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Keep spirit alive with real trees

    By Leslie Lim
    Staff Writer

    The centerpiece of holiday decorations is typically a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments, tinsel, and lights. Although traditionally a freshly cut pine tree, in recent years, people have turned to plastic trees out of convenience. However, during the holiday season, families should opt to buy a real tree instead of a manufactured plastic one, as it benefits the environment, preserves the health and wellbeing of families, and stimulates the agricultural economy.

    Although some may say that a plastic or artificial tree is a more viable and intelligent option for the environment because of it’s longevity and reusability, it’s clear to see that this it is not the case.
    According to the National Christmas Tree Organization, grown Christmas trees benefit the environment as they absorb carbon dioxide, stabilize soils, collect water supplies, and create spaces for wildlife. These trees are also biodegradable. Therefore, unlike plastics, they are renewable sources and won’t cause further buildup in landfills or add to the pollution.
    Furthermore, the materials that most artificial Christmas trees are made of can be damaging to one’s health and might even lead to cancer and other life threatening illnesses.
    “Artificial trees are made from PVC plastic,” reported ABC News. “Researchers believe that millions of artificial trees, especially older ones could be harboring lead, which could easily spread throughout the home.”
    Lead is a known substance that, if one were to be exposed to it, can build up in the body and lead to lead poisoning. The Mayo Clinic reports that lead poisoning can become fatal. In addition, PVC is also harmful.
    According to the National Office for Prevention of Developmental Diseases, “PVC is a major source of phthalates. Phthalates harm children’s health and development by interfering with natural hormone functioning and have been linked to birth defects.”
    Buying a real tree will also help stimulate the agricultural economy and ensure that money is spent on American goods. The same cannot be said about plastic trees, as many are manufactured and sold from foreign countries such as China.
    “On average, 25-30 million real trees are sold each year, reported researchers at Money Crashers. “This helps employ over 100,000 workers right here at home in all 50 states where Christmas trees are grown.”
    Plastic trees may be more convenient and readily available, however, they do not bring the fresh, pine scent nor the knowledge that one is helping their environment and national economy.
    This year, buy a real Christmas tree to bring safe and eco-friendly joy to the Christmas season.

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    Keep spirit alive with real trees