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    Nyah Toomes

    Staff Writer

    Aquarius as Leatherface from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

      Aquarius have a need to be a part of a group. This is the same case for Leatherface, as he feels the need to travel in a different cannibalistic family from movie to movie. Aquarians are ruled by Uranus, which sometimes represents erratic life patterns, which Leatherface surely displays.

    Pisces as Pennywise fromIt”

     Pisces and Pennywise are both mysterious. Pennywise demonstrates this in the  sense that viewers do not know where he comes from and when he will strike next. Pisces are ruled by Neptune, which a planet of illusion and confusion. Pisces are also charming, which Pennywise has the capacity to display when he talks to Georgie in the sewer.  


    Aries as Jack Torrance from “The Shining”

      Aries, ruled by Mars,  a planet of aggression, is similar to Jack Torrance. Aries tend to be short tempered. Jack Torrance definitely takes his frustrations out on the people around him.

    Taurus as Carrie White from “Carrie”

      Taurus are known to be extremely devoted because of their ruling planet Venus, a planet of love and gratitude. Carrie White was very loyal to her beloved mother, until she reached her breaking point. If a Taurus reaches their breaking point, it will not be pretty.

    Gemini as Chucky from “Child’s Play”

      Geminis have a quick-witted sense of humor, but can also show a colder and more serious side to them. Geminis tend to have a split persona, similar to Chucky, who can be a charming toy doll but then becomes evil in a flip of a switch.

    Cancer as Jason Voorhees from “Friday the 13th”

      The most notorious trait of a Cancer is being sensitive. Despite all of the heinous murders he committed, Jason was a sensitive and shy kid who was bullied by others at his summer camp. Jason’s main reason for killing was to avenge the murder of his mother, which is similar to Cancers because they dislike any criticism towards their family membersespecially their mom.

    Leo as Esther from “Orphan”

      One of Leo’s negative traits is not wanting to face the truth. Esther, a 30-year-old woman suffering from proportional dwarfism, tricks a family into adopting her from an orphanage after escaping a psychiatric ward. Esther does not want to face her reality when she kills the father of the family for not reciprocating her romantic advances.

    Virgo as Jigsaw from “Saw”

      Virgos and Jigsaw are both very analytical and judgmental. Jigsaw shows that he is judgmental because he does not choose his victims at random. Instead, those who waste their lives away and are unworthy of living are chosen as victims for his deadly games.

    Libra as Samara from “The Ring”

      Libras hate injustice and one of their weaknesses is the tendency to carry grudges. Samara faced injustice when her adoptive mother left her in a well, where she survived for seven days before she died. Since then, she murders people seven days after they watch a videotape from her psychiatric file until she receives a proper burial.

    Scorpio as Freddy Krueger from “Nightmare on Elm Street”

      One of Scorpio’s worst traits is the ability to target people at their most vulnerable state when seeking revenge. Freddy only killed people in their dreams, forcing people to stay awake as long as they could. Freddy is also vindictive because he kills the children of parents that burned him alive.

    Sagittarius as Ghostface from “Scream”

      Ghostface can be witty and sarcastic, but also extremely blunt at times. Sagittarius have a great sense of humor and are impatient. Sometimes Ghostface makes sarcastic remarks before murdering his victims. Likewise, Ghostface could refuse to waste time and just get straight to the point with his killings instead of messing with his victims first. This is similar to Sagittarius because one of their weaknesses is being impatient.

    Capricorn as Michael Myers from “Halloween”

      Michael Myers expresses no emotion during his killings and is very consistent in his attire and weapon of choice. Capricorn tend to be hesitant when it comes to expressing their feelings. One of Capricorn’s strengths is being methodical, which is what Michael demonstrates when he restricts himself to one outfit, mask, and murder weapon in all ten movies.

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