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September Horoscopes

    By Michelle Dang

    Staff Writer


    Aries typically enjoy a casual and laid back dating scene. However, now that they are feeling less pressure, they might finally find someone they are interested in. The eighth and ninth might be some dates they want to keep in mind just in case something spicy pops up.


    For Taurus, if there are sparks with a crush, it is going to be great. They are going to want to make a move but only if they are comfortable. Also, they should not try too hard because it is just as bad as not trying hard enough.


    For this month, they might want to find someone to share their thoughts with. They should find someone who they can be themselves with. Gemini’s have the chance to impress someone special but if they blow it, that is okay. As a Gemini, they will get another chance.



    This month might be the time for them to try something new. As a Cancer, they might not have bloomed but they should stay hopeful. They are very confident, so they should take advantage of it. They will be given options, but they will not know which direction to go. Therefore, they should weigh the sides carefully before making a move.


    For Leo’s, they can learn a lot by keeping an open mind. They should think about themselves, be open to possibilities, and listen to other people’s point of view. They are usually very persuasive, so it will not be difficult to score a date.


    They have good communication skills, so they should put them to good use. Virgos do not focus on the little things, but they should pay attention to what is going on around them. They might feel a little insecure this month and fish for compliments but they should not get desperate.


    This month they want to look for something long-term. They need someone who can complete them in every way and would not settle for anything less. Libras do not know where they want to be right now; however, they have patience and opinions.


    There is going to be chemistry between them and someone new but it does not come without a price. Scorpios might be reminded of an old flame, but if they should not go for it. They should try something completely new.


    There’s been problems in the past, but they have learned from them. They are only looking towards the future so leave the negativity in the past. They should put their expectations aside and see what comes out of it. Sagittarius’ should stay open to exciting possibilities.



    Perhaps this month, there will be a chance for romance with a very close friend. It might take some time, but do not neglect it. Do not try to find out something that they’re not supposed to know. It might get frustrating. But pursue it with caution.



    It is up to them whether or not they want to share they thoughts with their crush however they should open their mind to new possibilities. Stay flexible because new romances may be stressful but exciting. Aquarius’ should try to honestly think things through before making a decision.


    They  are very popular even though they may pass off as shy and reserved. If they are free, they attract a lot of attention. Do not run away from romantic problems, face them. Pisces are bold so take their chances and keep trying if they do not succeed the first time.



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