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Rachel 2.0

    By Leslie Lim 

    Staff Writer 

     “Ah! Finished,” Rachel said as she stitched the last button on. 

       In her hands, was a doll, with azure blue buttons for eyes, corn yellow yarn for hair and a pretty blush on the apples of her cheeks. For days, Rachel had lovingly crafted her doll, ensuring that every little detail was correct. 

       “This is everything I can’t be” she muttered to herself. “Rachel 2.0. Everything that I’m not.” 

       For years she’s always been the black sheep of the family. With mousy brown hair, dull green eyes, and a lanky figure, she was overlooked from her gorgeous blond, blue eyed family. 

       She sighed, looked at the doll once more, wishing to become everything that it was and fell asleep after placing the doll upright on her chair. chair. Its eyes, shiny buttons gleamed with anticipation. 

       With a loud groan, Rachel stretched, glancing over at the chair beside her. The doll was still propped up, but instead of facing away from the bed, it had turned around to stare at the bed. Shrugging her shoulders, Rachel picked up the doll and brought her down to breakfast where her sister was sitting. 

       “Hey, hey, look at my doll. Isn’t it pretty,” Rachel exclaims as she shoved the doll into her sister, Maddie’s face.

        “It’s okay. But why doesn’t it look like you?” Maddie said. 

        “I think it looks better this way.”

        Her sister did not understand because she was the pretty one. That night, as she slept, she dreamed of one day looking like the doll she made. 

       As she slept, she didn’t notice the bright blue eyes staring at her, gleaming in the darkness. With a creak, the doll levitated above the chair, its felt legs hovering just barely above the wooden seat. Slowly, it moved across the room, head tilted, looking down at its target. 

        With a wicked smile that appeared on its face, the doll fell limp onto the bed, right next to Rachel. 

       In the morning, Rachel woke up and felt her back ache. Glancing behind herself with a stiff neck, she was greeted by the wooden back of her chair. But before, what used to be small was now large. Dazed, she attempted to lift her hands, but was unable to. She looked down, to realize her hands were now made out of fabric. 

       With a jolt, she was lifted up from out of her seat to be face to face with the prettiest girl she had ever seen. The same corn blond hair and piercing blue eyes her doll had. 

       “Be careful for what you wish for darling,” the girl muttered.

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