peña, leave to Morwenna Trinh my ability to be vulnerable with the ones I love, you deserve to be heard and cared for. I leave to Karina Vargas my time management and self care, you can do anything you want but take care of yourself. I leave to Justin Wong and Jesse Mandella my attention span, though not much longer than yours, I hope it helps you get more things done. I leave to Eva Gonzalez my whole heart and strength to carry on, I will be supporting you from a distance and know you can get through anything. I leave to Christopher Torres and Sebastian Jimenez my love for duo and the strength to handle Julissa’s torture, take care of duo for me, I know you guys will do great and I’m taking your impeccable Spanish with me sorry. I leave to Naoto Hayashi my ability to leave league alone, if I can quit, you can too. Lastly, I leave my sister, Julissa Peña, with my ability to clutch the last minute A’s and I pass down the strength to endure that Gabriel gave me my freshmen year, you will get through this, I am always a phone call away.

I, Megan Chan, leave to Emi Naito all the POW POW POW energy I have left and the strength to take on whatever life throws at you. To Sherry Shi, I give my strong willpower to always find a way to get things done. To Joseph Peng and Erika Luc I give, my indomitable spirit and courage to lead. To Kaylyn Thai, Addyson Diep, Thao Le, and Alexis Do, I give my warmest hugs and the ability to laugh at my own jokes. To my OI family, I give all my love and passion for the event. To Brenda Yu, I leave my drive and bad tan lines. To Mia Chan, I give my hopes, dreams, and the ability to love to the ends of the earth. You all will be more than okay and I can’t wait to see what the universe has in store for you. 

I, Alex Manbo Lai, leave my love for speech to Stanley Ho, Kyle Tang, Jayden Contreras, Gwendolyn Chu, Kate Hamamoto, Christopher “Ernesto” Torres, Kailey Trinh, Anson Law, Garrison Chan, Ava Doron, Allyson Lay, Julissa Pena, Sebastian Jimenez, Nicole Diep, Jojo Scannell, Thao Le, Ivy Wang. I leave my freshman swim vibe to Ethan Yun, Brandon Yee, Jeffery Wu, Carter Nguyen, Nathan Li, Connor Tran, Andrew Lee, Nathan Weng, Kaden Tan, Delton Louie, Erica Luc, Mia Chan, Leo Cerros. I leave my spite of long classes to Harald Ethan Dango, Kevin Truong (thanks for saving my grade several times). I leave my leadership of the weightlifting team to Matthew Tang, Trevsu Marvel, Rocky Liu, Joshua Phang. I leave my love of photography to Nicholas Demarco, Hayden To, and Noelle Chan. I leave my passion for everything already listed to Nick Lee, you’re the spear goblin to my goblin hut.

I, Joseph Lee, leave to Lindsay Wong, my innate ability to dress cool as heck because Pinterest is always in need of outfit inspo and aesthetic photos.

I, Thien Le, leave to Kory Yuen my signature ability to repel girls, powerful voice to sing Bruno Mars, and one of a kind pole vault run. To Stephanie “Stinko” Lin, I leave my signature ability to attract men and a portable charger. To Nicole Diep, Xummer Luu, and Alexis Do, my pole vault bbs, I leave you my fiery passion for pole vault and an infinite determination to always reach for the top, no matter what. To my humor kiddos, Zoe Nimpoenoe and Kailey Trinh, I leave you the mastery of comedic…timing and the inextinguishable blazing spirit of showmanship. To Nathan Khan, I leave you the raging hunger of a party animal. And to my sister and best friend at home, Thao Le, I leave you the roar of 10,000 lions, the ability to stay OUT of trouble (but rebel every now and then), and above all else, my passion and joy for living this one life we have.  

I, Tobey Agapito, leave my gym bro, Josh Phang, my legendary singing skills and kind attitude. May you become the best bass in Chamber and meet people that’ll make high school a blast! 🙂 I leave to my homie, Sherelene Guo, my friendliness and compassion. May you use it to make many new lasting relationships and surround yourself with loving people that make you happy!! I leave my favorite alto, Elizabeth Sjafri, my cheerfulness and relenting positive attitude. May you use it to radiate joy in everyone you meet and give you the strength to endure your hardships with a great big smile 😀

I, Keiko Yasui, leave to Keizo Yasui my math notes from all my previous math classes. I hope that these notes will help you pass math and get you through junior and senior year of high school.

I, Kyra Yoshitani, leave to Cade Yoshitani and Sethy Asaoka my big fat brain to get them into college, my daily dabbing to Mia Lim and Peri Ngeam, my very good driving ability to Miss Kate Hamamoto, my epic post skills to Jocelyn Sanchez and Sarah bOn, and my swag and probably senioritis (sorry hehe) to Kaylani Seto, Trent Shimazaki, and Nathan Kan. I love you my children.

I, Hana Thai, leave my sarcasm to Kay Lee, my amazing calc skills to Jess Suconga, my comedic timing to Emi Naito, the OO pen to Ava Doron, my very limited knowledge about the NBA to Connor, and my ability to project to Isaac Hau. 

I, Leyna Truong, leave my strong work ethic, perseverance, and unconditional support to my little brother, Nathan Truong, and my patience, hustle on the court, and love for volleyball to Jessica Sucongga and Tiffany Wu. To ASB, I wish you all the best of luck next school year and please remember take care of yourself and your mental health, especially when things get busy and tough! 

I, Brian Widanta, leave to Ethan Phung my absolutely impeccable conversation extenders but only when it is past 1 am to 5 am. Hopefully you can impact someone else’s sleep schedule and prevent them from showering B^).

I, Jolie Ngo leave to Nathan Kan and Ashley Uenishi, my top-tier parking skills. Ileave to Landen Nguyen, Kaden Tan, Connor Tran, Brandon Yee, and Ethan Yun, my passion for sixth-period conditioning. I leave to Sophia Cao, Gwendolyn Chu, and Kianna Thai, my love for squishmallows and target driving buddies. I leave Brenda Yu, my awesome snapchat username creativity and 20/20 vision. I leave to Andrew Lee my exquisite taste in a variety of music genres. I  leave to Sarah Banh my superb driving expertise. I leave to Jeffrey Wu, my extra tissue boxes for allergy season. I leave  to Nathan Weng, my talent for closing canopies and counting money.  I leave to Mia Seto and Wayne Ngo, my perfect attendance record in art. I  leave to the Gabrielino Swim Team, my love, sweat, and tears for swimming and hope we will someday be League Champs again. 

I, Nathan Luong, leave to Branden Luong my ability to free think and speak. I think they’ll need it.

I, Rachel Yu, leave to my girl’s golf team, the ability to stay positive, play your personal best, and most importantly, have fun. Pars, Birdies, EAGLES! 

I, Isabela Guerrero leave my communication skills to Ash and Nate. To Big Man Connor, keep the family legacy alive. And most importantly my sanity during soccer season to miss Xuxi and Maddy because God knows they need it. 

I, Haley Mo’okini, leave my captain position to Madison DeVriendt and my tiktok dance moves to Xuxi. I wish you both all the best next season. I also leave my amazing reverse parking skills to Nate because I am such a pro. 

I, Priscilla Chin, leave to Kate Hamamoto and Jordan Liu my knowledge and wisdom that comes with leading by example, to Ashley Lau my 1-hour pep talks the night before tournaments, to Violet Wang the confidence I finally found in myself this year, to Karina Vargas, Samantha Haas, and Isaac Chan my simple yet intricate boards, to Kara Mak and Madison Lau my ability to memorize a script in 2 hours, to Connor Tran and Isaac Hau the hours of enunciation and diaphragm drills I’ve done the past 4 years, to my interp kids Thao Le, Chris Torres, Kaylyn Thai, and Ivy Wang my never-ending laughter, to beginning speech my patience to get through 1st period, to the oo fam the will to rewrite your script after every tournament, to my expos babies the love I have for teaching people cool topics, and to the Gabrielino Screamin’ Eagles the drive to never give up, the passion to deliver every speech with purpose, and the heart to always take care of each other. 

I, Michael Tang, leave Ethan Yun and Kianna Thai, my competitive drive, and love for the sport of swimming. With hard work, I know you two will make it far, CIF finals, and beyond. You two are the future of Gabrielino Swim, you guys have so much potential and I hope you will uphold the tradition of excellence within the team. It may be hard, and it will not always be fun. But I guarantee it, when you finally make it, to CIF finals, sectionals, futures it is a feeling like no other. There is no better feeling than knowing you made it and it was due to your hard work. Work towards it and cherish it. To Joseph Peng and Brenda Yu, I leave my dedication to the team and the people within it. With a large group of seniors departing, the team may feel empty and people may be inclined to leave, but in the spirit of the family that swim has become for myself and hopefully you as well, I wish that you continue to keep everyone together and make your senior season just as memorable as mine was to me. Leave no teammate behind. From experience, I can say no amount of work is ever too much to keep someone on the team. Keeping that one person will always be worth it. To Jeffery Wu, Nathan Weng, Connor Tran, Brandon Yee, Sophia Cao, and Gwendolyn Chu, I leave my lighthearted demeanor which all of you already have so much of. You kids are the heart of the team. No matter who is captain next year or who your teammates are, keep the spirit alive. Whether through weird jokes or rather interesting comments, I hope you guys don’t abandon your liveliness that made this season so memorable. Finally to Andrew Lee, I leave my eagerness to go out and have fun. I know in previous years you haven’t been able to go out much, but whether it was the ice cream places we went to or the many times we ate after meets, I hope you find a way to continue that even after we leave. Find the group that feels like family and enjoy every minute of their company. Whether within your own grade or not, find someone you can connect with, and expose them to the many experience you have experienced this past season just as I did with you. All of you guys made this past season one of the most memorable few months of my life and for that, I am forever grateful. Never change who you guys are. I genuinely will miss you guys.

I, Nam Nguyen, leave to James Yang, Nathan Truong, Mike Otoguro, Kenneth Pan, my tallness. I’m leaving this to you guys because y’all need it. 😀

I, Darren Banh, leave to my little sister, Sarah, my athletic ability to compete at the highest level. I hope she continues to improve and enjoys playing sports. I leave to my cousin, Jayme, my amazing driving skills. She’s going to need it when she goes off to college soon. I leave to Jordan Hum, Trent Shimazaki, Nathan Kan, and Mike Otoguro, my leadership skills and loud voice because they’re going to lead the basketball team to another league championship and make a run in CIF. I leave to the varsity basketball team, my ability to have fun and compete with each other. You guys will need it to work together and have good chemistry. I leave to Ethan Yun, my endurance and speed for the next 2 years. I hope he improves every day and makes CIF finals every year. I leave to Sophia Cao, my height. I hope you’ll grow eventually.I leave to Andrew Lee, my joy for swimming. I hope you enjoy swimming one last year before it’s all behind you.I leave to Nathan Weng, my distance abilities. I hope that you make CIF for the 200 and 500 freestyle and break the school record by the time you graduate. I leave to the swim team, my ability to work hard. I hope they use their practice time wisely to prepare for each meet.

I, Paige Dance, leave my singing abilities to Nate and my patience to Ash. I leave my math skills to Trinh and Andrew Lee, my sensitivity to Sarah, and my swim attendance skills to Mia Chan and Grace Patterson.

I, Andrew Au, leave my basketball skills to Nathan Kan, Trent Shimazaki, and Jordan Hum because they’re going to need them to win the first round of CIF next year.

I, Amanda Tom, leave my amazing sock game and ability to miss layups to Sarah Banh, my super speedy running ability to Paris Ngeam, my amazing driving skills (which comes with road rage) to Mia Lim,  my blurry vision to Grace Ma, my massive calves and 60 inch vertical to #1 in the state Kate Hamamoto, my Steph Curry 3 point shooting skills to the sharpshooter Jocelyn Sanchez and finally, my 10/10 math skills to Jessica Sucongga and Kailyn Loi,  Good luck next year! I am so thankful that all of you were part of my high school experience and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for all of you. I love you all so much and hope that the rest of high school treats you well. Remember, I’m only a call/text away! Go be great 🙂

I, Justin Nghe give my likes of not being at home and always going out Lex Lee, my ability to stay up past 10pm to Ivy Wang, my energy and love for talking to Juliana Chieng, Kyle Huynh and Isiah Caballero, my high pain tolerance and rolling techniques to Joshua Soohoo, my mentality to never quit to Kay Lee, my ability to skip school and live life and not care to Bryanna Quach, my resilient mentality to Matthew Aparicio, my leadership and competitive spirit for track, and my amazing driving to Wayne Ngo, Kevin Tanaka, and Cory Tran, my self control, sanity, and ability to give motivational pep talks AJ Tran and Tyler Bernardo, and my ability to drive confidently, therapy skill, and my ability to choose happiness to Grace Ma. I love all you guys and I am thankful to have you guys be a part of my life. Good luck next year! All you guys are amazing people and I know that you will all have a successful future. 

I, Syon Huang, leave to Kevin Tanaka my talent for pulling muscles. Even though you will not be apart of the Gabrielino Eagles Soccer team, I hope you will pull many more muscles throughout your track career. 

I, Jaylynn Isabelle Lopez, bequeath my clarinet-playing abilities ;), my heart and “hatred for band” to my extraordinary clarinet family, my passion for spreading knowledge to Amy Manzano (keep teaching music!), my academic ambition to Gabrielle Navarro (Honors and AP’s!), my fearlessness to lead others to Eden Gomez (confidence!), and my love of photographing every moment (especially the weird and goofy ones!) to Yilin Lyu. To the GEMR and Color Guard Classes of 2023, 2024, and 2025, I bestow my best wishes and goal-setting mentality to extend the successful season streak, as well as my positivity, optimism, and perseverance (physical and mental!) as you maintain the privilege to march! Most importantly, I leave to you, Ms. Romero, a supplement of the mother-like skills, mindset, and strength (and all the best Dodger vibes!) I gained from you in these past four memorable and life-changing years! I manifest my gratitude to Mr. McClure for strengthening the mental growth AP Physics has provided me, to Mrs. Almaraz for stimulating and supporting my newly found passion in political science, to Mr. Lawrence for the business skills I have acquired, to Ms. Thorp for promoting wellness and mental health, to Mr. Facher for building my confidence as a writer, to Mrs. Chang, Mr. Salcedo and Mrs. Mendez for their continuous post-high school encouragement, to Mr. Peters for his enthusiastic teaching style and persona, to Ms. Lucio for 2 years of her vibrant AP Spanish lessons, to Coach Sanin and Coach Gonzalez for their school spirit and athletic motivation, and to Dr. Rynkiewicz for his determination to better student success! Conclusively, I impart my best wishes to the entire GHS family for a smooth transition into the next school year! 

I, Theresa Huynh, leave to Trinh Huynh, my everything, for she is the sister I wish I had but never got. I leave to Michelle Trinh, my immense squirtle spirit for the best division in CNH and the 4 core values of LICC, as I have all my trust in her to continue the lega-sea in whichever way it may be. I leave to Kara Mak my ability to dab on them haters and be the brightest light whenever she goes, as I firmly believe anyone who has the privilege of crossing paths with her is extremely lucky. I leave to VSA my broken Vietnamese but also eternal pride and love for our culture. I bequeath to ASB every ounce of sanity left in me, my work ethic, and everlasting drive, enthusiasm, & leadership- the sky’s the limit. Last but not least, to all Gabrielino Eagles, caw caw!

I, Tam Le, leave to Cory Tran, Wayne Ngo, and Kevin Tanaka, my love for jumping, running form, and leadership role for the future of the jumps team. I wish for you three to make CIF in your final year in track and I know that it is possible with all the hard work that you put into the sport. To AJ Tran, Tyler Bernardo, and Lex Lee, I leave you my passive aggressive jokes and dry humor. You three made my senior year the best one yet because of the continuous laughter that you brough to the team, and there is no better feeling of leaving you all the duty to keeping the jumps team alive. To Ivy Wang, Juliana Chieng, and Bryanna Quach, I leave you with my love for high jump and persistence to get a good jump even after all of the shin splints and bruises. To my Flyguys, I leave you all the ambition and success of my jumps legacy and I thank you for making the experience something I will never forget. To Kay Lee and Tiffany Wu, I leave you my perfect attendance and willingness/drive to finish school strong. To Laura Cheang and Michelle Hua, I leave you my dying motivation to keep PAW Club going and I hope to see the club flourish from the ruins that it is in now. To all of you, I leave my eternal thanks for making my senior year worthwhile. 

I, Katie Do, leave to Bryanna Quach and Jojo Scannell my perseverance and love for DI; I hope they continue to thrive in their future years in speech. I leave to my fourth period speech loves my passion for performance. To Allyson Lay, Thao Le, Sherry Shi, Silvia Truong, Veena Sundaramoorthy, and Christopher Torres, my ability to last throughout practice and to find the little bits of life that make you smile. To Erika Luc my godly math skills. Lastly to my wrestling girls, Karina Vargas and Samantha Chung, I leave you my endurance and drive to explore and discover your true passions in life.

I, Sydney SooHoo, bequeath Natalie Chea, Eileen Ho, Evanna Wong, and Matthew Wong with my ability to play the flute decently loud on and off field as well as what’s remaining of my dying charisma; Gaby Navarro my locker and the fate of this bloodline; and Joshua SooHoo at least some confidence I know we both need. I wish you the best of luck for the upcoming years.

I, Lam Chung, bequeath my high standards and pillars of feminism to thee feminist, Connor Tran, my obsession with CAVA and rage for change to Steeko, my 30 feet hops to Kory Yuen, my love and passion for the art of pole vault to the pole vault team, my astrological knowledge and eccentricity to Thao Le, and my legacy, will to persevere, and defiant nature to Katherine Chen.

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