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Macho Cafe dishes make new price worth

Violet Wang
TIME TO DINE Macho Cafe offers a large variety of Mexican dishes.

By Violet Wang | Staff Writer

   Macho Cafe, snuggled on the corner of Mission Road and Gladys Avenue, although not as close as places like Sunright or Popeyes, is still only a short walking distance away from Gabrielino High School. Its deliciously wide variety of Mexican dishes makes it a worthy stroll for any student.

   The menu has a wide selection of drinks like horchatas, agua de jamaica, and agua de piña. They also serve breakfast dishes like huevos rancheros, omelettes, large burritos, and combination plates with complimentary rice and beans to various selections of tacos, such as chicken, beef, or their famous fish tacos. They have recently increased in price from the incredible bargain of $1.79 each to a fairer $2.50 each.

   On my visit, I ordered the macho fries and one of their fish tacos. As some may know, I am a major connoisseur of french fries of any variety. The macho fries were $10.99, and the size of the dish and how much was topped on made it a worthy price. A mountain of steak, cheese, and beans topped the layer of fries, with a light addition of sour cream, tomatoes, and guacamole.

   The fries themselves were somewhat disappointing. Although I enjoyed how they kept their skin, they were much too soft and soggy for my taste, even as someone who enjoys soft fries. They seemed surprisingly undercooked and lacking in flavor individually.

   Luckily, the flavor of the fries could easily be supported by the stringy cheese and beans. The beans were creamy and surprisingly enjoyable, even when I usually do not enjoy beans. Although I have never been a fan of sour cream, it was a nice addition, and the diced, juicy tomatoes and smooth, savory guacamole were high quality and highly welcomed.

   For those who may want to edit the dish more, the restaurant also offers many free sides and seasonings, with classics like hot sauce, salt, and pepper on the table, to peppers, carrots, onions, and several different salsas at a side table.

   However, what I was really there for was the fish taco. I had tasted the fried fish filled with umami flavor and the incredibly savory sauce before but wondered if it still held up at a higher price point.

   I am happy to say that the fish taco is still quite a great deal for a delicious delicacy. The fish seemed a bit larger to compensate for the increased price, as the size of the taco in its entirety made up for it easily. Four of the tacos, roughly $10, would fill me up and taste even better than the more expensive fries.

   Unfortunately, not everything was perfect. 

   The employees seemed disinterested and tired, worsening the experience of ordering food. Although the restaurant was empty and I clearly stood in front of the cash register, I had to wait for a considerable time before being addressed.

   From the outside, the environment of the restaurant may be off-putting to some. The light graffiti on the walls outside may discourage customers. However, the low prices, tasty food, fast cooking, and homey inner decorations, should not stop anyone from trying Macho Cafe. 

   If one feels especially uncomfortable by the lack of people, inviting some friends to enjoy a meal together is an easy solution.

   Whether one is craving Mexican food in snack form with an impeccable fish taco or craving a filling, full meal at a low price, Macho Cafe is a delicious spot for Gabrielino students.

Macho Cafe

830 E Mission Rd, San Gabriel, CA 91776

(626) 285-2846

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