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The 10: Best Eggs

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10. Humpty Dumpty: Though the nursery rhyme never actually calls Humpty Dumpty an egg, his story serves as a lesson to all eggs to never sit on walls.

9. Oldest egg ever found: The answer to which came first, the chicken or the egg, is the egg. The oldest eggs in the fossil record are 195 million years old, laid by dinosaurs called stem sauropods. Meanwhile, chickens only evolved 58,000 years ago, making them but a squawk in the timeline of existence.

8. Century eggs: While not as old as dinosaur eggs, century eggs date back 500 years, when a Ming Dynasty farmer replicated duck eggs he found preserved in slaked lime. This creamy, salty, gelatinous Asian delicacy is enjoyed by millions today in congee, with spices, or on their own.

7. Togepi: Any Pokémon lover is familiar with Togepi, Misty’s adorable spiky-topped Pokémon with an eggshell bottom. Be sure to get on its good side though, as it can both store happiness for those in need but also shoot poison from the spikes on its head.

6. Fabergé eggs: Made in St. Petersburg, Russia, Fabergé eggs are intricately bejeweled, egg-shaped art pieces made of precious stone and metals. The most famous are the “Imperial” eggs made as Easter gifts for the Romanov royal women, with six eggs mysteriously missing.

5. Scrambled eggs: Scrambled eggs are the blueprint for chefs of all levels. Their light fluffiness is best spiced up, whether with pepper, Cholula Hot Sauce, or green onions.

4. Painted eggs: Painting eggs began as a Nowruz (Persian New Year) tradition, during the spring equinox. It became an Easter staple as it spread from the Persians, to the Turks, to the Slavic peoples of eastern Europe.

3. Easter eggs: The most rewarding easter eggs are found not in fields, but entertainment. The gratification of finding secret video game features, Disney’s references to their own movies, and Taylor Swift’s hints at her next album can turn any fan into a conspiracy theorist.

2. Marinated ramen eggs: Meticulously soft-boiled and marinated for hours, the yolks of these eggs are silky, sweet, and savory. Best served in a warm bowl of rich tonkatsu ramen and fatty pork belly, ramen eggs on a cold day is the perfect eggsperience.

1. The guy in the “Xue Hua Piao Piao” video: In 2020, the internet became obsessed with a video of a Chinese man with a bald, egg-shaped head singing “Yi Jian Mei” while twirling around in the snow. His carefree rendition of the Taiwanese bop made “Eggman” a true pandemic icon.

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