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Senior Wills

I, Monica Nguyen, leave to Peer Helping, my ability to advocate for others & self & ability to educate others on neurodiversity because neurodivergent people need more acceptance besides awareness. I hope that Peer Helping can help more neurodivergent students next year!

I Sam Chu leave to Ashley Castillo my title of tallest player on the soccer team.

I,Tyler Vo, leave to Ryan Wun, and Ivan Mendoza my sense of humor. The last 2 years of high school is fun with you boys around, and I also hope we can be good leaders and make others laugh too in the future. I also hope that we can help others find their sense of humor as well.

I, Hkun Brang San Awng, leave to Xinghai Liu and Terrance Chen my bad luck

Benny Jiang Kenny Qasim Grade will be A.

I, Millie Chie Huang, leave to Ryan Sieh and Jeffrey Wu, my extensive FBLA knowledge and wisdom. I know you guys will make it to State and Nationals!! To Kylie Wu, I leave my amazing Spanish hehe.

I, Vicky Man, leave to Kathleen my ability to draw. I hope they can put it to good use! (Also try not to procrastinate).

I, Hannah Patterson, leave to Lylah Teraoka my ability to tumble during games as the last payke team member on the cheer team .

I, Ella Galvan leave janene, ava and candyce my ability to always be laughing while budde is teaching.

I, Tracy Lin, leave to Kaitlyn, my immaculate Papa’s Cupcakeria baking skills. Even though you may be better at frosting, can you mess up an order as good as I can? I think not.

I, Andy Banh, leave Ashley Lau, my ability to manifest for anything in the moment because she will especially need it in her next year. I leave Tracy Thang, my ability to not care about things as she should have a stress-free year. I leave Zican Huang luck for next year. I leave 22-23 Key Club officers my perseverance. I leave 22-23 ASB my blessings regardless of anything that happens. You all are strong people!

I, John Torres, leave Gab Varsity soccer my defensive work ethic to next years defense. Keep the standard high for gab soccer and bring home more banners!

I, Jordan Hum, leave to the basketball team my exuberant dancing ability and “what’s up viewers” catchphrase. Continue the good vibes. Cade and Darius, I give you the spirit of my bummy car. Continue the tennis ball legacy. Kevin Lin and Little Darin, I give you my love for the Lakers. Alex, you get my ability to play defense and rebound. Seth, you get my slow jumpshot. To journalism, I give you my lively entrances. Peace.

I, Tavina Chen, leave to the GHS Drama Department my love of performance. I hope they continue to put on great shows for years to come full of love and joy. And to the rest of my underclassmen, I leave to them my work ethic. Become someone you’ll love yourself. You only live once and you’re the only one who can make your life fun. I will miss you all <3!

I, Vulena Xiong, bequeath to ASB my leadership skills built by the highs and lows of being a member, dedication, and mindset to never settle for less. To my favorite Ngeam, I leave Paris my girl boss mentality, unwavering ambition, and spectacular math skills. My college app skills to Tony, Amanda, and Paris. To Jestie, my drive to give back as a physician, tenacity to persevere through the toughest of times, and high hopes.

I, Jordan Liu, leave my endless “Breaking Bad” knowledge to my brother Dylan Liu, the power to put Connor on probation to Kate Hamamoto, my talent for giving amazing and non-emotional pep talks to Connor Tran, my ability to beat all the odds to Ashley Lau, and my favorite pair of scissors to Karina Vargas. To Expos I leave my ability to cut straight borders and to the Screamin’ Eagles I leave all my love.

I, Cassidy Yu, leave to Kendall Suehiro and Tony Nguyen, my love for music and ability to write flats on the right side. To Marleen Ngo, Emma Kurniawan, and Michelle Trinh, I leave my love for you and a warning to start college applications earlier than I did 😀 To my juniors, I’ll miss you guys and thanks for making my senior year fun!! <3

I, Nathan Huang, leave to Nathan Truong a good middle blocker and food every morning, Jaden Cheng my hops and my intelligence, Seth Asaoka the confidence to kill every set, Darin Chau my “unlucky!” mentality, Joshua Peralta the ability to focus in practice, and Aidan Wong my enthusiasm for volleyball.

I Leonardo Cerros leave my “Son” Carter Nguyen some of my height cause he really needs some. I leave Delton Louie some some of my hair so he doesn’t look like a monk. I leave Jayden Contreras nothing he’s already better then me. I leave Tomas Watts some water wings so he can swim better. I leave the rest of the JV Swim team a loud voice so they can cheer on there teammates.

i, sofia meza, leave to the ghs cheer team my cheer spirit, and my dedication to always perform to my highest ability, go full out on every performance, and my crazy personality.

I, Kale Ly, leave to the future of Project Eco-Eagle my ability to photosynthesize all day everyday to be energized and healthy.

I, Joey Huang, leave Jaiden Cheing my ability to balance school and kdramas, AND my Valorant clutch genes. Thank you for being my kdrama guinea pig and get out of bronze asap. My favorite speech underclassman Alex Hoe, my math skills, but you already know they’re horrible– so maybe not. I hope senior year and calc bc treats you well! And lastly, Austin Tran, my ability to pass all my ap exams, please get off roblox.

I, Jocelyn Cruz, leave to the girls soccer team my humor and tolerance to have a fun and good season, goodluck next year love y’all!!

I, Grace Ma, leave to Jerrell Tran my amazing, very safe, spectacular, driving skills. Don’t speed.

I, Sammi Luo, leave to Katie Dang my school spirit and my last 2 brain cells for school.

I, Jingwen Chen, leave to Marleen Ngo my insane ability for mathematical comprehension and my AP Calculus BC grade, to Kyla Penamante my relaxing senior year, hopefully at least a passing grade in AP Physics C, and my procrastination skills, to Sunny Lam my title as “3D Printing God”, and to Jaden Chang and Austin Tran my ability to pull, amazing Valorant skills, and a great junior year.

I, Kevin Tanaka, leave to the Track & Field Team, my ability to run fast and jump high. I, Kevin Tanaka, leave to the Orchestra, my ability to sight-read any piece.  I, Kevin Tanaka, leave to Jaden Chang, my rizz powers because he has no rizz. I, Kevin Tanaka, leave to Austin Tran, my ability to act normal. I, Kevin Tanaka, leave to Nicholas Hoang, my ability to run fast because he is slow.

I, Wayne Ngo, leave to the monkeys: Tyler Bernardo and Albert Tran Jr., my impeccable grades in Spanish and my everlasting admiration towards Rivera. To Lex Lee my hard work and dedication in track, and the ability to never int in league. To Matthew Aparicio my scrumptious taste in music and to remain healthy during season. To hop stars my expertise in coming up with team names for jumps. To Austin Tran my screaming while dragging out words.

I, Guadalupe Rios, leave to Aku Orozco my ability to remember to drink water everyday. I hope they always stay hydrated and healthy!

I, Daniel Trinh, leave to Michelle Trinh my procrastination, dedication, motivation, and all the other good features about me. I know it will be hard without me at school but just know I am there with you in spirit.

I, Katherine Chen, leave to Jesus Gonzalez my fast-typing abilities as the next ASB Secretary, to Haily Tieu and Priscilla Hoang my chaotic meeting energy as VSA’s next leaders, to Zican Huang my dog bragging skills, and to Paris Ngeam and Jacob Schilf my endurance when life gets tough. Lastly, I leave to ASB all my Tofu pictures and luck for next year. I am confident that you all will do exceptional <3

I, Rachel Young, leave my love and leadership to all the juniors in Cross Country and Distance. I hope you all can spread kindness and joy to every aspect of running. To Chloe Chong, my co-captain, my braiding skills- it’s your turn to do race hair. To Melody and Sherelene, my secrets. To Lauren and Ryan, my one 300-meter hurdle race because you guys still suck at jumping. To Lily, my speech and running strength.

I, Jessica Sucongga, leave my totally safe driving skills to Sarah Banh, the ability to be on time for school & all the movie marathons to Cade Yoshitani, the courage(I never had) to quit volleyball to Samantha Cheung, Jocelyn Chau, & Audrey Ko, my athlete scouting abilities to Faye Richardson, my Sunright discount to Seth Asaoka & Alex Hoe, my Candy Crush skills to Katelyn Chung, and my A+ Spanish skills to Nathan Truong & Alvin Tam. Love y’all <3

I, Desiree Yang, leave my kiddos Nicole Tran and Michelle Hua, my passionate rants and tangents about Omori, my caffeine addiction, and the ability to find a yummy matcha latte. I also leave them the strength to reach out. I’m so proud of them for making it this far, and they deserve all the love and support that they can get.

I, Matthew Chan, leave the underclassmen of the basketball team, my amazing basketball skills which ain’t much but you could probably just give it to Alex and he’ll be like 10 times better. I hope they’ll have just as much fun as we did this year and hopefully make it far in CIF next year. I’ll be watching you guys like Obi-Wan and just like Obi-Wan I’m gone.

I, Kay Lee, leave to Austin Ko my calve genetics, to Jocelyn Chau and Samantha Cheung, my patience, to Lex Lee, my work ethic, to Cassy Liu and Noelle Chan, my tea, to Nathan Truong, my math skills, to Kyla Penamante, my mental.

I, Robyn Kho, leave Tracy Thang my ability to pull all the Song Mingi photocards you want and all the presale codes for concerts. I hope you live your best ATINY life! To Ryan Sieh and Jeffery Wu, I leave you both my amazing fashion sense and my ability to relax. I hope you guys always have the most fire fits, like me. And don’t be too stressed your senior year, you guys got this!

I, Morwenna Trinh, leave to my soulmate Sherry Shi my forever love for cats and our memories at the park. The strength that got me through all my obstacles, and lastly my rebellious spirit! Please don’t worry too much about the future, and don’t push yourself so hard, you will do many great things and I’m sure of that, I love you endlessly!

I leave to Paris Ngeam, Krystal Ngeam and Jacob Schilf my ability to NEVER GET INJURED. To my mini me’s Emma Le and Madison Lau, I leave you my fearlessness, never ending passion and my perfect handwriting! I leave to Kara Mak my impeccable skill to pull and the strength to get up and go to school (wink). I leave to ASB my amazing wonderful show stopping never seen before brilliant music taste and humor.

I, Nisa Alvarez, leave to Minglu Zhou my support and all my awesomeness that she can use next year during her senior year. Thank you for the “guidelines” that helped me through my senior year, and I hope I could leave some behind for you too. Good luck, love ya broski.

I, Kory Yuen, leave to all my lil bros in pole vault, my dedication and drive to be the best. To Xummer Luu, my ability to show up to practice on time and my zero foot hops. To Alexis Do, my Mondo Duplantis flick and ability to be a gap. To Chloe Chong, my memorization and an early plant. To Jason Ma, my endless stamina and vouch as a masseuse. To Richard Hy, my healthy ankle and my speed.

I, Ivy Ly, leave to Zican Huang my ability to study (which he is probably better at) and ability to do Ap Tests without stressing because it’s not that serious. I, Ivy Ly, also leave to Silvia Truong my Valorant account and all the bad stigma surrounding it.

I, Alice Pham, leave to my favorite stellar mathematician, track star, muscle gym man buddy, and gossiper, Katie Lo, my lunch table and girl boss energy.

I, Sydni Yang, leave Madelyn Duong and Michelle Yu my driving skills, lunch table, and ability to walk really fast so I’m never late. I leave my sense of humor and jelly nails to Addyson Diep, my nonexistent comp sci and calculus prowess to Allyson Lay, my unbelievably good hand-eye coordination to Emi Naito, my tragic tan lines to Eindra Maung, and my leadership in PVC to Brandon Yee. 

I Jazmin Zepeda, leave to Jenny Tran my math skills. You will need them next year in calc.

I, Johnny You, leave to Interact my love for the community and somehow finding enough time.

I, Grace Patterson, leave JoJo, Nicole, Audrey, Ailise, and Abby, my talent at avoiding flip turns when possible (sorry I hate them). To my lane buddies, Zoe&Evanna, thanks for counting the time intervals. To the rest of Gabrielino Swim & Dive, I hope you have a great season next year!! To my APES juniors, Kathy, Samuel, and Skyler, you guys made that class so fun for me and I wish you guys the best senior year! 

I, Kaylani Seto, leave to Mia, Faith, and Ally all the pizza from the school cafeteria.

I, James Yang, leave to Darin Chau my perseverance, undying will and passing skills to continue being the very thing that the volleyball team can rely on. To Seth Asaoka I leave my ability to let go of mistakes and not let anything bother my ability to perform properly. To Aidan I leave my consistent work ethic and discipline to allow him to fully reach his potential.

I, Ashlee Cruz, leave for future classes my advice. Surround yourselves only with those who have your best interest in mind & you have theirs, and please follow the golden rule- your future self will thank you. Take my advice, or learn the hard way if you want. Keep being kind.

I, Giselle Gonzalez Valencia, leave to my brother the title of “Giselle’s brother.” To Audrey, Speedy, Chance, and Joc, I leave my ability to serve on and off court. To Tiff and Sarah, I leave my incredible rizz. To Keizo, I leave my math skills. To Katelyn, I leave my sick gaming abilities. And finally, to Faye Richardson, I leave my ability to be unmedicated, my good grades, and my addictive personality.

I, Hugo Gonzalez, leave to Gab Woodshop, my ability to work hard and collaborate with others.

I, Thien-Y Ho, leave to my cousin Katie Ho my ability to function on thirty minutes of sleep, something that I hope she never has to use.

I, Holden Grey Teraoka, leave to Lylah Teraoka my Lunch Table Near mr Buddes classroom

I, Kerrie Phuong, leave the concert choir toes and part of girls swim, my presence and energy to the dedicated activities. To swim: stay chaotic; To the toes: Stay weezy. <3

I, Emily Lu, leave to Bren Belmonte, my extreme “best friend” who’s been with me during the choir and all the concerts that we’ve done. I hope you’ll have a bright future just like your smile and think of me sometimes even when I’m not here <3

I Xitlali Cruz, leave to Ally Cheng and Dennese Cruz my sympathy and understanding of High School.

I, Grace Kuang, leave to all the underclassmen I know my best wishes and the best luck for next year!! O7

I, Brenda Yu, leave my architectural skills and unlimited snacks to Ethan and Jeffrey, my superb driving and parking skills and Asian stereotypes to Landen, Nathan, and Matthew, my ability to put on a tech suit easily to Kianna, my hilarious jokes and my 20/20 vision to Audrey, Nicole, Josephine, Gwendolyn, Sophia, and Sarah, my artistic abilities and procrastination habits to Sherry and Delton, my comp sci knowledge to Kaden and Katelyn, and my whole heart and soul to Gabrielino Swim and Dive.

I, Mandy Tan, leave to the Gabrielino color guard my spinning, tossing, and especially dropping abilities. I also leave my dance abilities to Alexis Do, who doesn’t need it but hopefully appreciates it anyway. To my sisters, I leave all of my love and knowledge on how to get through four years of Gab.

I, Aidan P. Scannell, leave to Mark Liu, my complete and perfect understanding of Marxist theory. To Kathryn Sauceda and Matthew Wu, my grades (lol I don’t want em). To Jayden Pheung and Megan Kong, I leave my uncomprising Kurdish nationalism. To my sister, my athletic ability. To Kalyn Thai, Addyson Diep, and Allyson Lay, the money I owe Victor. To Garrison Chan and Sherry Shi, my college prospects.

I, Ashley Uenishi, leave to the cheer squad my tumbling, flexibility, and can´t wait to see all of your accomplishments next year. I also leave to noelle chan, cassy liu, and gianna tram my design abilities to them and I know you guys will create an amazing book for next year! Lastly, I leave faith shimazaki our everyday walks to 2nd period and I cannot wait to see you grow as a person over these next couple of years!

I, John Chammas, leave to my little brother Mark Chammas my writing skills because he’ll need them for journalism next year! May he maintain an image of Chammas excellence.

I, Grace Kurniawan, leave to Emma Kurniawan my incomparable understanding of physics, ability to pull through on last minute deadlines. and my questionable dad joke humor. I leave to Joshua Phang my definitely, very accurate aim in FPS games and ability to survive with barely any sleep. To Marleen Ngo, I leave any brain cells I have left regarding math which is close to none but good luck.

I, Tuyet Thai, leave yearbook my ability to make up quotes for captions. I leave Hannah Quon and Phoebe Chan my amazing tetris design ability and my math ability. I leave Noelle Chan, Gianna Tram, Cassy Liu, and Katie Lo my excellent sleep schedule.

I, Gabriel Sundaramoorthy, leave, in no particular order: Veena, my interp skills; Garrison and Sofia, my whistling ability; Sophia and Aaron, my Derek-whispering; Marco and Lily, and all the other IXers, my American patriotism; Angelina and Sherry, my Extemperness (now you have to join); Matt and Joaquin, my loudness; Stanley, my strength (because I’m stronger); Jayden, Pan, Megan, Gabby, and Natalia, and all the other novices, my nerdiness (sorry, you can’t avoid it).

I, Evelina Nguyen, leave my favorite sophmore Ava Yama, my unconditional love and support because she will need it during her college applications next year!! I will always support you even from afar. ♡

I, Kyle Ly, leave to Austin Tran my ability to make money and get employed. I leave Jaden Chang my unspoken talent of keeping conversation with women(sorry). I leave Brandon Wong, Josh Jimenez, Andrew Tsui, Nathan Weng, and Josh Peralta the ability to airbow as first stand. I leave Matthew Tang, Jordan Gao, Trevsu Marvel, Emma Kurniawan, Marlene Ngo, and Joshua Phang the ability to graduate and go to college.

I, Kayli Ngeam, leave to my sisters, Paris and Krystal Ngeam, my academic ambition, self-discipline, and unconditional support – always remember to reach for the stars! To Paris, I leave my athleticism to compete at the highest level. I hope you go far (and win) in CIF next year! To Krystal, I leave my superb Mandarin knowledge and time-management skills so that you can maintain a proper sleep schedule.

I, Eden F. Gomez, leave Faith Villanueva, my amazing Spanish-speaking skills. I leave my courage and love of Crocs to Rheanna Beltran. To Lex Sengelmann I leave my love for math and English. I leave passion love for music and leadership to Gaby Navarro. I love you guys <3

I, Gabriel Santos, leave to Ozzy my soccer skills, I hope you become a bench warmer for the varsity team and take us to CIF. To Faye, I leave my happiness, you always looked better with a smile on your face. And to Alvin and Melvin Tam I leave my humor, I hope my bad jokes can still make you laugh throughout your senior year.

I Joseph Peng, leave my love for speech to my OI kiddos(I cannot possibly name all of you guys). All my in-between round tournament craziness and fun, so that you guys can learn to love all of speech. Not just the performing and the working, but the environment and community that comes with it. To Addy Diep and Kaylyn Thai I leave my worktime focus switch to help and be able to grow others with yourself. 

I, Trinh Huynh, leave to Michelle Trinh and Ashley Lau, my other halves, all the joys of highschool and the ability to keep laughing until you can’t breathe anymore. I leave to Jason Ma, my snacks, insanity, and phenomenal singing talents. I leave to Katie Dang, my love and kindness to all. I leave to choir, Key, VSA, and ASB underclassmen, optimism for the future and all of your endeavours.

I, Cory Tran, leave to TBando, AJ Tran, and Matt Aparicio, my hops, Lex Lee, my gaming expertise, Isiah Caballero and Ajani Romero my 10.50 100m time, Zuhui Gao, my “rizz”, Soohoo, my love for food, Valerie Leung, my WordHunt and driving skills, Preston Diaz, my tranquility, James Yang and Nick Hoang, my height, Bryanna Quach and Juliana Chieng, my love for Track, and finally, Byrner and Baby, a bag of chips, I guess…

I, Malia Munsayac, leave my relay dive, naps on the bus, and condolences as she endures another year of club swim to Zoe Nimpoeno. I pass down my slacker skills to Evanna Wong, Jacqueline Nguyen, and Abgail McNutt because two negatives make a positive. To the GEMR Color Guard: all the bread and boba to get through after school practices, my silent judgery, 27 points knowledge, and the ability to stay inside the toaster. 

I, Winnie Yang, leave to Chenlu Yang, Kristy Pang, Nathan Hoe, and the rest of the Viola Section in Orchestra my commitment and determination to all 4 years in Orchestra; to Tony Nguyen and Kendall Suehiro my talent to always be effortlessly funny and transparent; to Joshua Phang my drive to be able to slay every single day; to Katie Dang or anyone that is the future Historian in ASB the ability to do the display case on time every month.

I, Erika Luc leave to Sherry Shi and Cedric Hua my OI skills, Bryanna Quach my ability not to cry for my grades, Garrison Chan my rants walking to class, Priscilla Hoang and Ximena Mercado my speech drills and practice room rants, Kaylyn Thai my facetimes till 1 am, Kayley Thai my critiquing skills and zoom calls, Jeffrey Wu my love for Snail Mail, Ryan Sieh my obsession with Star Wars and Marvel.

I, Jayme Banh, leave to my cousin Sarah Banh my ear to listen to any rant and all my sunright reward points whenever I buy boba. I hope that you will have a fun and not so stressful senior year with no regrets!

I, Kaylee Chan, leave to Brian Ly my whiteboard handwriting skills, to Bren Belmonte my inexplicable ability to get people to respond to my emails, to Sophia Pu my capacity to juggle a million APs while also writing articles, and to Nicole Banh a very “please rejoin Journalism thank you.” Good luck with next year! Also, I leave to Kaden Chan my old math calculator. Can’t worry about having lost it if it’s yours.

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