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Agape Belize Club

   Agape Belize Club aims to raise funds for medical relief teams and to encourage environmental awareness. Members are informed on environmental issues, such as global warming, and become educated on the importance of taking care of the Earth’s resources. Agape Belize Club stems from Agape Belize Cure, a nonprofit organization that provides medical supplies and relief to Belize. 

   Agape Belize Club meetings are held in B243, Desiree Almaraz’s room, every Tuesday during lunch. 

Amnesty International

   Amnesty International focuses on spreading awareness and advocating for human rights globally.This club can be found almost everywhere around the world and has over seven million members. During meetings, club members learn about current global issues from club officers or guest speakers. The club also provides service hours and activities like signing petitions.

   Amnesty International meets during lunch in F202, advisor Daphne Trager’s room. Meetings occur every third Thursday of each month.

Chinese Culture Club

   The Chinese Culture Club seeks to spread awareness about Chinese culture, history, and customs. Their activities center around reconnecting students to their heritage through presentations, media, and crafts. This semester, the club aims to combine tradition with Chinese pop culture by hosting movie days and making origami. 

   The club has monthly meetings on Fridays in B135 during lunch. The club president is Grace Tang, junior, and is advised by Mandarin teacher Yan Mao.

Conversation Partners Club 

   Conversation Partners is a place for English speakers and non-English speakers alike get to know each other. Students receive a partner for the year and meet with them to talk and get to know each other better. Advisor Lovelyn Chang  noted a gap between the fluent speakers and the English learners and wanted to help bridge that gap through Conversation Partner Club. 

   Members gather every first and third Thursday each month at lunch in B238. 

Christian Club

   The Christian Club aims to create a safe space for students to learn about Christianity. The club president, senior Luccia Yacoub, has a pastor join the students monthly for readings and prayer. Activities such as Bible readings in small groups and religious discussion are accompanied by snacks and food when outside.

   The Christian Club is advised by Philip Zamora and meets every Friday in the choir room or on the bleachers at lunch.

Creative Writing Club

     This club is perfect for students who have a passion for writing. Members work on different writing prompts at each meeting. The goal of the club is to provide students with fun writing experiences and a forum to share their work. Members can also get feedback on their personal writing through the club. The president is junior Rachel Young and the advisor is Marguerita Drew. 

   Creative Writing Club meets on the third Wednesday in room B141 at the beginning of lunch.

Dress to Express Club

   Dress to Express is a club that helps people express themselves through fashion. This club aims to teach students about clothing as art, sustainability in fashion, acceptance of different clothing styles and the way in which each individual chooses to express themselves through fashion. Geraldine Ly and Emily Casciani are co-presidents. 

   The club meets every other Thursday at 12:29 pm in advisor Krista Wray’s classroom, E268.

Environmental Awareness Club

   Environmental Awareness Club aims to educate students on how they can lessen the impact. The club is planning activities such as cleanups, Students can finally help their communities. For students that want to preserve the environment and are interested in promoting the well-being of the Earth, you can contact Ryan Mak.

   The club meets on the second Thursday of every month during lunch in Daphne Traeger’s room, F203.

Esports Club

   Esports Club’s main goal is to create a space for students to play their favorite competitive video games and have fun. The club competes against other schools near Gabrielino. Members plan to participate in the High School Esports League against other schools. 

   The club has general meetings on the first Monday of every month and meets every day during lunch in the band room. The adviser is Melissa Romero. 

Future Business Leaders of America

   Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) offers educational opportunities focusing on business preparation. The club participates in multi-school conferences, competitions, leadership-building projects, and community service. Events are chosen for members to build networks within the business industry. Members can learn how to communicate effectively and become eligible to earn awards and scholarships. 

   Club meetings are held at lunch or after school on Thursdays in advisor Janiece Thorp’s classroom, E161. 

Gender Sexuality Alliance Club

   The Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a club that aims to spread awareness about LGBT+ issues, as well as informing students on how they can advocate for LGBT+ rights. In addition to this, it is a social and support group for LGBT+ students and their allies. 

   General meetings are on the first and third Thursday of every month at 12:45 in room B105. The advisor is Kat Ross.

Girl Up

   Girl Up is a women empowerment organization created by United Nations made to advance women’s rights and give a better understanding of gender discrepancy around the world. Members participate in in-depth talks about feminism. In addition, members will participate in activities, such as fundraising for girls in third-world countries. 

   Girl Up meets in advisor Lovelyn Chang’s room, B269, every last Thursday of the month at 12:45 p.m.

Home Economics Club

   In the Home Economic Club, students learn to cook a variety of dishes. An activity fee of $8 is needed,  but this is not a membership fee. The goal of this club is for students to learn to prepare simple dishes which they can carry on to dorm life in college or university. 

   The club meets twice a month on the last Tuesday and Thursday of each month at lunch in room B201. The advisor is Joseph Salcedo. 

Interact Club

   Interact is a volunteer club dedicated to bettering and supporting the community through services, with the purpose of not only assisting others but helping students grow leadership and responsibility skills. Members will be expected to complete a certain number of volunteer hours every semester through the Interact service program. 

   Interact’s meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 12:39 in the Small Gym. The advisor is Flora Ung.

Japanese Language and Culture Club

   The Japanese Language and Culture Club strives to introduce Japanese through reading, writing, and speaking courses. President, Chien-Hao Chen leads the club members in cultural activities such as origami folding and tanzaku writing.

   This club meets on the third Friday of each month at 12:10 p.m. in room E266 and is advised by Justin Doring. For more information about the club, check out @ghs_japanese_club on Instagram. 

Key Club

   Key Club partakes in community service events and volunteering projects. As a student-led organization, Key Club focuses on preparing for useful citizenship, building character, and developing leadership skills with care and inclusivity in mind. Members participate in services that intend to benefit the school and community.

   Key Club meets on the second Friday of every month during lunch in the small gym. The advisors are Edith Gonzalez and Mandarin teacher Yan Mao. 

Make-a-Friend Club 

  Make-a-Friend Club is a new club and, while its members are still defining the club’s activities, the purpose is to help students develop a social network, promoting  unity and provides students with a more positive high school experience. It is one of the few clubs that meet through Zoom and the link can be found in their Google Classroom. Use code: 4c62buc. 

   The club meets on the third Monday, every month at 6 p.m. 

Make-A-Wish Club

   The Make-A-Wish Club is part of the Non-Profit organization with the same name. Its mission is to fulfill the wishes of children with critical illnesses. Make-A-Wish club has volunteering opportunities that allow members to grant wishes. They spread awareness of diseases and help children with them. 315,000 wishes have been granted since 1980. 

   Make-A-Wish Club meets during lunch in advisor and Special Education teacher Ashley Pech’s room, E164.

Math Club

   “Math Club’s purpose is to create a welcoming environment for those passionate in math,” explained Chien-Hao Chen, president of the Math Club. 

   Hosted in B151 during lunch on the third Thursday of each month, with club advisor Andres Diosdado, of the math department, Math Club prepares for events such as Mu Alpha Theta (ΜΑΘ), a national convention for students interested in math. Members can also improve their math skills and build connections with fellow math enthusiasts. 


   Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement (MESA) works to give underrepresented students opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The club provides tutoring and the chance to participate in an engineering competition in March. After three years of being an active member, students earn a sash at graduation .

   MESA meets every Wednesday in Room B251 during lunch. The president is Luccia Yacoub, senior, and the advisor is Marisela Aguilera, math department.

Operation Smile

   Operation Smile is dedicated to spreading awareness for children who are born with facial deformities. Co-president Katie Wong was inspired to create this club after reading the book, “Wonder’’ by R.J. Palacio, about a boy who feels like an outcast due to his facial anomaly. Through volunteer services, fundraisers, and care packages, students can make a difference.

   Operation Smile meets in advisor Daphne Traeger’s room, F203, every first Thursday of the month during lunch.

Positive Vibes Club

   Positive Vibes Club’s (PVC) main goal is to raise awareness, break the stigma surrounding mental health, and reinforce an environment of positivity. During club meetings, students are educated about mental health, receive an opportunity to build relationships, and participate in de-stressing activities. PVC is not intended to provide therapy but to foster a safe environment for students.

 Positive Vibes Club meets in advisor Daphne Traeger’s room, F203, every second Wednesday of the month during lunch. 

Protecting Animal Welfare Club (PAW)

   The Protecting Animal Welfare Club is a service organization at Gabrielino High School. Their main purpose is to raise awareness about animal abuse and to promote the welfare of our animal community. 

   Tam Le, the president of the club, aims to inform individuals about the animal welfare that are impacted due to the developing technology based on society. Their intentions are to assist San Gabriel’s local shelter and animal based programs through student service and leadership.

Psychology Club

  Psychology Club is for students interested in the human mind.  Members who join will become informed on how the brain functions and how this affects behavior. Past activities have included psychological experiments, learning how to detect deception in the social deduction game Among Us, analyzing movies, and listening to guest speakers. 

   Psychology Club meets every third Tuesday of each month at 12:40 p.m. Meetings are advised by Maria Cruz and are held in room B235. 

Raising Justice Club

   Raising Justice Club’s mission is to help provide children in third world countries and war-stricken territories with educational resources and learning opportunities to give them a better future. Members are encouraged to appreciate the gift of education. Currently, the club is writing and sending letters to children attending Justice Rising schools in Congo. 

   Raising Justice meets in Doring’s room in E266 every third Tuesday of the month at 12:35 p.m during lunch. 

Red Cross Club

   The American Red Cross club assists families and individuals who are affected in any type of emergency. Led by senior Melanic Hsiang, members of this club participate in activities such as disaster preparedness workshops for earthquake and fire safety. Along with this, they participate in volunteer services that include CPR training and installing fire alarms. 

   Red Cross meets the first Thursday of every month during lunch in the advisor Tom Velekei’s room, B208. 

Robotics Club 

   Robotics Club aims to expand the knowledge and skills of students within the world of robotics. In this club, members explore the function and areas such as circuits, coding and arduino. 

   Senior Alden Do stated,“it’s really a family. There’s nowhere else in this campus that feels like home. Everyone in the organization strives to work hard to learn how to code…our goal is to hopefully be able to attend robotics competitions in the future.”

Science Olympiad

  Science Olympiad is a non-profit organization that strives to assist its members in discovering their passion in the sciences. The club learns about different subjects using games like Kahoot or Jeopardy to prepare for the annual Science Olympiad competition. Members can also connect with people of similar interests. 

   Members convene in Room B206 with advisor Laura Leyda during lunch on the first and fourth Thursday of each month. 

Smash Bros Club

   The Smash Bros Club was created to find a middle-ground between having fun with friends online and in-person during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to having fun, members get to display their competitive spirits and learn good sportsmanship during casual matches and small tournaments. 

   Smash Bros Club meets in science teacher and advisor Daphne Traeger‘s room, F203, every first, third, and fifth Friday of the month at 12:25 p.m.

Snail Mail Club

   The Snail Mail Club aims to show appreciation to teachers and other Gabrielino staff members, such as campus aides, custodians, and office administration. During each general meeting, students write two letters of appreciation and turn in four handwritten letters at the end of the month. 

   Advised by Spanish teacher Xenia Rivera, the Snail Mail Club meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month in Room E160 at lunch. 

Socorro Club 

   Gabrielino High School’s first Hispanic Heritage Club is led by senior Karyme Peña. The purpose of this club is give students the opportunity to explore their Hispanic heritage. 

   Peña stated, “We want Socorro to provide a safe space for GHS students to share experiences as well as educate themselves/others on the culture…” 

   The name of the club, Socorro, meaning aid, signifies the safe and open environment in which the Hispanic community can feel welcome. 

Society of Women Engineers

   Society of Women Engineers (SWE) is a club based on a non-profit organization by the same name. It is led by women who are dedicated to fostering female interest in the field of engineering. This club is meant to provide exposure to guest speakers and host activity workshops to build a strong community of STEM-interested students no matter their gender. 

   SWE meets in advisor Daphne Traeger’s room, F203, every last Wednesday of the month during lunch.

Tongva Legacy Dance Club

   Tongva Legacy Dance club is the only dance club on campus this year. According to their president, junior Andy Banh, the club provides a safe learning environment for students of varying backgrounds. 

   The main goal is to help students interested in starting their journey of learning various dance styles, such as K-pop dance. 

   This club meets every third Thursday of the month, after school, at 3:10 pm in advisor JC Gafford’s classroom. 


   The UNICEF club was created with the intention of giving every child a fair chance. UNICEF is led by senior Maya Pourreza, who works alongside club advisor Jennifer Mendez. Members participate in many different activities and fundraisers, such as on World Water Day, where a relay race is held to bring awareness and to bring clean water to such areas. 

   The club meets on the second Thursday of every month during lunch in Jennifer Mendez’s classroom, B149. 

Vietnamese Student Association

   According to Co-President Lam Chung, senior, the Vietnamese Student Association  strives to develop an inclusive community that spreads awareness and shows appreciation towards Vietnamese culture. The club encourages students of various backgrounds to learn more about Asian cultures through club meetings and activities.  

   The club meets during lunch every third Monday of the month. Meetings are held in Jessica Magana’s classroom, E261. 

Weightlifting Club

   The Weightlifting Club focuses on creating an encouraging, positive, and safe environment for students to improve on their techniques and physical abilities. This club is also intended for students to fight off their worry and stress and to boost their overall mood after a great workout. 

   Marcos Hernandez, the president of the Club, directs students to try new activities while also giving them a chance to meet new people and bond with them.

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