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Bren’s Cosplay Corner: Halloween Edition

   Every Halloween, the scramble for the perfect costume begins. But what if the most show-stopping outfit was already tucked away in your closet, waiting to be discovered?

   To begin, generally, you can find costumes in pieces for cheaper instead of purchasing a whole costume for over $50. Low-price clothing items can be found at T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Amazon, Ross, SHEIN, or your local thrift store. Many of the outfits listed may already be part of your wardrobe. 

   In addition, it is also important to get lots of inspiration! Checking out Pinterest for a specific style or items for an outfit works a lot to find inspiration. In the end, as long as your costume is similar enough to the canon version is what counts. 


Barbie & Oppenheimer: 

   The summer’s best duo! Put on that cowgirl hat and mysterious fedora, and paint the Halloween Town red with your best duo. For Barbie, dress in all pink to imitate her iconic cowgirl outfit. Specifically, purchase a hot pink waistcoat and flared jeans/pants, and a sparkly bandana. If you want to be extra, head to your local dollar store and buy sparkles to shine up that outfit! For Oppenheimer, this one could be a bit complicated to piece together because of the difficult-to-find color scheme, but it does not have to be incredibly accurate. If possible, ask family members, and search local budget clothing stores if there are any suits or articles of clothing that resemble Oppenheimer’s signature apparel. Specific articles of clothing can be tan pants, a dark brown trench coat/long blazer and dress shoes, a dark orange tie, a brown belt, and a watch. 



   A classic costume option full of endless possibilities for how extravagant the ensemble can be. Whether the outfit has a frilly white or black blouse and some dark shoes, make sure to keep it mysterious. Make the outfit as feminine or masculine as you want! If you would like a nice feminine vampire look, I recommend wearing a black top, skirt, coat, or blazer of any kind, a waistcoat, corset, Mary Jane-style shoes, and stockings. For a masculine look, it is recommended to have a silk-quality/refined white dress shirt, a black corset, and add some nice black slacks or a skirt. Possibilities of the specific aesthetic of vampires could be Victorian (lots of lace and ruffles), classic Dracula (all-black outfit with cloak), or your interpretation of mashing up dark clothing. A recommended makeup look is lots of eyeliner and a smokey eye style, what counts is there is a dark color scheme used. What matters most is the confident and positive attitude you bring to wearing the costume. 


Secret Service and the President:

   The eagle has landed! This idea is a great excuse to dress in suits with your friends. If your friend group is able, try and escort the person dressed as the president to class. Or, walk around campus/any other location, surrounding the president to “protect.” For the dress code, it’s important to wear a standard black suit, for both the roles of President and Secret Service members. To add more pizazz for the secret service members, they may have different tie colors, and wear fake earpieces, and sunglasses along with black shoes. For this idea, you can get as many friends involved, the more the merrier to protect the president. 


Kuromi and My Melody:

   The cutest Sanrio duo, you and a partner can coordinate the fashionable style of My Melody and Kuromi. For My Melody, the color scheme should be pink and white, while Kuromi is purple and black. My recommended option for My Melody is a white skirt/pants/shorts with legwarmers, a baby pink cardigan, and a hair bow or a Melody headband. Makeup ideas would be to add white sparkles, a pink pastel color scheme, and lip gloss. Kuromi’s outfit could consist of a purple and black hoodie leg warmers, and black pants/skirt. With this look, It would be cute to style your hair with barrettes or pigtails. 


   In the end, the most important thing is to have fun, be comfortable, and embrace the spirit of Halloween. Whether you are recreating a well-known character or adding your unique twist to a costume, the key is to enjoy the process. So, go ahead and explore your closet, visit some budget-friendly stores, and get inspired by various sources to create a Halloween look that you will be proud of. Happy Halloween, and may your costumes be as spooktacular as the memories you create!

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