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June Horoscopes

    By Stephanie Rubio

    Staff Writer


    Aries are experiencing a transformation in their lives this month as they realize how far they have come this year and will reach a new sense of understanding. Pushing aside issues will allow them to look forward to their future and work towards their dreams. Also, love is in the air for Aries and they will meet a new and unlikely partner during the month of June.



    This month is Tauruses opportunity to challenge themselves and try something new. Although it might be difficult at first it can introduce them to successes they did not think were possible before. Aeries will grow career wise and push aside familial problems to focus on their creative energy.  



    Happy Birthday Gemini! This month will be filled with adventure, happiness and passion as it is their time to thrive. Going with the flow of what this month will bring to their lives should be used as a chance to go out of their safety zone and try new things.



    Cancer’s birthday is fast approaching and their cycle is coming to an end. Therefore this month should be used to reflect on what this year has taught Cancers. They might feel a need to close off people in their lives in fear of getting hurt but this could ruin their opportunity of finding love that is coming their way this month.



    Leos have been very invested in one thing these past couple months and now they will be opened up to other aspects of life in order to find a healthier balance. Taking some time out for themselves and the people in their lives who matter will lead them to  reevaluate their priorities and goals.



    In June, Virgo’s overconfidence and trust in themselves has clouded their judgement and this month is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of reality. This month should be focused solely on loved ones and family members too rekindle their relationships.



    June will bring inspiration and enlightenment to all Libras as they search for a greater meaning to life. Given that things have been uncertain recently, Libra will look to religion or a greater power for answers with regards to what the next step in their lives will consist of.



    Scorpios will be the life of the party during the June as they will blossom as social butterflies and gain more friends. This will allow them to not only grow as people but will give them a break from all of the hard work that they have been putting in lately.



    Sagittarius are experiencing a dip in optomissim and are struggling to be social, but June will be an opportunity to change that. Friendships will be lost but will allow for many learning experiences to grow and allow them to focus on themselves this month.



    June will bring a new understanding for Capricorns about relationships. It is impossible to please everyone and this month will force Capricorn to face that as they attempt to please everyone in their lives. This month will cause Capricorns to find a stronger love for themselves.



    Aquarius’ have become to comfortable but it is important to not allow success to stop them from continuing to work hard. This month will be filled with challenges that will rejuvenate the drive in their career that has been lacking.



    Emotions and issues will people in their lives, Pisces will use June as an opportunity to mend relationships and reconnect with people they have lost contact with. It is important to stay true to their morals but also realize that forgiveness is needed to move forward.

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