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How to stay in shape

    Experimenting with drugs or alcohol in adolescence can have detrimental effects to one’s mental and physical health. Consuming alcohol or partaking in drugs use can lead to substance abuse in the future. Alcohol consumption can lead to liver issues and heart conditions, and according to Better Health, drugs can cause heart conditions and a lack of control over one’s actions.

    According to Branford Hall Career Institute, staying hydrated balances blood sugar which alleviates headaches and promotes healthy skin. Water improves cardiovascular health and keeps muscles and joints working. In addition, drinking plenty of water helps one’s body digest food easily. Nutritionists from Healthline Medical Group recommend drinking about two liters of water each day.

    While some prefer driving, many prefer to walk or bike. According to a study conducted by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, those who walk daily show a significant improvement in memory as well as an ability to concentrate and multitask. Therefore, one should consider biking or walking instead of sitting in traffic when driving.

    Eating smaller, portion-sized meals throughout the day will decrease the amount of cravings one will experience. Those who eat at least six times per day choose healthier foods and have a lower body mass index. Frequent small meals will also ensure the body is getting enough energy, as only having three meals a day can lead to a rapid fluctuation in blood sugar.

    “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” According to the Good Body, sleeping early provides numerous benefits including improved memory, weight control, a reduction in anxiety and depression, and increased productivity. More sleep will also help students retain information and perform better in school.

    6. EAT MORE PROTEINProtein, the building block of muscles, should be eaten daily in adequate amounts to maintain muscle mass and promote growth while exercising. Carbs which are low in fiber and quickly digestible, can cause swings in blood sugar levels if consumed in more than the recommended portions. In addition, high protein diets enhance weight loss and preserve muscle mass.

    An overconsumption of sugary foods has been linked to weight gain, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes, according to Harvard School of Public Health. Fruit is an alternative that contains just as much flavor as candy but has nutritional benefits. Replacing sweet beverages with mint or lemon water can also bring flavor to one’s drink without adding empty calories.

    8. EAT MORE VEGETABLESThe health benefits of eating a largely vegetarian diet can be achieved by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into meals, even for one day or one meal. Harvard Medical School studies have consistently shown that the consumption of more fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

    Although caffeine provides extra energy to make up for lack of sleep, it is still an addictive drug with adverse side effects such as drowsiness, lost appetite, and rapid heartbeat. According to renowned physician, Dr. Mark Hymanm, caffeine causes blood sugar levels to rise, which can lead to deterioration in cardiovascular health. Instead, students should drink more water.

    According to doctor Daniel Griesel at The National Broadcasting Company, participating in group fitness activities rather than working out alone increases “consistency, duration, and inspiration.” Group activities like yoga, dancing, cycling, or taking a regular aerobics class are fun ways to de-stress and socialize without the pressure and time commitment of a sports team.

    Stretching and moving daily will ensure that one stays in shape with minimal effort. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular stretching will increase flexibility, improve posture and circulation. Stretching does not take much effort and can improve one’s quality of life. This can be complemented by taking the stairs whenever possible and walking instead of driving.

    12. JOIN A SPORTS TEAM Play a sport to get daily exercise and have fun with friends at the same time. The competitive aspect of a sports team pushes students to challenge themselves beyond their comfort zones. In addition, being part of a team gives students the opportunity to develop leadership skills, build confidence, and create lasting friendships with others while also staying in shape.

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