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Orchestra, band prepare for Spring concert
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Home run ambitions: Gabrielino Eagles soar through baseball season

Bren Belmonte
Varsity Captain, Isaac Perez (6) harnesses power and precision on 2nd base.

   Number three, Jacob Mijares, strides confidently to the mound, ready to deliver his pitches in his game against Duarte on March 1. The atmosphere crackles with anticipation as the crowd and players alike are infused with energy. However, minor errors throughout the game meant the Eagles grappled with a disappointing defeat.

   Leading the charge for the varsity baseball team are the senior captains: Nash Castillo, number 11, Jacob Galindo, number six 6, and Isaac Perez, number 7. 


Focused, determined, and unstoppable at the plate, Ethan Tran; 10th, puts his heart into the game.

Castillo, a hardworking presence on the team for four years, has carried his passion for the game since he was just 8 years old. Inspired by his athletically inclined father and older brother, Castillo embraced a sport deemed safer than football, much to his mother’s relief.

Navigating the challenges of high school, Castillo has shown remarkable dedication, which has propelled him to leadership. This journey has fueled his love for the game and stoked his competitive spirit, garnering respect and loyalty from his teammates.

   “Take advantage of your time,” Castillo emphasized. 

   With graduation looming, he aims to leave a lasting mark, perhaps even securing a spot in CIF’s to culminate his four-year journey. The team is a tight-knit family, with each member showing up and giving their all, both in practice and on the field. As time hurtles forward, their collective strength grows, propelling them toward success.

   Reflecting on the Duarte game, Castillo acknowledges that it didn’t unfold as planned; the initial spark fizzled out quickly. However, viewing their mistakes as opportunities for growth, the team is poised to make the necessary adjustments and strive for excellence.

   Though the Eagles’ season is in its nascent stages, the fire of competitiveness has been burning within them long before the first pitch. Every player brings their full intensity to the field from the moment they step onto it.

   Isaac Perez, who has been on the team for two years, shares Castillo’s early love for the game. Both captains boast impressive stats, underscoring their determination to persevere.

   Perez can speak for the team about the euphoric feeling of being on top of the world when they get that “W” after competitive and thrilling games played. 

Player 3, Jacob Mijares; 11th, from the wind-up to release, ready to face Duarte’s team. (Bren Belmonte)

   Particularly when facing rivals like Arroyo High School and Marshall High School, the air crackles with anticipation, and the exchange of smack talk only adds to the excitement, creating unforgettable moments for spectators.

   Drawing upon their experiences on Gabrielino’s Baseball team, both captains understand the importance of bringing their A-game to every outing and maintaining a positive outlook, even in the face of challenges.

   For Perez, the journey towards becoming more disciplined and resolute within a team dynamic resonates deeply, serving as a source of inspiration for both sports and everyday life.

   Despite enduring setbacks and losses throughout the season, the boys in white and blue consistently exhibit unwavering determination, pouring their hearts into every game.

   As the season kicks off, Perez and Castillo offer words of encouragement and wisdom, urging their teammates and peers alike to persevere and make the most of every opportunity.

   “Don’t give up,” advised Castillo, emphasizing the importance of resilience and tenacity in the face of adversity.

   “We’ve got to keep on reaching for the stars and don’t let anything slow us down,” Perez proclaimed, encapsulating the spirit of perseverance and ambition that defines their team.

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