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Orchestra, band prepare for Spring concert
Orchestra, band prepare for Spring concert
Brian Ly, Production Chief • May 10, 2024
Chenlu Yang, junior, and Cedric Hua, sophomore, on the official Speech & Debate Showcase poster | Photo courtesy of Peyton Ong
Speech Showcases their passion, pride
Sophia Pu, Editor in Chief • May 10, 2024

New school year, new faces: Gabrielino welcomes 16 new teachers and staff members

   Gabrielino High School is welcoming 16 new teachers and staff for the 2023-2024 school year. New staff range from attendance clerks, to positions within administration, to teachers for new classes. 

Bobby Hundley, Drama Teacher

Why Gabrielino?: I was on the VAPA board for the school district, and JC Gafford was a friend of mine; he had a lot he wanted to do with the program, and I wanted to carry on his work for the students.
Looking forward to: Introducing Gabrielino to the drama program, and making the school feel more like a performing arts school.
Favorite Quote/Advice: “A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.” -Karen Lamb
3 words that describe you: Passionate, Fair, Chaotic

Victoria Gallegos, Dance Teacher 

Why Gabrielino?: The energy the staff and students bring is just amazing.
Looking forward to: The energy the students and staff are bringing in, and bringing the dance department alive.
Favorite Quote/Advice: “He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.” -Confucius
3 words that describe you: Appreciative, Playful, Cheerful

Madison Spriggs, English Teacher 

Why Gabrielino?: During my interview, I immediately felt so welcomed at Gabrielino. I feel so supported as a first year teacher, and love how focused Gabrielino is on supporting the community.
Looking forward to: I’m looking forward to my students gaining more confidence in themselves.
Favorite Quote/Advice: You should always remain open to learning and seeing things from a different perspective.
3 words that describe you: Welcoming, Intentional, Interpersonal 

Jose Sanchez, Assistant Principal

Why Gabrielino?: I can impact the student population here. Being an immigrant myself, I understand the challenges that come with being an immigrant student, as is the case with 40% of the student population here.
Looking forward to: Creating a safe environment for teachers and students.
Favorite Quote/Advice: Don’t be afraid to be yourself and express who you are.
3 words that describe you: Passionate, Caring, Understanding

Rachael Maritim, ELD Teacher 

Why Gabrielino?: I got to know a couple teachers around here, and the energy on campus drew me in; it’s very welcoming and homey.
Looking forward to: Seeing the clubs flourish.
Favorite Quote/Advice: “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” -Aristotle
3 words that describe you: Adventurous, Friendly, Optimistic

Tiffany Tien, English Teacher

Why Gabrielino?: I wanted to go back to a school community. The students here work very hard, and I wanted to be around students who strive to do better constantly.
Looking forward to: Seeing my current freshman graduate.
Favorite Quote/Advice: “I hope you heal from things no one ever apologized for.” -Mrs. Tien
3 words that describe you: Loving, Gracious, Understanding

Dwayne Wright, Coach and PE Teacher

Why Gabrielino?: I wanted to be part of a community that’s used to winning. Not only academically, but also a community where I could give expertise as a coach.
Looking forward to: I look forward to coming to work every single day, and changing at least one student’s life.
Favorite Quote/Advice: Do not take everyday for granted, allow success to find you.
3 words that describe you: Patient, Vibrant, Well-Spoken

Katelyn Penuelas, Ethnic Studies Teacher

Why Gabrielino?: When I saw a position opening for an Ethnic Studies teacher, I felt like I had to try, and it all worked out.
Looking forward to: Continuing the development of my Ethnic Studies classes and what we’re doing, and also getting to know my students better.
Favorite Quote/Advice: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”- Desmond Tutu
3 words that describe you: Tenacious, Responsible, Dedicated

Anne Lafferty, English and World History Teacher

Why Gabrielino?: I heard excellent things about Gabrielino, and really wanted to teach high school students.
Looking forward to: Seeing everyone’s homecoming outfits.
Favorite Quote/Advice: Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends.
3 words that describe you: Thoughtful, Introvert, Fun

Grace Huang, Algebra and Geometry Teacher

Why Gabrielino?: During my observation, I really liked working with the students, and felt there was a tight knit community here.
Looking forward to: Extending my time here, and watching my students grow and eventually graduate.
Favorite Quote/Advice: Asking for help is an important type of intelligence.
3 words that describe you: Open Minded, Empathetic, Humorous

Cristina Campos, Special Ed Teacher

Why Gabrielino?: I like the school’s culture and also how everyone is connected.
Looking forward to: Taking out my special Ed students to school activities.
Favorite Quote/Advice: Be kind, because you never know what someone else is going through.
3 words that describe you: Humorous, Shy, Relaxed

Leslie Soto, Clerk, Main Office

Why Gabrielino?: I joined specifically since I live in Monterey Park which is close by, and I knew the school since I used to play volleyball here.
Looking forward to: Making better relations with the teachers, other faculty, and students.
Favorite Quote/Advice: Always put in effort, no matter what.
3 words that describe you: Outgoing, Energetic, Positive

Livas Saiyasombat, District Nurse, Health Office

Why Gabrielino?- My husband and kids are also in SGUSD, and I always wanted to try school nursing.
Looking forward to: Seeing students grow, be healthy, and become more confident in themselves.
Favorite Quote/Advice: Be kind.
3 words that describe you: Approachable, Attentive, Hardworking

Tony Hernandez, CC Pathway Advisor

Why Gabrielino?- I grew up around the area, and I have worked many years in this community; I love the culture of Gabrielino.
Looking forward to: The holiday season.
Favorite Quote/Advice: “You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.” -Wayne Gretzky
3 words that describe you: Passionate, Fun, Friendly 

Maya Bellow-Hopper, Guidance Clerk

Why Gabrielino?: My mom works here, and she told me about an opening.
Looking forward to: Christmas
Favorite Quote/Advice: “Nevertheless, she persisted.” -Feminism
3 words that describe you: Creative, Hardworking, Short

Ricky Le, Attendance Clerk

Why Gabrielino?: I live really close by, and Gabrielino is one of the best schools in the area; everyone’s really encouraging.
Looking forward to: Getting to know a bit more about the students.
Favorite Quote/Advice: Don’t worry about what others think about you, just be yourself.
3 words that describe you: Awkward, Goofy, Hardworking

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