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  After their debut in 2022, the fourth-generation K-pop group NMIXX released their second EP, "Fe304: BREAK”, on Jan. 15. Fans were captivated by the girls’ strong vocals in the comeback and the group's dedication to unique, experimental beats and genres that define their identity.

  The EP starts with the title track “DASH,” arguably the best song in the lineup, and a fan favorite within their discography. The chorus carries a smooth and satisfying melody. The repetition of“I wanna DASH”, with emphasis on dash, stands out against the less-catchy choruses of the other songs. The song incorporates NMIXX’s classic change-up, transitioning to a guitar-oriented section that adds depth and a pleasant surprise. The 90’s-2000’s R&B vibe infused throughout the song makes the song easy to get into. The raw vocals at the beginning and ending keep the listener hooked. 

Soñar (Breaker)

  NMIXX released “Soñar (Breaker)” on Dec. 4, as a prerelease single. The song’s use of Latin pop and dramatic drums left me in anticipation of how the group would incorporate similar sounds in the rest of the album, but “Soñar (Breaker)” is singular in its sound. The whispers and futuristic sounds in the first part of the song are an immediate ear magnet, but the immediate rapping was a bit of a turn-off. Yet, the more I listened to it, the more the chorus wormed its way into my head. The song’s pre-chorus vocals that highlight all the girls’ voices make the song danceable and distinct.

Run For Roses

  NMIXX's "Run For Roses" intrigues listeners with the fiddle, guitar, claps, and pop sounds that add a taste of country influence. The fiddle is unconventional on the K-pop scene, yet it reminds me of Blackpink's classical innovative violin backtrack in their 2022 song "SHUT DOWN". "Run For Roses" is an easy head-nodding song, with a laid-back atmosphere defined by acapella vocals and fluid guitar. The well-crafted flow finishes with a climactic high note from the main vocalist Lily, resulting in a satisfying ending rivaling the catchiness of"DASH".


  The background ambiance and use of overwhelming samples and sound effects in "BOOM" make it feel like it is being played in a mall. The occasional "Tick tick tick" offers some flair to the listening experience, but the song ranks lower among my favorites within the EP. Although a satisfying moment of this song is at minute 2:25, NMIXX takes an unexpected turn, speeding the pace to develop a more pop, TikTok-esque sound, converting the song from mediocre to engaging. Although the light synths are not my preference, NMIXX manages to continue their trademark of quirky beats. 


  "Passionfruit" by NMIXX is a synth-pop track with a vibrant bounce, but some may find the repetitive lyrics and bounciness too much. While I would not intentionally listen to the song, the upbeat mood and video game melody add variety to the album.


  "XOXO" is one of NMIXX's best B-sides, with a chill R&B style and a hint of serenity. The song's lively melodies highlight NMIXX's ability to deliver angelic vocals, making it perfect as background music for cute social media posts. On the first listen, I was struck by the delicate melodies, which were addictively rhythmic. The frequent line "give me X-O-X-O" sticks in my head as a continual reminder of the girls' gentle voices. 

Break The Wall

  "Break The Wall" is below average, as its chanting chorus does not fit my taste. While the girls' vocal harmonies are outstanding, the song is forgettable in the EP. However, the song can make the listener feel confident and feel much pride. Despite being lackluster in comparison to the other songs, the loud percussion, vocals, and occasional claps give it a climactic feel, similar to a main character's ballad.

  NMIXX continues to strengthen their presence as K-pop idols, kicking off the new year with a comeback with at least one song that would interest a listener. Their current EP is a statement to the industry, emphasizing their ability to generate distinct and exciting music.

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