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Aesthetic of a staff member
Aesthetic of a staff member
Staff • June 4, 2024
End of school year sports recap
Bren Belmonte, Staff Writer • May 30, 2024

The 10: Places to hang out afterschool

Bren Belmonte

   With the school year back in full force, here are some places you should consider visiting after school, whether to study, catch a break before practice, or just have fun.
10. Home: Now, I don’t know where you live (or do I?) but really? You could pick anything else on this list. To each their own, I guess.
9. San Gabriel High School: When you’re sick of Gabrielino High School, why not go to another one in San Gabriel? Except, not really. San Gabriel High is, ironically, a part of the Alhambra Unified School District. Go Matadors! (At least their mascot is more unique than eagles.)
8. PCC: Now, I’m not sure if this counts as hanging out, but a few brave seniors and juniors have committed themselves to pursuing higher education. But I mean… you’re literally signing up for more school.
7.[Insert your choice of AP science teacher]’s Room: Man, why is AP [Insert Biology/Physics/Chem] so hard? I need to go to [Insert Science Teacher] because I don’t understand anything, and the test is tomorrow! You have to love the fact that if I bomb this my grade tanks 20%!!! Don’t worry we’ve all been there.
6. Library: Now you could study and be “productive”, or you could spend 45 minutes after school every day solving the wonderful puzzles provided by Mrs. Chi.
5. Speech Room: After 8 hours of school, exhausted speech students with hunched backs and the darkest eye bags you’ve ever seen labor for another 5 HOURS and somehow say it’s fun?!?!
4. Beach: While the beach is a beautiful and serene place to relax, nothing quite beats the drive there… and the drive back! Hours of wonderful weekday LA traffic during rush hour, especially if you’re a new driver.
3. Hawaii SuperMarket: Big. Asian. And very, very busy. Hawaii supermarket is where Asian parents and grandparents crowd the entrance trying to grab impossibly good deals and some questionable ripoffs (people went crazy over sriracha during the summer), a perfect environment for thrill-seeking young high school students.
2. Front Gate: Now, I’m not sure why people actually hang out here, but if there are a lot of people, there must be something good about it.
1. Ji Rong Peking Duck: Many students decide they need more food after school, and for them spots like Popeyes, Little Saigon, and my favorite, Oh My Pan (Not on this list). A little out of the way and down Valley Boulevard, the sensation of spending hundreds of dollars and creating a reservation (days in advance) on some tasty Peking duck never gets old.

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