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Senior Wills

    I, Clarence Lim, bequeath my dodgeball reflex skill to my P.E. class.

    I, Amourette Garcia, bequeath my computer #8 in the library to the next student who wants to get ahead in their work.

    I, Dexter Kao, bequeath my sweater of tears to Norms. I cried you a sweater of tears… and ya kill me. To Patrick and Linda, I give my love and art skills.

    I, April Saldana, bequeath my talent to memorize Travis Scott lyrics quickly to any Travis Scott fans at Gab.

    I, Ryan Zhen, bequeath my amazing hops to Julian Thai, Caleb Lee, Brian Vong, Felicia Tang, Bethany Lee, Ana Juardo, Travis Thai, Eric Chow, Iggy Samudro, Cody Vong, Audren Kirchoff, Mark Diaz, Jayden Raymundo, and Kevin Zhou.

    I, Jackson Lee, bequeath my somewhat hops to Julian Thai, Caleb Lee, Brian Vong, Felicia Tang, Bethany Lee, Iggy Samudro, Ana Juardo, Travis Thai, Eric Chow, Cody Vong, Audren Kirchoff, Jayden Raymundo, Mark Diaz, and Kevin Zhou.

    I, Adam Baldonado, bequeath my musical skill and leadership to April Tran, Dominic DiConti, Angela Enriquez and the rest of the GEMR sax section. Have fun next season and make it count.

    I, Andy Chávarry, bequeath my #10 Jersey from soccer to Edgar Mercado. You deserve it, leave your mark.

    I, Brian Huynh, bequeath my baseball skills to Anthony Chen.

    I, Alex Monjaras, bequeath my football skills to David Campaña, my track and field skills to Kayla Gochez, and my basketball skills to Daniela Navarro.

    I, Ping Tram, bequeath my key club spirit to GHS Key club. L-O-V-E I LOVE MY D-I-V!

    I, Jescee Vi, bequeath my humor, savage, and smile (memories) to Winnie Tran and Jasmine Alfaro. You butternut squashes better appreciate this… It took a lot of thinking.

    I, Brian Chen, bequeath my baseball skills to Nathan Hernandez.

    I, Michael Yiu, bequeath my status as memelord to Michael Yu. I am overjoyed to give you this title. Today will be a momentous day that will be forever etched in history. Also Yiu > Yu.

    I, Nathan Lin, bequeath my Drama and Woodshop skills to all underclassmen who enjoy drama and working with their hands. I hope that in the future, these classmen will acquire these skills to have a profession in the film or industrial industry. In the end, I also hope that the future seniors will pass on these skills to future generations.

    I, Kaitlyn Lukjaniec, bequeath my good grades, happy high school experience, and my car, to Kristyn Lukjaniec. May you enjoy the last two years of high school and continue to be your happy and joyful self. Make sure you don’t crash my car and don’t miss me too much while I’m gone. I love you even if at times it seems like I hate you. P.S. don’t get attacked by another shark!

    I, Crystal Luong, bequeath my amazing Spanish skills to Amanda Su and Arianna Hernandez. I also want to leave behind my outstanding alto section to Cecilia and Leyna. And at last, but not least, my sarcasm, to Elisa and Jesse. Good luck guys! I know you can do it!

    I, Amanda Morales, bequeath my SMART decision-making skills and A1 music playlist to my baby brother, Alex Morales. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, love you babycakes.

    I, Andrea Widanta, bequeath my my key club spirit to Muhammad Rayeed Islam and Sean Do, my love for swimming to Emily Hoang, Sean Tanaka, and Robert Merrill, and my dedication to music to Jessi Pham and David Zacarias.

    I, Vivian Lee, bequeath my love for pasta on race days, my soreness from long runs and intervals, and my perseverance during the toughest times to Julia Cho, Linda Woo, and Kelly Quach, Albert Tran. To Cassidy Lui, I leave my determination to lead the team to CIF. I believe in you! To Jiung Ryoo, I leave my strength and my ability to burp on command. I’m at your races in spirit to cheer all of you guys on.

    I, Christina Lee, bequeath my heart for swim and comedy to Sean Tanaka, Emily Hoang, and Robert Wade Merrill.

    I, Natalie Lee, bequeath my carefree attitude, relentless determination to Sydney Jung, Annabelle Cook, Leslie Tran. To Sydney – my confidence, persistence, and laughter for years to come. To Annabelle and Leslie – a successful, strong year in OPP and my strong leadership and love for the family.

    I, Dylan Ngo, bequeath my impeccably “sharp” attendance to school & practice to my cousins Andre & Victoria Sam. My charm and sexiness to Warren Miles & Wesley and Isaac Lam. My grades and college acceptances to Winfred Wang My League and CS prowess to Miles Leon Wesley Xu and Andy Liang My raw (but unused) swim talent to Eden Ly, Diego Hitomi, and Michael Chiu.

    I, Anthony Diep, bequeath my unstoppable breast- stroke to Eden Ly and Nathan Ong.

    I, Vincent Tran, bequeath my lack of height and undeniable beauty to Noah Kim, David Taing, and Wesley Xu.

    I, Curtis Tam, bequeath my senioritis vaccine to Dylan Rojas and Eric Chow.

    I, Maya Kusunoki-Martin, bequeath my wisdom and conviction to Richelle Chow, my resilience and sense of self to Angelina Liang, and lastly, I leave my heart to the Speech Team-especially my freshman babies.

    I, Rebecca Xu, bequeath my ability to (kind of) handle 5 AP classes, violin skills, and my tears from AP Physics C to Ben Vuong, Bethany Lee, and Ryan Cheng, respectively. I’m going to miss you guys! You all better do well in everything. I’ll be looking out for all of you so make me proud!

    I, Andy Liao, bequeath my happiness to Bianca Lee, Kaylan Kha, Emily Wang, and Stephanie Foo.

    I, Tedrick Gula, bequeath my vertical jump to Matthew Wong, my spiking skills to Anthony Lau, my digging to Andy and Nick, my setting to Noah Kim.

    I, Izel Gutierrez, bequeath my soccer skills and knowledge to Alina Zarate. May your comeback be stronger than ever. I know you’ll do great.

    I, Ryan Tran, bequeath my golf experience, CS knowledge and hunting capabilities to Isaac Lam, Devin Heng, Warren Phan, and Miles Leon.

    I, Luz Hernandez, bequeath my kind and loving spirit to Juan Hernandez.

    I, Alexander Wu, bequeath my amazing CS Go skills, incredible league abilities and great sense in fashion to Wesley Xu and Dylan Ngo.

    I, Dennis Wong, bequeath my godly clash royale skills, savageness, and taco-loving tastes, to Kenneth Yao.

    I, Sandy Chen, bequeath my perseverance, strength, and dedication, to Annie Phun, Wynee Tran, and Henry Vuong. Annie, you will always be a freshman in my heart. Wynee and Henry, I’m proud to call you guys my family. I’ll always be rooting for you guys in all your future endeavors!

    I, Jenny Nguyen, bequeath my professional basketball skills to Annie Phun. To Emily Hoang, my ability and stamina to swim 100 fly. To Jeremy Nguyen, my good looks and charms. To Wesley Xu, my trendy fashionable Brandy Melville outfits.

    I, Kelly Ly, bequeath my extra-ness and sarcastic humor to Danny Nguyen. Remember to (clam) down and not stress too much. To David Taing, I leave myperseverance and optimism to push through difficult situations. You can do it Bang Bang Taing. To Jannelle Dang, I leave my willpower and my ability to sleep through anything & everything. Continue to make me proud. I know you guys will do great next year and remember that I’ll always be here for you.

    I, Joanna Wong, bequeath my love for science to Isabella Lau, the GEMS officers, and the entire GEMS club. To Reader’s club, I bequeath my love for reading.

    I, Allister Tam, bequeath my flawless FBLA skills and Costco Chicken to Ben & the officer team, my super star Boy Scout skills to Josh, Ro, Hugo, and Elton, my chanclas to Wesley, and my NBA bound basketball skills to Jacob

    I, Calvin Nguyen, bequeath my humor and work ethic to Wesley Yuan. Work hard, stay funny, & continue being who you want and not anyone else’s vision for you. To my speech family, I bequeath my dedication and passion; continue to make it great. And to Richelle Chow, I bequeath my positive, fun, & confident personality–never stop being unapologetically you.

    I, Katherine Ozawa, bequeath my choir knowledge, drama skills, and caring personality (& everyday procrastination) to Giselle, Anastasia, Cynthia, Kacie, and Christa, and Nisa. You six girls have always made me smile and I will never forget your faces, when I move on in the future. You’ll always remain in my heart, along with all of our memories, and performances! Stay strong and be happy!
    I, Alexandra Singleton, bequeath my energy, passion, and inability to stop talking to my speech family. I know you guys will do amazing things. I leave my motivational speeches to my humor babies, so you can enter every round with confidence. And to Gabe, I leave my voice, both in speech and life. Speak up, speak out, and speak your mind. Bunny Bunny.
    I, Andres B Ayala, bequeath my strength to the special students. Guys never feel like you can’t achieve anything in your life because you have a disability, always push to do your best. Never give up. Become the young men and woman I know you guys can be.
    I, Sarah Preston, bequeath whatever is left of my golf skills to Jasmine Lam, you will forever be my golf partner. I leave my childlike tendencies and uncontrollable laughter to Stephanie Foo. My need to inspire, encourage, and cultivate others will be left to Richelle Chow because the potential within you is so great.
    I, Hannah Chung, leave my ambitious drive to Jannelle who is one of the hardest workers I know; my passion and problems to Kevin Pham, who is nothing but fun and sass; and my creative eye to Wendy Wong; follow your dreams and don’t ever give up.
    I, Brigitte Phung, bequeath my drive in and out of the water to my swim babies, Emily Hoang and Warren Phan.
    I, Charlie Tran, bequeath my secrets to “get some” and my gainz to Steven Luc, Yuta Horii, Carlos Pondevida, Matthew Wong, Jiung Lyou, Jayson Espinosa and my funny and comedic personality to Serena Trang.
    I, Nelson Scott, bequeath my handsome looks to Kevin Yuen, my awesome driving skills to Jared Uenishi, my 3 point longshots to Jacob Ma, and my coding skills to Jason Tran and Wesley Yuan.
    I, Megan Luong, bequeath my spot in front of locker 14 to Angela Enriquez. May the positive vibes rub off on you during soccer.
    I, Jimmy Ma, bequeath my room to Jacob, my Anchor to Jared, my garden to Wendy, my weight loss program to Jason, and my big maroon dog to Wesley Yuan.
    I,Trisha Marciano, bequeath my Ashawut staff x yearbook skills to Alenna Espadas, Hannah Wong & Mika Jackson. Use your skills & creative minds to produce Gab’s best look. I also leave my love for cheer & happy spirits to Sydney, Martha & Sarah. Cheering you on from Davis <3
    I, Adam Tostado, bequeath my cheerful spirit and ability to slay the stage to the Gabrielino cheerleading squad <3 I also leave my ability to get turnt and whack skills to Sydney Jung, Sophia Aparicio, Britney Aragonez, Mireya Zepada, and Lexy Muro. Love you guys, don’t forget me! XOXO!
    I, Julie Tang, bequeath my admiration for Leo, my love for gossip, and my ability to have my words bite like a snake to Tiffany Wei. I hope you will accept my gift with pride and continue to cherish them as I have for the last couple of years. Please use them wisely, as they come in limited supply.
    I, Kevin Pan, bequeath my fabulous computer science skills and physics knowledge to Steven Luc. I leave my endless joy and enthusiasm to William Giang. I leave my 2 mile running power to Mohamed and Raymond I will miss you all.
    I, May Tang, bequeath my charisma to Jasmine Lam & Casey Chenh, my determination to pursue my passions to Stephanie Foo, my post ironic humor that no one understands to Angelina Liang, and my impeccable time management skills to my golfers. May you always soar like an eagle. Ca-caw.
    I, Samantha Lozano bequeath the following to the swim babies: to Sean Tanaka, I leave my love for the water. To Emily Hoang and Jeremy Nguyen, I leave my feistiness, haha. To Kip, I’ll leave a flash drive of memories from comp. sci. To Tantribeau, I leave my musical abilities, as well as my personal statements for college… HA JK!


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