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April Horoscopes

    By Lana Hy

    Staff Writer


    Happy birthday, Aries. April is the time to develop talents as well as employ mediation skills. Although harmonizing problems is a strength, Aries are bound to face their own chaos. Therefore, their schedule should be written down in detail, hour by hour.


    This month, Taureses should undergo new experiences, such as trying exotic fruits or spices to make their lives richer. It is also the opportunity for them to enjoy the beauty of sharing. Sharing things or experiences will not only show they are friendly, but also contributes to an inner blissful feeling as well.



    Geminis are described as beetles due to being antisocial and often suspicious. However, those are ideal characteristics to possess during April, since they need to understand that not everyone gets excited about meeting them.  



    Throughout April, Cancers will enjoy excellent health. In addition, they must indulge in creative work and fine arts to keep their minds, as well as bodies, relaxed. Although Cancers are prone to see a downward trend in their grades, it could be avoided if they do not procrastinate on schoolwork.



    Leos are bound to have difficult times maintaining their social circles due to being engaged in their personal development. Like Cancers, Leos will need to put in hard work to achieve educational progress. However, Leos will receive plenty of positive compliments and additional blessings from their elders.



    Virgos need to understand that money is not everything. April is the month Virgos need to overcome fear and concern. In some cases, they can not manage their situations alone, which is why they should accept the help of others as a natural part of life, not as evidence of defencelessness.



    In April, Libras will be more eloquent than ever. If someone tells a Libra to not talk too much, the Libra should ignore it, since they should never let shallow comments ruin their self-esteem. This month will also be the time for Libras to set out on a path that will lead to the high ambitious 2019.


    April is the period when Scorpios should think deeply about how to deal with people and their personal situations more efficiently. This month, Scorpios will also undergo a test to see whether they control the computer and smartphone, or whether all electronics have taken over their minds.




    When it comes to health, the stars are in favor of the Sagittarius. However, the stars are not aligned with the family life of Sagittarius’, because they are prone to experience a misunderstanding with their family. Thus, they will need to maintain peace and harmony to bring treasured moments this month.




    Capricorns have done enough for the planet. In April, Capricorns should not focus too much on rescuing the world but, rather, on their relationships with their family, friends, and significant others. Although they need to spend more time with their loved ones, they should not be discouraged of performing meritorious deeds.



    April is the time for Aquarians to crush bad habits into dust and concentrate on future goals with utmost interest as well as care. The health of Aquarians does not seem promising, so taking care of themselves is a priority they need to dedicate themselves to.



    For Pisces, this April serves as a state of bliss but also as a time for them to strengthen a friendship or romantic relationship by confiding in each other. Luck is bound to be on their side, and they should not waste any progress they have made in reaching their personal goals.



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